DIY Tin Man Costume for less than $20!

DIY Tin Man Costume

DIY Tin Man Costume | SewsNBows

Sof’s mom brought me some inexpensive stretchy metallic fabric and red trim with a request for a Tin Man costume. Total cost for this project was around $20, including the funnel to make the hat.

DIY Tin Man Costume | SewsNBows

For the tank, I used the free Spaghetti Strap Dress pattern from Small Dream Factory.

Elastic Lace Criss Cross Straps

I modified the dress length for a tank, lowered the back, and used stretchy elastic ruffles to make the criss-crossed back.

DIY tin Man Costume | SewsNBows

The pants are the Basic Leggings pattern* from Serger Pepper. I added ruffles and even dusted off my edge stitching foot to make those neat hems.

DIY Tin Man Costume | SewsNBows

The necklace cost a dollar. The crystals are attached using the Tulip Deluxe Heat Tool *.

DIY Tin Man Costume- Funnel Hat

To make the Tin Man’s famous funnel hat, I painted a plastic funnel with Elmer’s glue and poured glitter all over it. Hot glue secures the ruffled elastic trim, and the same trim is used to make a chin strap or headband.

DIY Tin Man Costume | SewsNBows

We went to a friends farm for this shoot…and let me just say that ponies are way cooler than posing for pictures! It was really beautiful there, and I’m dying for a little ranch of my own.

I want a pony!


I’m trying not to get my hopes up, but we might be buying a farm soon. There are about a million DIY projects on this fixer-upper; including an old red barn, milk house, and horse stables to restore. It’s in THE TOWN I want, and not much comes up for sale there. I’m want it so bad it hurts. If it’s meant to be…then bring it on!

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Button Up Jumper Pattern Release + Discount Code

Today is the Button Up Jumper pattern release!

Button Up Jumper Pattern by OUSM | SewsNBows

Rachel & Donna from Once Upon A Sewing Machine have made a fun play on a traditional jumper, with buttons at the waist. It’s designed to be worn with an undershirt, so it’s perfect for fall. I sewed the first round of pattern testing and it was still pretty warm outside; so we’re rockin’ the Button Up Jumper shirtless today.

Button Up Jumper pattern from OUSM

The finished garment is really easy to wear. The dress doesn’t raise up when Sofie lifts her arms. The skirt doesn’t hinder climbing either. I’ve noticed that this kid doesn’t like wearing anything that restricts movement.

Button Up Jumper pattern from OUSM

Sewists’s Kid Syndrome: an acute awareness of fabric type and garment fit that renders children extremely picky about clothing. 

Button Up Jumper sewing pattern from OUSM

I recommend you stop by the Once Upon A Sewing Machine blog and read about it. (There are more tester photos coming later this week!) What impressed me during pattern testing was that each dress was dramatically different. I love that this dress works with medium and bottom weights- the broad range of fabric choices give you a lot of design flexibility.

Button Up Jumper pattern from OUSM | pocket detail

I used a floral printed fine wale corduroy. I haven’t seen many girls dress patterns designed specifically for heavier fabric, so I’m really excited about the possibilities. I’d like to make a version out of a soft wool. It would make such a cute school dress!

Button Up Jumper pattern from OUSM | side view

The Button Up Jumper pattern ranges from size 12 months- 8 years, & you can buy it at the OUSM shop today. Use promo code JUMPER20 for a 20% discount. If you’d like to pin this dress pattern for later, click here. I think you’ll love it as much as we do!


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How To Make A Knit Waistband : Tutorial

Have you ever wondered how to make a knit waistband? It’s easier than you think!

How To Make a Knit Waistband | SewsNBows

This post was originally published at Diana Rambles

Hate elastic casings? Just about any knit shorts, pants, or skirt pattern can be modified with a knit waistband. It works well for refashioning existing garments too!

Before we start, I suggest choosing a knit fabric with plenty of stretch recovery. You want it to be able to stretch over the widest part of your hips; but still retain it’s shape in order to hug your waist. I’m using a jersey knit from L’Ouseau; they have the best quality knits I’ve touched.

How to Make a Knit Waistband | SewsNBows

Construct the main part of your garment according to instructions. I started with the Bubble Pocket Shorts pattern from Elegance & Elephants. (I omitted center seams & pockets, in case you’re wondering!)

How To Make a Knit Waistband | SewsNBows

To make your waistband, measure the circumference of the waist opening on your garment. You’ll want your finished waistband length to be an inch or two smaller than the waist opening. Use your judgement, because the type of fabric you use will vary the measurements. Remember, you want your waistband to fit as snugly as possible without losing the ability to pull over your hips.

For the width, you’ll double your desired finished waistband size. I pressed a crease in mine, to help me see what the finished waistband would look like.

Cut 2 equal sized waistband pieces for the front and back. Above, I’ve stitched my front and back together, which makes 2 side seams.

How to Make a Knit Waistband | SewsNBows

Press your seams open, then press your waistband down, wrong sides together.

How to Make a Knit Waistband | SewsNBows

Match your waistband front, back, and side seams to the quadrants of your garment. Here I’ve pinned my waistband to make it easier to match.

Since the waistband is slightly smaller than the garment, you’ll need to stretch the waistband as you pin it. Stitch the waistband to the garment using a zigzag stitch. This is important, because a straight stitch won’t  allow the fabric to stretch. As you sew, pull the fabric taut, but don’t stretch.

How To Make a Knit Waistband |SewsNBows

Here’s my finished waistband, all attached. Inside is a seam that you can leave raw, zigzag, or serge.

How To Make A Knit Waistband | SewsNBows

You can even fold it over for a cute “yoga” style waistband!

Check out my some of my awesome boards on Pinterest for lots more sewing ideas!

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My Favorite Tween Pattern @ Sew Cool For The Tween Scene

A bunch of bloggers have been showing their favorite tween patterns for a fun series to celebrate the first anniversary of Sew Cool For The Tween Scene!

Rock & Republic Big Girl Briefs by SewsNBows

Here’s a sneak peek of mine:) You can read about my favorite tween pattern at Sew Cool For The Tween Scene.

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Butterick 5845 | A Formal Dress For Sofie

Last week I showed you my first time sewing fishing wire hems to make a curly cupcake skirt. Today I’m showing a formal dress for Sofie!

Butterick 5845 Formal Dress

I used inexpensive poly-satin for this dress. I’m not ready to risk good fabric with my limited experience, and this was stuff I had in the stash. I was really turned off by fabrics like satin, charmeuse, and silk because I had some near death experiences with them on my old (cheap) sewing machine. As in…the sewing machine almost choked to death. But the machine I’m on now handles them just fine. And I feel drunk with power.

Coral & lavender formal toddler dress | SewsNBows

I used Butterick 5845 * to make this dress. Once the bodice was cut and put together, I realized it was enormous for my niece. I had to chop off about 8 inches; which was pretty much both center back panels.

Coral + Lavender Satin Dress with Rhinestones | SewsNBows

Did I read the size chart? No. Did I make a muslin? Uh-uh. But it’s still Butterick’s fault for always making their patterns run so huge & not putting a disclaimer on the front cover. Right? Because I always forget that they run HUGE.

Coral Satin Dress with Lavender Accents | SewsNBows

The bodice fit wasn’t the worst of my issues. After chopping so much off the bodice; the high low skirt just wasn’t going to fit. I gathered the hell out of it. When I realized the gathers were an inch thick and it still wouldn’t fit into the bodice, I had to make it work.

Coral + Lavender Satin Dress with Rhinestones

I chopped the huge, skirt of all skirts into a smaller, more manageable skirt. Gone was the elegant southern ballgown I envisioned, and in it’s place stood a 90’s prom dress.

Girls Satin Formal Dress, Butterick 5845 | SewsNBows

Don’t think I’m trashing the 90s either. I’d go back and do that decade again if I could. I LOVE THIS DRESS.

Girls Formal Dress Butterick 5845 | SewsNBows

So does she:)

Coral Dress with Rhinestone Bow | SewsNBows

When I saw her wear it the other day, I almost fell over. She had put on her bitty sized leather jacket and combat boots- it reminded me of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. (The movie, not the series.) It was pretty dang cute.

Rhinestone Bow Dress Detail | SewsNBows

I’m getting pretty heavy handed with Swarovski crystals* lately. You apply them with a tiny heat tool.  Everything I see, I ask myself: “Would this be better bedazzled?” The answer is always yes.

Butterick 5845 | SewsNBows

This week I’m sewing for Bella, my 9 year old. She’s designing her clothes again, uh-oh. I’m a little scared because last time she designed a retro dots dress that was 17 kinds of crazy. I’ll let you know how it turns out!

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