Free Pattern Hack: Rosy Ladyshorts for Tweens

A hack on the free Rosy Ladyshorts pattern: It’s so easy to modify this popular women’s panties pattern for your tween girls!

Rosy Ladyshorts: A free pattern from Cloth Habit; modified for tween girls! How to modify this women's panties pattern into age appropriate boy shorts for your tween girl!

In my Top 12 Kids Underwear Patterns post, I shared my favorite kids underwear patterns, plus 12 free underwear patterns. Rosy Ladyshorts are on my free pattern list. Although they are designed for women, it’s an easy hack to make age appropriate panties for tweens and teens.

Rosy Ladyshorts in Lycra from Funki Fabrics

Im using a size 6 women’s dressform, so this body is curvier than most tween bodies. It’s bigger than the intended recipient, so there is some stress on the seams. Ignore that, please :)

Rosy Ladyshorts Pattern Hack

Head over to Cloth Habit to download your free panties pattern. This is a damn sexy pattern, but we’re going to tame them into something our daughters can wear. No heart attacks.

I wanted to try 100% Lycra for panties. It’s super stretchy and snug, and developing girls can be difficult to fit. When FunkiFabrics asked if I’d like to show you guys some fabric, I told them I had just the project in mind! In fact, I’ll be showing you more projects and fun prints from Funki Fabrics after Christmas. You will LOVE this stuff- click to shop Funki Fabrics.

Rosy Ladyshorts call for 3/4″ to 1″ elastic lace. I’m using fold over elastic because it comes in fun prints that girls like. And because I really like fold over elastic.

Tribal print panties: Lycra from Funki Fabrics

I sewed a mockup because f.o.e. doesn’t add any width like the lace would. I knew I’d end up with a very narrow crotch, and I needed to see how much seam allowance to add.

(Random footnote: I hate the word crotch.)

Women's panties made with free pattern from Cloth Habit: Rosy Ladyshorts

Above, Rosy Ladyshorts with fold over elastic & no adjustments. Very cheeky!

Adding booty coverage to a cheeky panties pattern

This is the adjustment I made for fold over elastic. This adds butt coverage as well. If your child is blessed in the booty department; add 1″-2″ inches at the center back, straighten out the curve a bit toward the back, and taper down to 1/2″ at the crotch. (Ew, that horrible word again!)

Rosy Ladyshorts (modified) in Funki Fabrics Lycra

Here are my Rosy Ladyshorts with the adjustments. This is the size 0, which will fit a girls as small as a size 10/12. Below us a side by side comparison of Rosy Ladyshorts with and without my adjustments.

Side by side comparison: panties pattern modified for full coverage

Lycra is great for dresses, tops, swimwear, dance and gymnastics gear, leggings, underwear, and more. I love the prints I recieved; the stretch and recovery is insane. Plus, it’s printed when you order! You can set up an account at Funki Fabrics and save your favorites. Which is your favorite print, and what would you make?

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Vintage Puff Sleeve Tunic and Dress by Girl Charlee

A while back, I got to test the first ever Girl Charlee sewing pattern, the  Vintage Puff Sleeve Tunic and Dress! It took me a while to write about it, with trying to sell the house and all. But here it is!

Vintage Puff Sleeve Tunic and Dress pattern from Girl Charlee | SewsNBows

It can be made with knit or woven fabric. The neckline and sleeves are finished with elastic thread shirring and a rolled hem.

Shirring can be a little tricky on a Brother sewing machine. I have some tips and links about halfway through this post: Primrose Dress | Shirring With a Brother.

Vintage Puff Sleeve Tunic and Dress pattern from Girl Charlee | SewsNBows

I made the dress version in woven fabric, size 4. I was super happy with the fun print I recieved, courtesy of Girl Charlee.

The new peach skin fabric is light and drapey without being sheer or delicate. It’s not fuzzy like a peach at all! Maybe a smooth nectarine? This stuff is perfect for lightweight dresses and sews up like a dream.

Vintage Puff Sleeve Tunic and Dress pattern from Girl Charlee | SewsNBows

(I had a little fabric left and made a pair of cute sleep shorts. I won’t show them on the blog because I’m growing out my leg hair for extra warmth this winter.)

Vintage Puff Sleeve Tunic and Dress pattern from Girl Charlee | SewsNBows

Unrelated but sort of not: I found an article about buying knit fabric online. In the past, I’ve ordered fabric that didn’t work for the project I had in mind. It’s frustrating! This post has good tips about what to look for. Understanding fabric weight, stretch percentage, and fiber content is the key to not buying crappy knits online. Read: Different Types of Knits EXPLAINED at It’s Always Autumn.

Vintage Puff Sleeve Tunic and Dresspattern from Girl Charlee | SewsNBows

If you missed the tester roundup post, click here. You can purchase the Vintage Puff Sleeve Tunic and Dress pattern (and peach skin fabric!) at Girl Charlee.

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How To Deconstruct a T-shirt For Maximum Refashioning

This is the best way to deconstruct a T-shirt & get the largest cuts possible for refashioning. Chopping up a t-shirt isn’t neuro-science; and this process may be instinctive for many long time sewists. If you’re a newbie to sewing or textile crafts; or if you’ve ever been an inch shy of the perfect refashion or craft project: this post is for you.

How To Deconstruct a T-Shirt and save every Inch for Refashioning

How To Deconstruct a T-shirt for Refashioning


How To Deconstruct a T-Shirt and save every Inch for Refashioning

1. Lay your shirt out flat. Press out any wrinkles.


Don’t lose a single bit of fabric when cutting. The less you waste, the more refashion options you have. The basic rule is to follow the seams, and cut as close to them as possible.


How To Deconstruct a T-Shirt and save every Inch for Refashioning

2. Cut side seams up to the armcye, and remove sleeves.


Some t-shirts have a side seam, others don’t. If your tee has no side seam, begin by cutting into the sleeve seam in the armpit area instead.


How To Deconstruct a T-Shirt and save every Inch for Refashioning

3. Cut shoulder seams to neckline. Remove ribbing.


Try to keep your neck ribbing or band in one piece. This stuff is gold. There’s nothing more satisfying than reaching into the scrap bin to find a perfectly matching piece of ribbing for a neckline. Ribs are super stretchy, so they usually fit even if the new neckline is a little bigger.


How To Deconstruct a T-Shirt and save every Inch for Refashioning

4. Remove any Serging or loose threads.


That’s it! Generally, when you refashion an existing garment you tend to piece it or use it for something smaller. But now you know hot to deconstruct a t-shirt for maximum capacity. Take your time, and you’ll have more options for your upcycle project.


Boxy t-shirt upcycle

This oversized, boxy tee became a fitted raglan. I wore it on a date to a Thunder basketball game with hubs. (I was so sure that my diy Thunder gear would get us on the Kiss-Cam, but no such luck.) I needed every inch, and it’s still tighter than I like across the chest. I don’t mind fitted, but there’s not much stretch. I felt like my boobs were gonna break the shirt. I guess I’m officially a fabric snob. Or maybe sewing for myself has made me hyper aware of fit. Even with all my careful t-shirt dissecting, I couldn’t quite eek it out.

On another note: In my last post I told you I’ve been having trouble getting indoor pics this winter. How sad is it that I photoshopped my floors out of these images? It was either that…or mop.


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Girl’s Seena Dolman Tee

Zoey is modeling a new top- I sewed the girl’s Seena Dolman Tee pattern from Gracious Threads. It’s a real quick make, about a half hour or so. I wrote about the pattern and showed my women’s version of this top last month. I’ve been craving easy to sew projects that get a lot of use…so I’m showing another one!

Girl's Seena Doleman Tee | SewsNBows

I made a banded neck, sleeves, and waist. I save bits and pieces of ribbing from old t-shirts, but I didn’t have anything in the stash that matched. I think I prefer this method to ribbing, actually.

Girl's Seena Dolman Tee | SewsNBows

I assembly line sewed a few of these tops the other day. This particular one is made with Riley Blake jersey knit in gray. I had a little bit leftover fabric from my strapless sundress last summer. I didn’t have enough to cut the front on fold; so I used this ruffled elastic trim to cover the center seam. I used every crumb of this fabric!

Men's Shirt Refashioned into Girl's Skirt

This skirt used to be hubby’s button up, but there was a tear near the pocket. Proof that my hoarding old clothes is for good reason.

Seena Dolman Tee | SewsNBows

We’re still having trouble getting indoor photos. This is in my sewing room- there’s a spec of natural light from a glass door. In mid-afternoon there is harsh light on the left that casts shadows on the right. I’ll have to aim for early morning or late afternoon photo shoots.

Seena Dolman Tee & Upcycled Skirt

I have a helper holding up a piece of fabric for a backdrop. We’re makin’ it work around here! Do any of you having trouble getting nice photos when it’s cold outside?

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Ruffled PJ Pattern Holiday Jammies Tour

I’m on the Ruffled PJ Pattern Holiday Jammies Tour at Once Upon A Sewing Machine!

Image Map

I was super nervous because I have some kind of holiday sewing jinx. I wrote about a series of EPIC Christmas fails last year, and most of them were pajamas.

Ruffled PJ Pattern Holiday Jammies Tour

So when the Christmas tree fabric came out of the stash, I was sort of traumatized. I decided not to try matching any prints since holiday fabric hates me. Keeping it simple suited me- I love the way it turned out!


I made two modifications on the Ruffled PJ Pattern. The skirt is lengthened into a nightgown, and the sleeves are tapered. I embellished with red ric rac trim, but I reigned myself in and stopped right there.

Red & Green Christmas Tree print nightgown with ric rac trim

Last week I used this same pattern to make a floral sweatshirt dress; I love his easy this pattern is to hack!

Girls Holiday Nightgown | SewsNBows

I had every intention of this being a nightgown, but Sof paired it with glittery red shoes and insisted on wearing it out shopping with her mama. So, it’s a multi-purpose garment!

Ruffled PJ Pattern Holiday Jammies Blog Tour | SewsNBows

Now I’d like another in flannel. It would be so warm and cozy to sleep/shop in!

Ruffled PJ Holiday Blog Tour

I went a size up so she could wear it a little longer. We have no problem sporting Christmas trees in April.

Ruffled PJ Holiday Jammies Blog Tour

Want to make your own holiday Jammies? OUSM is running a sale for the duration of the of the Holiday Jammie’s tour, Monday Dec. 1 to Sat. Dec. 6. The pattern will be $5 for the week, no coupon code needed. Click here to buy: Ruffled PJ Pattern

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