Snuggly Pet Bed pattern | Eden Eva Couture

Snuggly Pet Bed pattern review | SewsNBows

I used a new pattern & I thought I’d share: the Snuggly Pet Bed from Eden Ava Couture.

Snuggly Pet Bed for 18" dolls | SewsNBows

I actually made the Snuggly Pet Bed pattern twice. The first one, I used binding around the edges as the pattern calls for. I’ve never been good with binding though! I covered the edges with some fun ric rac.

Quilted Pillow for American Girl dolls| SewsNBows

I also got ambitious and quilted the little pillow! I’m actually pretty pleased with myself, but wish I didn’t use dark thread to piece the squares together. I was just having fun though.

Eden Eva Couture Snuggly Pet Bed pattern | SewsNBows

For the 2nd Snuggly Bed, I sandwiched piping between the inner and outer walls. This gave me a much cleaner finish.

Snuggly Pet Bed | SewsNBows

I trimmed the front with lace of this ruffled satin ribbon left over from one of Sofia’s pageant costumes.

Snuggly Pet Bed Pillow | SewsNBows

I wanted to show you both pillows. The Snuggly Pet Bed pattern instructs us to use batting to line the pillow. I skipped it on my 2nd pillow; above. It looks just fine really, but the quilted pillow does hold it’s shape better and look really nice. That’s a neat little trick I picked up sewing this pattern!

Snuggly Pet Bed pattern construction

I experimented a little bit with these pet beds; and used what I had on hand. A stiff interfacing works for the walls; but I do wish I would’ve used more batting instead!

Snuggly Pet Bed for 18" dolls | SewsNBows

I’ve also used the Peppermint Snow & the Vintage 1930′s Dress patterns from Eden Ava Couture.

The designer is Donna Seabury; and she’s really sweet. I saw on her blog she’s taking a break from designing due to health reasons. I’d love for you to stop by and check out her patterns, and say a little prayer for health and healing.

I’m going to leave you with a sneak peek of my contribution to the Mega Giveaway next month!

Sneak Peek: American Girl Mega Giveaway May 2014

There’s still time to sign up to participate if you’re looking for exposure to your blog or shop! To read more about this opportunity, click here: American Girl Summer Giveaway Event.



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Shortie NightGown & Bloomers Tour | GYCT Designs

Image Map

The Shortie Nightgown & Bloomers pattern from GYCT Designs is on parade this week! Chelsea has designed a tunic or knee length nightie with puff sleeves or sleeveless option. Don’t forget to enter to win your copy at the end of this post!

Welcome to my stop on the Shortie Nightgown & Bloomers Tour! My niece Sofie is ready to show you her Shortie DRESS!

Shortie Nightgown & Bloomers Tour

That’s right, it’s a dress! I sewed a size 3 for Sof, since it will be a while until it’s warm enough to wear dresses full time.

Shortie Nightgown & Bloomers pattern from GYCT

So here it is on the hanger; so you can see how it will lay once this baby grows into it this summer.

Pleated Dress | SewsNBows

I used an inverted pleat at the center front, and added sparkly silver piping.

Piped Yoke Detail | SewsNBows

I also took 2″ off the tunic length and added a contrast band on bottom. I have an extra wide hem that can be let out as she grows. I have the feeling this will be one of those dresses that turns into a tunic, then a top as she gets bigger!

Pale Turquoise Floral Print Dress with Gray Chevron Yoke & Band

The back yoke is open, giving some extra headspace. That means no zippers or buttons for you! And Sofie loves this dress because she can take it off and put it on by herself. Sometimes backward or inside out; but unassisted :)

Shortie Nightgown & Bloomers Tour

While we’re waiting for Sof to grow into her sweet little Shortie dress; you can hop over to GYCT and check out the rest of the pattern tour. You can get a copy of the Shortie Nightgown & Bloomers pattern 20% off during the tour; just use promo code “SHORTIE20″ !

Shortie Nightgown Tour | SewsNBows

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Leopard Doll Jeans-Flash Giveaway!

Win these leopard doll jeans in today’s Facebook flash giveaway; with Diana Rambles & the gang! Head to MayenDesigns on Facebook for your chance to win, then hop through 10 pages for chances to win more stuff for your American Girl doll.
Leopard Doll Jeans | SewsNBows

Have a closer look at these leopard doll jeans!

This pair of jeans has diamond “rivets” for a realistic look…
Diamond Studded Leopard Doll Jeans | SewsNBows

Real pockets in front…

Leopard Doll Jeans by SewsNBows

And diamond details on the back pockets!

Skinny Jeans from Peekaboo Patterns

I used the skinny Skinny Jeans pattern from Peekaboo. (I’m a proud affiliate:)

Skinny Jeans | Peekaboo Patterns

Go win this pair of diamond studded leopard skinny jeans for your 18″ doll! Just head over to MayenDesigns on Facebook, and don’t forget to follow the links to win other cool doll stuff!

Leopard Jeans for American Girl Doll

P.S. If you sew or craft items for dolls, here’s a great opportunity to draw traffic to your blog or shop! Click here: American Girl Summer Event Opportunity!

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Butterick 5846 |Hollywood Sewalong part II

Welcome to Part II of the Hollywood Sewalong! We have been working on outfits inspired by The Notebook. To catch up on the series, click here: Hollywood Sewalong Introduction.

The Notebook Sewalong | SewsNBows

Today we’ll be talking about design choices, patterns, and fabric. Warning: lots of pics! If you just want to see the dress; scroll down:)

Butterick 5846

I chose Butterick 5846 for my dress. The pleating and gathering in the bodice drew me to this pattern. Simple enough for me to handle, but adds a lot of punch.

 Butterick 5846- pleat details

I decided to make a wearable muslin for this dress. I don’t sew a lot of womenswear, so I wanted to make sure I knew about any tricky parts before I cut into good fabric.

Butterick 5846 - Slip Stitching

Like this, for example. Slip stitching the collar. I almost puked when I got to this part in the instructions. Hand sewing is for the birds, y’all.

Do most dress patterns call for hand stitching around the collar? I thought there would be some sort of disclaimer on the package if hand stitching were required. There should be, by God.

Hollywood Sewalong : The Notebook

Here are the pockets, under stitched. I may add a bartack on my final version, to make sure these pockets lay nice and flat.

Pleat & Buttonhole Disasters | SewsNBows

You can see above 2 more issues I need to work out. My pleats are trying to come undone. I back stitched, but I didn’t want a big knot. A friend told me the trick:

“Leave long tails on top and bobbin thread. Flip to the back. Pull the bobbin thread up and gently towards the stitching until there is a loop big enough for you to get a straight pin under. Then use the straight pin to pull the top thread to the back and tie a double knot.”

-Gina from Party of Eight, Our Story

Also, my buttonholes look like crap. I hadn’t messed with my buttonholes much on my machine. My new machine has an automatic buttonholer. I miss the control I had on my 4-step machine. I noticed that a faster speed shortened the length of the buttonholes; so I need to use consistent pressure on the pressor foot. I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it.

Butterick 5846 | Hollywood Sewalong Muslin

Butterick 5846 | Hollywood Sewalong : The Notebook

Special thanks to Monica for modeling this dress!

The Notebook: Hollywood Sewalong | 1940s inspired dress

I’ll be using voile for my final dress…

Butterick 5846 | pleat details

and raising the front pleats by 1″.

Cute dress pattern: Butterick 5846

I’ve been practicing my buttonholes.

Butterick 5846

I plan to reduce some bulk in the bodice back. I’m not sure how yet; it has pleats!

Butterick 5846

Maybe I’ll add a button placket to the sleeve.

Butterick 5846 | SewsNBows

Should I use fancy thread to slip stitch the collar?

Hollywood Sewalong | The Notebook (1940s inspired dress)

So the floor is now open for suggestions and recommendations. I’ve never really sewed for myself so I can use any tips you might have. And I’m having a really hard time finding voile fabric, so if you know any good shops, holler!

Check out the other Hollywood Sewalong participants!

Courtney at Makesphere

Freya at The Dressmaking Diaries

Charlie at This Blog is Not for You

Hannah at Made With Hugs and Kisses

See you in May with final projects!
Nina at Inchworming

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March Sewing: Income & Expense Report

March Sewing Income & Expense Report

March Sewing/Blogging Income:

$5.09 affiliate sales


Fabric stash additions!

McCalls Girls | Windham

McCalls Girls | Windham

Galactica Space Pinup Girls | Alexander Henry

Galactica | Alexander Henry

The Great Outdoors | Alexander Henry

The Great Outdoors | Alexander Henry

From The Hip | Alexander Henry

From The Hip | Alexander Henry

I got a love gift and I have to show it off! My fave is the cowgirls, of course. The gun toting girl on bottom? I want her to line a handbag someday!

March Sewing/Blogging Expenses:

$5.35; shipping

$49.26; fabric at JoAnns

$34.99; iron at Wal-Mart

$9.18; buttons at Wal-Mart

$5.98; two spools of thread at JoAnn’s

Total =$95.58




My old iron was dying a slow, painful death so I picked up a new one.

Thread, buttons and fabric were for a wearable muslin for the Hollywood Sewalong. I can’t believe I didn’t have any buttons in my massive stash.

The shipping was to send my doll outfit to the winner of our last giveaway hop. (Look out for another mini-giveaway this month!)

What I Learned:

I get a majority of my fabric from a secondary market. I use a lot of vintage, thrifted, or upcycled fabrics. I get my high end stuff in the Dallas warehouse district; which is primarily close outs and liquidation. If I do pay retail; it tends to be a yard of this or that. So I’m not that savvy at retail fabric shopping.

I spent almost $50 on fabric at JoAnn’s. I bought the least expensive linen that I’d actually wear. I’m not impressed with the fabric for the price. I was shopping online for the fabric for my final Sewalong dress in May; and realized that for 5 yards of cheap linen cost the same as 4 1/2 yards of Art Gallery voile! I was dumb. Never again.

Also noteworthy: my first trip to JoAnn’s last month was painful. I had a cart full of things I “needed”; and forced myself to put it all back. I’m retraining my brain to stop thinking I should have something just because I can afford it. That’s how my stash got out of control in the first place.

My second trip to JoAnn’s was liberating. I walked back to the thread, got 2 spools, headed for the cash register. I saw some pretty fabric bundles, and even stopped to touch them. But there was no urge to buy.

They say it takes 90 days to truly break a habit, and I started this stash diet in January. Does this mean I’m recovered? This month is my birthday, and may be a fabric shopping trip in Dallas planned. Eek!!!

March Makes:

18″ Doll Sweatshirt & Leggings
Ironing Board Cover
Primrose Dress
Flapper Dress Refashion
Leopard Shorts for 18″ doll


For my March Income & Expense report, I’m only $88.58 in the red! World record low spending! Here’s my previous months.


See you in May with a probable relapse!

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