Big Valentines Day Hair Bows

The bigger the bow, the better the mom. That’s what I tell myself, anyways. Here are the big Valentines Day hair bows I made for my daughter and my niece.

Big Valentines Day Hair Bow. Love the candy hearts ribbon and belonged bottlecap center!

This bow has candy hearts ribbon, a blinged bottle cap center, pearl strands, feathers, and a cute side bow.

Big Valentines Day Hair Bow | Over The Top Bows

Big Valentines Day Hair Bows

I didn’t have time to write a tutorial, but you can check out my tutorial: How To Stack A Boutique Bow.

Big Valentines Day Hair Bows with link to tutorial

This big Valentines Day hair bow turned out really cute too. I used curly ostrich feathers in pink and black with tubing, tiny accent bows, and black Swarvoski crystals.

I used the leftover ribbon to make small bows for Bella to give to her friends at school. I forgot to get pictures of them…but who wants to see small bows anyways?!

Check out my Etsy shop if you’d like to purchase a bow, or contact me by email or social media if you need one custom made. Happy Valentines Day!

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Laundry Day Tee | Love Notions Patterns

If you’re looking for a basic long sleeved knit top, the Laundry Day Tee from Love Notions is a perfect staple!

Laundry Day Tee | Sewing Pattern Review

The Laundry Day Tee has a scoop or V-neck, 3 sleeve lengths, and a t-shirt or tunic length top. The Love Notions blog has a free cowl neck add on, and I’ve even seen them modified into cute dresses. I predict some of those in my spring/summer wardrobe.

Laundry Day Tee | Coverstitched Hem

I made this my LDT in a size L and used coverstitching on the neck, sleeves, and hem. The fabric is from Girl Charlee and you may recognize it from this raglan.

Laundry Day Tee

I’ve been faking a loose flowy top in more fitted patterns, using my fitted to flowy top tutorial to adjust patterns. I wrote a tutorial to add gussets to t-shirts too!

The Laundry Day Tee does all the work for me though. It’s fitted through the bust and then tapers out slightly at the side seams for loose fit across my muffin area. If you look at the tester photos, it looks good on all shapes and sizes (not just the muffin-esque.)

Laundry Day Tee | Sewing Pattern Review

I cut Love Notions patterns based on my full bust measurement, and so far I’ve they’ve always fit the first time, straight out of the box.

Laundry Day Tee

My only gripe is my design placement when I cut this top. I didn’t have an option to match my seams or sleeves, working with a small bit of leftover fabric. The largest part of the design landed across the bust, and the star/flower things landed most unfortunatly. Most people wouldn’t notice, but sewing folks do! I’m not sure I can get past it, but I layer a lot.

Laundry Day Tee

I’ll always need t-shirts, and a quick sew like the Laundry Day Tee is therapeutic. Lately though, I’m feeling ready to up my sewing skills. I ordered a bra kit from Bra-makers Supply. I can always come back to t-shirts in between fit disasters, right?! I’m pretty sure it will take lots of fails to get it just right.

I’m an affiliate of Love Notions Patterns. That means that if you make a purchase through my links, I’ll recieve a small commission at no additional cost to you.


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Lazy Day Lounge Pants & My New Fabric Design!

I made Bella these joggers for her birthday. I’ll tell you all about her Lazy Day Lounge Pants, but lets look at my first print available at My Fabric Designs.

Lazy Day Lounge Pants Pattern by Gracious Threads | Sleepy Pandas in Organic Cotton Interlock Knit from My Fabric Designs

Introducing Sleepy Pandas! This fabric is available in 26 different types of fabric, including the organic cotton interlock knit that I’m using today. (It’s divine!)

Sleepy Pandas by Amy Mayen, available in 26 fabrics at My Fabric Designs

I made the panda bear faces using Photoshop Touch on my iPad. The graphics measure 6″ which makes a very simple design feel bold. I chose white because Bella has been wanting to try some different dye techniques. She’s testing swatches to decide what method of pants-painting to use. So cool, right?

Lazy Day Lounge Pants in Sleepy Pandas organic cotton interlock knit from My Fabric Designs

My second design is also available now at My Fabric Designs. Instead of uploading a design, I made a seamless print using the free Fabric Pattern Creator. I can’t wait to show you how easy it is to use, but that’s another post. If you want a peek, click to see Dusty Mountain Trail. Now onto the sewing before you get tired of me!

Lazy Day Lounge Pants

This is the Lazy Day Lounge Pants pattern from Gracious Threads. The size range is 2-12. They are a very slightly dropped crotch jogger pant with cuffed ankles, elastic waist, inseam pockets and a drawstring.

Lazy Day Lounge Pants in Sleepy Pandas organic cotton interlock knit from My Fabric Designs

Fabric reccomendations are fleece, cotton fleece, French terry, or a heavier interlock knit. The ease of these pants really lend to experimenting with fabrics outside of the reccomendations, just make sure you have enough stretch to slip little feet through the bottom cuffs.

Lazy Day Lounge Pants | Sewing Pattern from Gracious Threads

I normally avoid jersey in really light colors, because colored under garments can show through. So far these have passed the underwear test, and I won’t worry at all once the panda pants are dyes. I’d call the organic cotton interlock from My Fabric Designs a medium weight. It’s the perfect weight and stretch for T-shirts, and there’s good “coverage” even in lighter colors.

Lazy Day Lounge Pants in Sleepy Pandas organic cotton interlock knit from My Fabric Designs

I give Lazy Day Lounge Pants all the gold stars. I’ve sewed several pairs and they are always in heavy rotation. Jess from Gracious Threads gets most of the credit for my love of sewing knits. Her New To Knits blog series really got me comfortable in the world of stretchy fabric sewing. I own several of her patterns and love them all. I’ve had my eye on the Jasper Joggers, which are another unisex jogger designed for lightweight wovens.

For this pair, I omitted the drawstring and opted for 3 narrow casings for skinny elastic. I like the way 3 elastics give a really custom fit in the waist.

Elastic Waistband using 3 channels for skinny elastic

I got to use my new coverstitch machine for this project, topstitching the cuffs, waistband, and inseam pockets. We used white since we’ll be coloring them.

Lazy Day Lounge Pants in Sleepy Pandas organic cotton interlock knit from My Fabric Designs

I’m still on a learning curve with my Brother 2340 CV. There’s no back stitch, so I tried lifting the pressor foot and turning the hand wheel a few times to lock it in. You can see below it didn’t work. I’ve read that one can tie off or tuck the thread tails into the seams of the garment. (I seam ripped it to re-do and the recovery is great. No puncture marks or distortion at all.)

Coverstitch coming undone

I do have 2 small regrets with this project. I didn’t match up my print at the seams, but the color will camouflage it some. The second is, when my daughter saw the pandas I designed…She insisted that they are polar bears. If you look at it; of course it’s polar bears! Fortunately she loves polar bears too. Ha ha!

Do you have a favorite technique for dyeing fabric? I’d love to hear your ideas, since my baby is so excited about coloring them.

My Fabric Designs Logo

Click the image above to check out the high quality apparel fabric, shop designs, and design your own fabric at My Fabric Designs. 

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My Fabric Designs |Shop Overview

Have you shopped at My Fabric Designs yet? Here’s my latest raglan tee, and details of my consumer experience with My Fabric Designs.

Panda Raglan with Coverstitch Details. Tribal Bands Jersey from My Fabric Designs

I couldn’t say no to an opportunity to partner with My Fabric Designs as a blog sponsor. Please note that I was already a customer, and all opinions are my own. My goal over the next few months is to introduce you to several of the amazing apparel fabrics available, and share my experience attempting to design fabric. 

My Fabric Designs

My Fabric Designs is an online shop where you can purchase fabric designed by the sewing and quilting community. You can design your own prints too! There are 26 types of fabric available, including lots of yummy apparel fabric. I used Tribal Bands in organic cotton interlock knit for the sleeves of this panda inspired raglan. I made it for my daughter, who is 11 tomorrow! (And obsessed with pandas, way obsessed.)

Panda Raglan Tee in organic cotton interlock knit from My Fabric Designs

The pattern is Jalie 3245 (yet again.) I wanted to test drive before I really cut into my new fabric. I washed it twice to investigate. The sleeves washed well with no pilling or fading so far. The body is an inexpensive interlock from my stash, and I can totally see the difference in wear. MFD interlock recovery is divine. This is the perfect light/medium weight fabric for t-shirts.

Swatchbook from My Fabric Designs. Fabric weight, thread count, and fiber content are printed right onto each swatch.

I ordered a swatch book for $5 before I started. I wanted to touch and see each of the 26 types of fabric before I purchased. It’s the nicest swatch book ever. The fabric type is printed right onto each swatch, and includes the printable area size, thread count, and weight. On the website you can click on fabric and see a description, plus shrink percentage and fabric care instructions. (That cotton slinky knit is on my list. It’s lighter and a tiny bit sheer…get on my body.)

Jalie 3245 raglan, coverstitch detail

BTW: This raglan sort of knocked out 2 of my New Years resolutions. I’m learning to use my coverstitch…check out the hem and cuffs! Below is the neckline.

Coverstitch neckline finishing on Jalie 3245

Another goal for this year was to try designing fabric, digitally and by hand. The panda applique on front is from my first fabric design, Sleepy Pandas. (I’ll show you what I made with it soon!) I can’t wait to tell you about how the design process at My Fabric Designs works. I’m on a slow learning curve, never having much patience with technology. You’ll get to see what I love and what I have trouble with.

Sleepy Pandas fabric by Amy Mayen, available at My Fabric Designs

One really cool feature is that you can list your personal designs on the site, and be paid a 10% commission. I’m always looking for ways to earn a few extra pennies, so maybe with some practice I can really get good! Those of you with digital skills are going to love it, and those who don’t can follow along and learn with me:) I can’t wait to show you the design process works and how the printed fabric looks in real life.


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New Look 6378 | 70’s Inspired Kimono

Here’s my New Look 6378 pattern review.

New Look 6378 Pattern Review | 70's Inspired Kimono

Before I start, I feel the need to disclaim. I sewed this kimono for spring; this is not how I would style it in real life. I’d pair it with a tank and jeans or shorts, and some sandals. Not a long sleeve thermal and work boots!

New Look 6378 Pattern Review | 70's Inspired Kimono

New Look 6378 includes top, tunic, and duster length. Choose from sleeveless or “just past the elbow” sleeves, and a curved or straight hem. The center back curves in to create some gentle shaping.

New Look 6378 Pattern Review | 70's Inspired Kimono

Size:This project is a gift, and I sewed a medium for the recipient. The size chart is true, so when I make my kimono I’ll use large or possibly extra large.

New Look 6378 Pattern Review | 70's Inspired Kimono

Overall, I’m very pleased with this pattern. It’s a quick, satisfying sew. I’m not a fan of kimono length sleeves though. The odd length makes me feel like I have inhumanly long arms. I was able to eek out a couple more inches on the sleeves, but that made the sleeves even more awkward. That wasn’t my only problem with this project. I want to make very clear that my issues were due to fabric choice and not the fault of New Look 6378. I’ll be sewing this again.

New Look 6378 Pattern Review | 70's Inspired Kimono

I had a nasty surprise when I performed a burn test and found out this fabric wasn’t the dreamy stuff I thought it was. If you look closely above, you can see the little snag that added insult to injury. It’s left of the center back seam, and it looked much worse right side out.

New Look 6378 Pattern Review | 70's Inspired Kimono

I added a back yoke to cover it, because I’m too stubborn to quit. I really love this gauzy, funky vintage print! But the pattern placement is off center…those 3 flowers should’ve been in the middle. I didn’t even notice until I had already basted and sewed the entire thing. So I was thrice pissed.

New Look 6378 Pattern Review | 70's Inspired Kimono


-Lengthened the sleeves by a few inches, that turned out weird.

-Added a back yoke, and the print is off center.

-Used French seams for the first time, as per Justine suggests in her pattern review. I’m happy I learned something new, but next time I’ll aim for really narrow, sexy French seams.

-Hemmed the edges by folding over twice and top stitching. My weird pink fabric was strangely accommodating. There’s kind of a funny hanging spot in the hem below, but it has relaxed and looks really nice now. I think fold over binding would look best, but that’s a lot of bias tape to make.

-Curved the center back seam in about another inch.

New Look 6378 Pattern Review | 70's Inspired Kimono

Textile choice is key for this kimono. Choose a light, flowy fabric. I love the movement in the next pic, although I’m not sure why I’m throwing up gang signs. What is that?!

New Look 6378 Pattern Review | 70's Inspired Kimono

I think I’m on a streak of bad sewing luck. My next project has print placement issues too. Have you guys been having trouble getting back in the groove of things this year?

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