18″ Doll Romantic Maxi Skirt Tutorial from Domestic Bliss Squared

18″ Doll Romantic Maxi Skirt Tutorial from Domestic Bliss Squared

Hi guys! Today the lovely Amy is hosting us girls from a little blog called Domestic Bliss Squared. We have been bloggy friends with Amy here at Sews’N’Bows almost since we first started blogging! She and Jessica have traded stories about writers block and their love of Nirvana, and she’s even tried a recipe or two from our blog! We heart Amy!


Well since you all follow Amy’s blog already, you probably know her secret identity as a “doll sewist.” Jessica recently joined that club, and decided that this tutorial for a romantic 18-inch doll skirt would be perfect to share with Amy’s followers!

So for Christmas this last year my (Jessica’s) daughter got an American Girl doll, and I made about a thousand pieces of clothing for her. Well, maybe not a thousand, but 48 at last count! This is one of the pieces I made, and I’m really excited to visit Sews’N’Bows today and share my tutorial with you!

I love this doll skirt because it’s spring, and nothing says ‘spring’ like a pink pastel skirt! Want to make your own in about fifteen minutes? Here we go:

first you’ll need a skirt:

I thrifted this one that is a 12 month Wal Mart brand girl’s skirt. The key to this refashion is making sure that the elastic band is NOT sewn into the casing! You can make sure of this by trying to move the elastic around inside the casing. If it moves, you’re good! Usually this is the case with most cheaper skirts (hence the Wal Mart Faded Glory brand).

1. Use your seam ripper on the seam between the elastic casing and the skirt itself.
2. Pull the elastic out of your hole you made with the seam ripper, until it is small enough to fit the waist of you doll.
3. Pin the elastic together, then sew it together over the spot you pinned using a zig zag stitch.
4. sew the seam that you ripped open back together again!

So that actually is it, that’s all you need to do. I know, it seems too easy right? But that’s the beauty of refashioning clothing! You get to take all the pretty details someone else has carefully sewn and incorporate them into your own projects!

Just for fun I thought I’d share a picture of Marie-Grace wearing her full outfit (made by me!) and Felicity wearing one of hers:

Thanks for checking out this quick tutorial! If you want to see more from us at Domestic Bliss Squared you can check us out via social media below. And make sure to tell Amy how awesome she is! Thanks Amy!

~Hilary & Jessica

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  1. Mel

    That’s adorable! I heart Amy and Nirvana too :)

  2. Gina

    Amy, you rock!! And you know I {heart} you!!! I think that is the worlds fastest tute and oh so cute!! I am going to have to be on the look out for infant sized clothing to put on my girls’ dolls!
    Gina recently posted…Flashback Friday: A Boy and his DogMy Profile


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