15″ Doll Bed DIY


DIY Doll Bed from a Cereal Box

Okay, this isn’t that spectacular- but it made me a hero.

DIY Doll Bed from a Cereal Box

Evan’s doll will be here tomorrow. Since his birthday present is late, the best aunt ever (moi) has been making little things each day to keep the excitement level up. Did you see the boy+doll matching boxers I made last week?

To make this bed I used the box from a board game for the base. For the headboard I used a cereal box.

I stuffed the boxes with fabric scraps & newspapers to give them weight.

I stapled a piece of fabric around 3 sides of the bed, shoved a thin layer of stuffing in there, then stapled it down. This made a soft mattress.

I hot glued the headboard to the mattress, & wrapped with duct tape. Easy peasy!

DIY Doll Bed from a Cereal Box

I think I spent more time photoshopping my foot out of the photo than I did actually making it.

*update* This bed was trash within 2 days. Don’t make furniture out of cereal boxes! Ha!



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