Tips & Ideas For DIY Halloween Costumes

If you want to make a store bought costume more original, or just need to save some money this year; this post is for you. I’ve made some elaborate costumes over the years, but I think the easy DIYs and budget friendly costumes are the best. Here are some of my favorites from the past; and some tips for DIY Halloween costumes.

Tips & Ideas For DIY Halloween Costumes

Add A Cape

Tips & Ideas For DIY Halloween Costumes | Girls Comfy Batman Costume

This Batman costume was fully handmade, but you can add a superhero applique or fabric paint to any store bought tee for a super comfy costume. Or, get off the hook completely and just buy a superhero shirt. Alternatives are wizards, vampires, Zorro, Elsa, etc.

You need a cape though! I love this no sew cape tutorial and template from Jolly Mom.


Tips & Ideas For DIY Halloween Costumes | Easy Flapper Costume

Shop your own closet or thrift a suitable dress to make this adorable flapper costume. Add pearls and lace (or the entire contents of your craft room) for a sweet, 1920’s look. Variations: Wild west/saloon girl, mob boss, witch, fairy, etc.


Tips & Ideas For DIY Halloween Costumes & Tons Of DIY Ideas | Tom Sawyer & Huck Finn

Chop off pants or overalls for a Mark Twain themed costume. Every little boy has a pair of highwater pants and a dingy old t-shirt, right? Here’s my Tom & Huck Photoshoot with my gremlins nephews.

Tips & Ideas For DIY Halloween Costumes | Tom Sawyer & Huck Finn

Carry a whitewash paintbrush for Tom, or maybe a rope belt for Huck. Don’t forget a straw hat! A similar idea for girls would be long dresses, bonnets, and aprons for a Little House On The Prairie look.

Just Be A Pirate

Tips & Ideas For DIY Halloween Costumes | Easy No Sew Pirate

Pirate costumes are easy because nothing needs to be hemmed. Leave your edges raw and let them fray. Don’t bother cutting nicely. It doesn’t need to fit properly, and nothing has to match. Shop your closet.

Tips & Ideas For DIY Halloween Costumes | Easy No Sew Pirate Costume

Make a sash with a long rectangle of any fabric; an old sheet will do. Chop off pants and add a drawstring pouch for trick or treating. Cut the sleeves and hems off a shirt to make a vest. Cheap plastic swords and eyepatches are a fun addition. Use these same tips to make a hobo or rodeo clown. See my family pirate costumes for more ideas!

Glam It Up

Tips & Ideas For DIY Halloween Costumes | Girly Tin Man Costume

This DIY Tin Man costume was made with inexpensive metallic fabric. In fact, the whole outfit cost less than $20 to make! You can add a tutu and bow to a store bought costume for a cute no- sew DIY. You certainly don’t have to sew to make a glam costume. Start with sweatpants and a sweatshirt if you like. You can girlify any costume by adding ruffles and lace. Which brings me to the next tip:

Glue It

Tips & Ideas For DIY Halloween Costumes | Wicked Witch

Seriously, glue it. Tape it. Heck, staple it! This awesome Wicked Witch Costume was based on the Disney movie, Oz The Great And Powerful. I love the costumes in that film, omg.) When I couldn’t figure out how to make the winged shoulders work with a sewing machine, I got out the hot glue gun. Done in an hour!!

Tips & Ideas For DIY Halloween Costumes | Wicked Witch


Tips & Ideas For DIY Halloween Costumes

Top off any costume with a fun halloween fascinator. Or wear it to work/school and pretend to be festive if you aren’t in a costume mood. My fascinator tutorial will show you dozens of ideas to complete your look. (Or pretend to give a darn.)

Dollar store jewelry is your friend on Halloween. Dig in your kids toy box for props. Glue some yarn to a baseball cap to make a wig. Make spats or boot overs. (Maybe I’ll make a tutorial soon? It’s basically a leg warmer!)


Makeup or face paint is a given, but think outside the box. Don’t forget about temporary tattoos if it goes with your costume. Colorful hair extensions are fun. Glitter is everything.

Not for children or the feint of heart: I superglued rhinestones onto my face once. You can superglue gold gems to your teeth too. (Yes, I swear. And while I’ll be super impressed with your hardcore Halloween attitude, I assume no liability if you superglue anything to your body. Use discretion, obviously.)

Oh, zombie makeup and fake blood makes anything a costume, bonus points for an 80’s prom zombie. Iconic outfit zombies are awesome…Marilyn’s white dress, anyone?

I hope I’ve got some ideas churning in your head. I bet you can fashion a costume right now with things you already have. What’s your favorite costume you’ve made or worn?

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100th Snickerdoodle Sunday Celebration & Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

I’m so excited to help celebrate the 100th Snickerdoodle Sunday link up! One of my projects was the first feature, so I’ve been invited to share this great giveaway with you. Special thanks to Millie and Kristina of 2 Crochet Hooks for creating the original link party, and the current co-hosts who have organized this extravaganza. I’ll let them tell you all about it!

  Snickerdoodle Sunday 100th Celebration Welcome! Today is the 100th Snickerdoodle Sunday Party! We are so excited that the party has reached this milestone and we are so grateful to YOU for sharing your amazing posts week after week! To celebrate and say thank you for making Snickerdoodle Sunday a success, we are hosting a 100th Party Giveaway!  

Meet Your Hosts!

Snickerdoodle Sunday Link Party


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Let us know you’re following from Snickerdoodle Sunday. We would love to follow you back!

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Please join our Pinterest Board made especially for you! Send a request to join the board after following your hosts on Pinterest to

On to the Celebration!

As most of you know, Millie and Kristina of 2 Crochet Hooks created Snickerdoodle Sunday. They worked hard to make it a fun party for everyone. While they have stepped away from hosting, we want to thank them for starting the party and for encouraging us to keep it going. Before we go forward, we want to look back a bit and showcase a couple of favorite posts. The first Snickerdoodle Sunday Party was on October 19, 2013. One of the early features was this awesome One Hour Wicked Witch Costume from Amy at Sows and Bows. We are showcasing it now, in time for early Halloween planning.

At Party # 50, the feature was this fabulous Old Chair Redo from Robin at Redo It Yourself Inspirations. Robin does such amazing restorations!

We are excited to have Amy and Robin as guest co-hosts for our 100th Celebration! We hope you’ll give them both a visit.

Snickerdoodle Sunday 100th Party Celebration

In celebration of our 100th Party and to say thank you, the hostesses have chipped in to offer you a chance to win:

1st Thank You: $100 Amazon Gift Card (1 winner)

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The party is open world wide – as long as you can legally shop on Amazon. It will remain open through October 2, 2015 and the winners will be selected and contacted via the email address provided. We will announce the winners once the prizes have been claimed. Please see the terms and conditions for details.

Enter to Win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Women’s Scarf Neck Cardigan by Swoon

Does this scarf neck cardigan look familiar? It’s a free pdf pattern from Swoon. I made the kids version for my daughter last year, and I’ve been itching to sew another.

Free sewing pattern! Scarf Neck Cardigan by Swoon. Available in girls and women's sizes.

I actually cut two, one for me and one for a friend’s birthday. You are looking at Victoria’s cardigan, and I admit I want to steal it. Luckily, I’m almost finished sewing mine.

Free sewing pattern from Swoon: Scarf Neck Cardigan

This pattern is meant for lightweight knits. Don’t use one sided prints because the inside will show. I used a short, narrow zig zag stitch and cut the seam allowance off to reduce bulk.

Women's Scarf a neck Cardigan sewing pattern by Swoon. Free PDF sewing pattern available in women's and girls sizes.

The hem is unfinished. You could add a narrow hem if you like, but the asymetrical hem would be super tricky. Another option would be binding, but I think that would mess up the drape. The unfinished hems suit me just fine. I left my sleeves unhemmed as well.

Women's Scarf Neck Cardigan: Free PDF Sewing Pattern by Swoon

I think the princess seams give it a flattering shape! Isn’t it a great cardi for t-shirts? My daughter still wears hers a lot. See it here.

Women's Scarf Neck Cardigan by Swoon | Free Sewing Pattern!

A quick gripe about fabric: this fabric almost killed me when I first started sewing. It’s woven off grain, and has built in wrinkles. Cutting was awful. Pinning was awful. Sewing was awful. Re-pinning whilst sewing was awful. And I still have a couple yards left. Don’t get me wrong; it’s gorgeous. I love the tiny little flowers. (Not sure if you can see them.) But it will take me several years to forget how difficult is is to work with.

Free women's sewing pattern: Scarf Neck Cardigan by Swoon

Despite uncooperative fabric, this cute cardigan only took about an hour to make. I reccomend it with both thumbs up.

Scarf Neck Cardigan: Free sewing pattern by Swoon

Get the free Women’s Scarf Neck Cardigan pattern by Swoon and make yours soon! It’s absolutely perfect for fall.

Fall sewing…what patterns are you buying/sewing?

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DIY Crochet Lace Trimmed Shorts

Are you feeling the boho 70’s inspired fashion trends this season? If so, you’ll love wearing DIY crochet lace trimmed shorts. Let me show you how easy it is!

DIY Crochet Lace Trimmed Shorts Tutorial

I’m using a sewing machine, but you can easily hand stitch this project. I’ve heard of people using fabric glue too, but I recommend stitches. I bought 5 yards of crochet lace, and made 2 pairs of shorts with enough leftover to make a lace trimmed sweatshirt. The amount of trim you need will vary depending on the leg fit of the shorts. Buy some extra yardage, because once you do one project you’ll want to lace hem everything.

DIY Crochet Lace Trimmed Shorts

DIY Crochet Lace Trimmed Shorts Tutorial

Begin by pinning your lace upside down, right sides together with your shorts. Alternatively, you can pin the right side of the lace to the wrong side of the shorts. In this post, you can see a pair made each way.

DIY Crochet Lace Trimmed Shorts Tutorial

Overlap your lace trim by about an inch. I overlapped at the inseam, where it wouldn’t be noticeable. Sew using a long, wide zig-zag stitch.

DIY Crochet Lace Trimmed Shorts Tutorial

Using the same stitch setting, sew up the edge of the lace where the ends overlap. Trim the excess lace. For a more deconstructed look, leave them open.

DIY Crochet Lace Trimmed Shorts Tutorial

DIY Crochet Lace Trimmed Shorts Tutorial

This is how it looks when you finish and flip the lace down. Repeat with the other leg. For reference, the blue denim shorts have been washed and the white pair of shorts have not.

DIY Crochet Lace Trimmed Shorts Tutorial

DIY Crochet Lace Trimmed Shorts Tutorial

DIY Crochet Lace Trimmed Shorts Tutorial

I shared my DIY crochet lace shorts “selfie” on Instagram, and had enough lace left over to make a lace-trimmed sweatshirt too.

This is a great project for newbie sewists and fashion enthusiasts. It’s also a nice trick to adjust clothing that needs a little more length. Plus…it’s just cute. What do you think?

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How To Stack A Boutique Bow

There are tons of variations of how to stack a boutique bow, but this is my favorite lately! It’s just spikes and loopers with some filler (feathers or tulle) topped with a bottle cap.

How To Stack A Boutique Bow

I took the photos (below) when I wrote my tutorial, How To Make Bottle Caps With Epoxy Stickers. I’m assuming a basic knowledge of bow making here, but email me if you want a link to a tutorial for any of these. There are tons of how-to’s on the web and videos on YouTube. You might like to read  “Anatomy of a Boutique Bow” to learn the names of different types of bow components.

How To Stack A Boutique Bow

How To Stack A Boutique Bow

Start with spikes. These are often made with 1″ or 1.5″ ribbon, but I like the 7/8″ shown above. The smaller width means you need more spikes, so you can show off more prints and colors. The last 2 spikes are glued on after you tie the spikes. You want them to be just a little ways off of the center, so the tips of the spikes meet on top and bottom. These spikes are 6″ each. Usually the final spikes that you glue on need to be trimmed a teeny bit shorter after you glue them.

How To Stack A Boutique Bow

How To Stack A Boutique Bow

How To Stack A Boutique Bow

Then you add a series of loopers, however many you like. I like varying sizes for fullness. For reference, if your spikes are 6″,  your base loopers would measure 12″ for each side. As you work your way in with more loopers, you can use skinnier ribbons.

I’ve added 2 loopers in 7/8″ ribbon, and 2 more in 1/4″ ribbon. I tucked a small strip of fur in between the big and small set of loopers so the smaller set wouldn’t hide so much. Tulle or lace fans would work there too. Since I sew, I have lots of little scrappy odds and ends that get tucked into hairbows.

How To Stack A Boutique Bow

You can layer and add anything you like, including twisted boutique bows, side bows, and any kind of topper.

How To Stack A Boutique Bow

I like to finish with feathers and a bottlecap. I’ve been using the free football bottle cap printables at Diana Rambles a lot lately. Close up below.

Free Football Bottle Cap Printable from Diana Rambles

Here are a couple Halloween bows I’ve made using this technique, or a pretty close variation. You may have already seen them on my Instagram:)

Ghostie Halloween Stacked Boutique Hair Bow

Spooky Jack-o-Lantern Hair Bow

The Halloween bows are for sale in the MayenDesigns Etsy shop, but if you want to make your own it’s not too hard. Email me if you need help:)

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