Floral Hudson Pants | Me Made May

The Curse Of The Hudson Pants: it’s real. Someone has fallen in love with every single pair I’ve made. And it’s really hard to say no because I love seeing my people wearing things I make. So I’ve happily gifted them, every single time. This is at least the 4th pair I’ve made, but these floral Hudson Pants are the first pair I’ve called my own. Probably because I live far away and none of my friends have seen this pair yet:) Time will tell if I’ve broken the curse!

Floral Hudson Pants for Me Made May | SewsNBows

I’m sure you’ve seen probably seen hundreds of Hudson Pants, and dozens of floral Hudson Pants; but I have to show you mine just the same. Because you haven’t seen them in front of a stack of bricks, pavers, and pallets. What can I say, this is redneck paradise! For the record, this is further proof that I’m sewing for Me Made May. I think I’ll just keep sewing for me this summer too. It’s been fun.

Floral Hudson Pants for Me Made May | SewsNBows

Everyone loves the pockets on this pattern. Joggers are comfy and easy to wear. I know lots of folks rock em’ with heels, but I mostly wear them with sandals. The cuff allows them to tuck into boots real easily, which will be nice in the heat. You just don’t want to go bare-legged into wooded areas but y’all, I roast in jeans. These might just be my “Say No To Poison Ivy” pants.

Floral Joggers, BKE Extra Long Tank, polka dot chambray button up with Minnetonka sandals

I kinda like how I styled this “outfit” although in real life I just put a chambray shirt over my pajamas. Perfect for idontgivvashhhh days.

I think I’m feeling more comfortable in front of the camera with all your encouragement, but I promise not to turn into a fashion blogger. I love fashion but you know…this is me, and this is me, and here’s another picture of me. I’ll try not to do that. Uh-oh, I’m already doing it, huh? I’ll stop now :)

After reading that it sounds mean against the fashys and I didn’t intend that. I’m just not in their league!  I managed to cut off the pants in every photo except one. It’s just way easier to let someone else wear the pants. Or take them off entirely. 

Floral Hudson Pants

Some detail shots:

Floral Hudson Pants

I cut the right leg (your left) off grain and didn’t even realize it until I watermarked these photos. It straightens out when I wear it.

Floral Hudson Pants | SewsNBows

P.S. I knocked my timing belt out in the sewing machine again. Can you believe it? Now I figured out: it’s this rug I’ve been making that caused the problem. Guess my rug will just be a plant cushion. Maybe a giant coaster? Sigh. It’s already fixed and I’m getting my machine back tomorrow. I often like to make the same mistake twice, just to be sure.

Pattern: Hudson Pants by True Bias
Modifications: added 2″ length
Fabric: cotton jersey blend from Girl Charlee

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My Style DeEvolution | Me Made May

I made another Seena Dolman Tee for Me Made May. It’s one of those projects that take less than an hour and I wear it a lot.

Fashion De-Evolution: How Farm Life Changed The Way I Dress

I wrote about this great pattern when I made my Hacci knit version; so today I want to talk about my style de-evolution. This month, I’ve been really thinking about how neccesity has changed my style this year. I told  you in my last post how I can’t do dresses anymore living on a farm. There are a whole lot of other other wardrobe changes too.


You see these boots? They have walked through fire and tramped through forests. I have another pair that’s equally beat up, and I’m trying to save the rest of my boots so they don’t become work boots too. But they all become work boots here, sooner or later.

Seena Dolman Tee for Me Made May | SewsNBows

My whole life I’ve always felt like accessories make the outfit. I’m a 90’s kid through and through, and I like big. Big earrings, big bags… Even in sweatpants I felt fabulous as long as I had some statement accessories…but none of that works now. Even my staple comfy knit dresses are off the table.

Seena Dolman Tee in bamboo jersey knit

I used to wear hundreds of bangles. (Well, tens of bangles.) I like the jingle when I move around. But bracelets get caught in brush when I’m clearing land. Big earrings don’t work  either; they’re a fire hazard. It can be really dangerous trying to be cute! So my jewelry sits sad and neglected until Sunday.

My Fashion De-Evolution Fir Ne Made May | SewsNBows

Small cross body bags are my new BFF. This bag is perfect to hold my phone while I’m driving the tractor. Things tend to fall out of pockets while mowing the pastures, and the cross body strap keeps it close to my body. I keep my debit card and license in there too. For a while I’d take my big purse when we went out, but I got annoyed and just carry this one lately. Now I wonder what I was doing with the enormous bags…traveling? What was I packing for? Guess I don’t need all that stuff.

Oatmeal Colored Stetson | SewsNBows

This photo makes me sad. You are looking at what used to be a pristine, oatmeal colored Stetson. In days of old, I wore this hat just to decorate my head. Now I know what they’re actually for. Sunglasses aren’t ideal when working outside because I get sweaty and they slip down. The hat is sun protection, plus more. When I mow and grass comes toward my face, I just angle the brim in the direction it’s coming from. Same thing  when smoke, wind, or ashes are coming at me. It’s like a hands-free shield.

Seena Dolman Tee for Me Made May| SewsNBows

What I need now is very simple clothing. Fabric can’t be wispy or tear easily. No bling or sequins or beads. Nothing that will blow around and get caught on something. Things that stain easily are not for me. Dual purpose is great; if I can wear it around town plus work in it- I’m thrilled. Ain’t nobody got time to change clothes all day! While I’m not happy about trading my signature style in for a more practical one, I do have one consolation.

Sewing For Me Made May, and Thoughts on Farm Fashion

Belts can be as big and gaudy as I want!! They don’t seem to get in the way at all, and they hold tools! Let me tell you, I have some big, ridiculous belts. And I will be wearing them to get my bling fix. I may have chicken poop on my boots, but an awesome belt sort of cancels that out.

How has your style changed over time, or by necessity?

Pattern: Seena Dolman Tee by Gracious Threads
Modifications: added 1″ to hem
Fabric: bamboo Rayon/cotton jersey (amazing btw) from Louseau

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Floral & Lace Baseball Tee #MeMadeMay

I’ve had to reevaluate my fashion situation since I moved to a farm. Normally I live in dresses come spring and summer. For one thing, dresses are only one thing to put on instead of a shirt and pants. The lazy heifer in me likes not having to match things, and really. Putting on pants is such a nuisance.

Floral & Lace Baseball Tee for Me Made May | Jalie 3245

But alas, one looks stupid driving a tractor in a dress. And that’s how I spend a lot of my days! So shorts and tops like this floral & lace baseball tee will have to be my friend from now on. Before we go on, you should all know that the camera is adding lots of pounds in these photos. In real life I’m skinny, rich, and blonde.

Floral & Lace Baseball Tee for Me Made May| Jalie 3245

For my first Me Made May project I went with a simple raglan tee. I’ve used this pattern before and I know it’s perfect. I talked about the pattern itself in this post: Jalie 3245.

Floral & Lace Baseball Tee for Me Made May| Jalie 3245

I’ve been sewing completely from stash all year. It’s getting harder as I sew through the piles (and piles) of fabric. I own an ungodly amount of striped knits. I need solids and florals to break it up but I’m resisting so far.

Jalie 3235 for Me Made May | SewsNBows

The floral fabric is a jersey slub with a nice drape and decent stretch. I normally wear a modesty tank to smooth out the fluff and disquise my belly button dent, but I was in a hurry to take photos and forgot. Slub fabric is usually a bit sheer, and this was no exception. It’s probably fine as long as I stay away from colored bras, but I can’t deal with the paranoia. I’ll be wearing a tank under from now on.

Floral & Lace Baseball Tee for Me Made May | Jalie 3245

The lace fabric is a 2-way stretch. I have piles of it in a few colors; I sure wish it was a 4 way stretch. The wrists are a wee but tight but I’ll remember next time. Different stitch settings or adding a bit of ease will go a long way. The two fabrics don’t actually match but I’m working with what I have. It’s close enough, right?

Floral & Lace Baseball Tee for Me Made May | Jalie 3245

I’ve been enjoying sewing for me. You’ll see a lot of basics this month. I have no desire to sew jeans or anything complicated so hopefully it doesn’t get too boring around here.

Floral & Lace Baseball Tee for Me Made May | Jalie 3245

One day I’d like to sew a perfectly fitting blouse with yoke, cuffs, and collar stand. I know it would take about 3 muslins and lots of adjusting. It will have to wait until I’m in the mood. Do you have a project you really need to work in, but the motivation isnt there?

Pattern: Jalie 3245
Fabric: jersey knit slub and stretch lace from Girl Charlee

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Everything But The Kitchen Sink Henley

My 10 year old is so picky about what she’ll wear. I love pattern testing, but barely ever get to do it anymore! I was excited when Bella said she loved the Everything But The Kitchen Sink Henley from Winter Wear Designs.

Everything But The Kitchen Sink Henley| sewing pattern by Winter Wear Designs, sewn by Amy  @ SewsNBows

There are lots of options in this pattern, including a functional Henley, sleeve tabs, 4 sleeve variations, straight or curved hem, welt pocket, and of course; the fun diagonal henley. Also you can choose between the slim Euro fit, or a looser style.

There is a looser fit and a slimmer Euro option. Many designers would split the sizing into 2 seperate purchases because of the extra work. I think it's awesome that you get the whole size range for one price!

I chose the loose fit faux Henley option for testing. It’s a nice basic with fun print mixing opportunities.

Everything But The Kitchen Sink Henley| sewing pattern by Winter Wear Designs, sewn by Amy  @ SewsNBows

I sewed 3 tests while Suzanne tweaked the pattern. The EBTKS Henley goes up to size 14, and its unisex. Both factors make it a lot tricker for pattern grading! Suzanne made a few more minor adjustments to to the final version of this pattern, including the hem length and sleeve length.

Everything But The Kitchen Sink Henley| sewing pattern by Winter Wear Designs, sewn by Amy  @ SewsNBows

Bella is wearing a size 12 with 3/4 sleeves. There is an elastic sleeve option, and I plan to add that with the very cute button tabs. (Soon!)

Everything But The Kitchen Sink Henley| sewing pattern by Winter Wear Designs, sewn by Amy  @ SewsNBows

Like I mentioned, the hem length has been shortened a bit for the final pattern. It is a unisex pattern and may run a little longer on girls. A size 12 girl and boy can be really far apart size-wise. Kids are all over the charts in the tween sizes, in general! Use the measurement charts carefully, and you’ll be just fine.

Everything But The Kitchen Sink Henley| sewing pattern by Winter Wear Designs, sewn by Amy  @ SewsNBows

Like Winter Wear Designs on Facebook To stay up to date on new pattern releases. There are some awesome womens patterns coming just in time for Me Made May!

Everything But The Kitchen Sink Henley| sewing pattern by Winter Wear Designs, sewn by Amy @ SewsNBows

I’m off to a late start since my sewing machine is now in the shop. Timing belt, kill me. I felt it slipping when I made this neckline. I like a narrow, long zig zag for knit necklines because it looks like a straight stitch if you hold the fabric taut while sewing. It was skipping stitches so I used a big zig zag instead. I knew in my heart that my machine needed surgery, but I held onto hope and spent a day cleaning, flossing the tension disks, threading, re-threading, begging…no avail. But, I’ll have her back this week.

Pattern: EBTKS Henley by Winter Wear Designs on Etsy

Specifications: sewn in size 12, faux Henley option with 3/4 sleeves.

Adjustments: None, as this was a pattern test. Final pattern has fit adjustments for sleeves and hem length.

Fabric: medium weight jersey knit stripes, cotton/lycra blend from Girl Charlee.

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Self Drafted High Low Tunic in French Terry

Have you ever messed up a ridiculously easy sewing project? That’s how this self drafted high low tunic happened. And the more I tried to fix it, the worse it got. It’s not awful, I think it’s super cute actually. But I only because I stopped before it got completely butchered.

High Low French Terry Top

This is French Terry that I won at Sew Country Chick a while back. I love the striped front and the neon loopy side equally, so I wanted a tunic with raw hems and neckline. I had to have both sides! Unfinished edges with contrasting colors are so trendy right now.

French Terry Top with High Low Hem

The first thing I did wrong was try to draft my own pattern. I don’t like drafting, I really don’t. There’s a balance between trying new things and knowing your weaknesses. I know for a dang fact that I hate drafting, and even if I were good at it; I’d still hate it. That’s 30 minutes of my life that I’ll never get back.

Self Drafted French Terry Tunic | SewsNBows

So I cut the front too low, in fact she’s wearing this tunic backwards right now. Yeah. And above, you can see the nice high low effect I was going for. But it’s in backwards, so I guess that makes it low-high. Sigh.

Self drafted high low tunic (worn backwards!)

I left the sleeves long and rolled them up. They are perfect for a giraffe. I’m thinking it might fit her well next year as a top, so I kept the length. Apparently I’m not capable of measuring, so I’ll just hack the sleeves/hem to the appropriate lengths when she grows into it.

Self Drafted High Low Tunic

I’ve had a series of projects that aren’t fitting my niece right. It’s really hard to sew and draft on nothing but measurements. I have such respect for women who make clothing to sell, or send to far away loved ones.

Girls Self Drafted High Low Tunic | SewsNBows

The bow is a winner though!

Double Stacked Neon Bow | SewsNBows

Flat drafting is something I’ll never enjoy. I also dislike using a rotary cutter, matching stripes in knit fabric, and shirring on a Brother. (Other machines are fine.) What sewing tasks do you least enjoy? Is there a skill or technique that you have absolutely no desire to learn?

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