Sew Fashionable 08/22/16

Welcome to Sew Fashionable: A weekly showcase of my favorite sewing and fashion posts across the blogosphere.

Back To School

We still have 2 whole weeks until school starts, although my niece and nephews started forever ago. I’m not ready to go back to the routine yet, but my kid is done with summer. Bella is ready to show off those new school clothes!

I didn’t have any time to write last week, and this week is kinda crazy too. I did get to read some blogs and keep up with the sewing world though. Here are some of my favorite projects!

Sew Fashionable

A perforated stretch-suede Inari Dress at Groovy Baby and Mama

Lisa’s Rumi tank dress

Gabrielle’s Donna Karen Drape jacket

Aimee’s Ailakee jumpsuit

Lauren’s Augusta Hoodie

All projects and links are pinned on my Pinterest boards.

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Sew Fashionable 08/15/16

Welcome to Sew Fashionable: A weekly showcase of my favorite sewing and fashion posts across the blogosphere.

Union Station, Denver Co.

Just got in from our Denver trip; here’s a random camera shot at the Union Station. Isn’t the crown molding pretty? I keep thinking I’ll write about some of the places we saw, but I’m not sure if I’ll get around to it. Lazy blogger problems!


Let’s see what everyone was up to last week.

Sew Fashionable


This gorgeous Tea House top at In A Manner Of Sewing

An interesting Drape Drape dress and Kielo Wrap Dress at Very Purple Person

Teresa’s Texana Tank


5 tips for sewing swimwear at Emerald Erin

Vintage shoulder tie tutorial from Handmade Jane


The Boston Boatneck Tee at Peekaboo Patterns

The Marlborough Bra pattern from Orange Lingerie has new extended sizes– up to J cup!


All projects and links are pinned on my Pinterest boards.

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New Hair Bows in the Shop

I’ve got some new hair bows in the shop in time for back to school! These bows are made with lots of designer ribbons and I purchase all my supplies here in the U.S.

Be sure to visit MayenDesigns on Etsy if you need some fabulous hair accessories!

It really is true that the best parents buy bows. People who buy my hair bows tend to improve their credit scores and enjoy a longer life expectancy; and their children score higher on school exams. My customers also burn up to 30% more calories during an average workout. Just sayin’.

The statistics and statements above have not been proven in any official studies or test groups. They are my opinions as a certified hair bow expert. Except I’m not actually certified.*

What's Poppin Bow available at MayenDesigns on Etsy

Dream Chaser Hair Bow available on MayenDesigns on Etsy

Hello Beautiful Hair Bow available at MayenDesigns on Etsy


Mermaid Hair Bow available at MayenDesigns on Etsy

Owl Hair Bow available at MayenDesignson Etsy

Dream Chaser Hair Bow

Um Duh Hair Bow

Shop MayenDesigns on Etsy!

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Sew Fashionable 08/08/16

Welcome to Sew Fashionable: A weekly showcase of my favorite sewing and fashion posts across the blogosphere.

Cinderella Custom Hair Bow

This is a custom Cinderella hair bow I made for one of the cutest babies you’ve ever seen.

We’re leaving Thursday for a quick work trip to Colorado, so I’m running around like a maniac trying to get chores and work responsibilities taken care of. We’ll have Saturday to explore around Denver. Have you been, and is there anything we can’t miss while we’re there?

Let’s see what everyone has been up to.

Sew Fashionable


Comfy meets cute in Heather’s bamboo jersey henley dress

Justine slays in her Betsey Johnson-esque floral dress

Check out Margo’s fabulous floral maxi

You’ll love Erin’s swimsuit

Helena’s double gauze blouse made me jealous

Karly’s Halifax Hoodie in stripes


The Fjara Top pattern for ladies by Pienkel

Halifax Hoodie by Hey June

Belize Shorts & Skort by Itch To Stitch


All projects and links are pinned on my Pinterest boards.

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Floral Tank Dress | Simplicity 1358

A floral tank dress is just what I needed to survive this heat. I’ve been too busy to sew much, and Simplicity 1358 is a fast make.

Simplicity 1358 floral tank dress

The fabric is from Girl Charlee, and there was just enough sheerness to require a nude lining. I made the dress and lining separately, then basted the neckline and armcyes together before attaching the binding. Even with the extra steps, it still took longer to cut than it did to sew.

Simplicity 1358

I made a striped high-low version of Simplicity 1358 a couple years ago. I complained about what a workout it is to cut women’s garments on the floor in that post.

I’m in a new sewing room now, but I’m still cutting on the floor and crawling around like a maniac. However, it’s very clear from comparing these photos to the previous post that the extra floor space has caused my fitness to suffer. I will have to pick up the slack by lifting pattern weights, pumping the iron, and speed sewing. I might even set up my knee lift pressor foot to tone my legs.


Simplicity 1358 floral tank dress

Here’s the back of my dress. Maybe the way I was standing made the hem rise a bit in this picture; either that or I need to curve the back hem down a bit.

Simplicity 1358 floral tank dress

I really tried for great photos because it’s such a simple project. The remote battery went out and my fabulous baby girl helped out. (Not a bad job but I think she price gouged me.)

In my imagination I was tractor-chic, but in real life I just need to mow. I made lots of weird faces and crazy eyes, probably because the rain last week turned my place into a jungle. I was afraid some type of creature would attack at any moment. I spent this whole week getting half of my acreage mowed, and just this morning I got my Cub Cadet bottomed out on a ledge. I may have to lift and drag a tractor today, but hey…I do it in style.

Until next time!

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