Vintage Doll Sewing Patterns

Vintage Doll Sewing Patterns

I love looking at old patterns. I love to watch fashion change, evolve,and repeat. I can always redraft a too-wide lapel or too-pointy collar, but I confess I rarely do.

Someone brought me an old pattern a while back. It wasn’t old enough to be vintage, and not anything anyone would wear this decade. But I had to open it up and see if there were any salvageable pieces in there, even though I was pretty confident that there wasn’t.

When I started laying the pattern out, I realized that all the pieces didn’t match. There were parts of 3 different patterns! I started googling and guess what I got?

Simplicity 3729 Vintage Doll Clothes Pattern

I got the cowgirl boots & gun holster! These are for a 21″ doll. A Shirley Temple doll maybe? I forgot to see what year this pattern is from. I’m super excited though.

I can’t wait to find a little pistol so I can make this for Bella’s American girl doll. The whole world is politically correct now, & kids aren’t supposed to play with guns anymore I guess. I grew up with 2 brothers. We played cops & robbers, cowboys & Indians, and other shoot em up games all day. None of us are serial killers.

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