3 Things To Know When Pouring Slab: Home Building

3 Things To Know When Pouring Slab: Home Building

Eeek!! This fall we’ll be moving into our new house! I’m going to share all the things I’m learning as we go. Today I’m sharing 3 things to know when pouring slab. Be sure to read my tips for deciding Where To Build A New Home On An Acreage!

Home Building Series: 3 Things To Know When Pouring Slab

So we’ve poured our concrete and have our framing, windows, doors, and roof up. I’m a little behind on sharing the building process! Check out my Instagram for current progress. Here are some things I learned and what I wish I knew when we were pouring slab.

Pouring Slab For Your New Construction

There are some really obvious things to know about pouring your slab; like choosing a good contractor and making sure it’s completely level. Your slab is the foundation, so if isn’t perfectly level it will cost you more money and time when you install windows, flooring and doors. And it will make every remodeling project in the future infinitely harder.

The things I wanted to tell you are things were less obvious to me. These are things I wish I had known before pouring slab.

Home Building Series: 3 Things To Know When Pouring Slab

Reverse Image Blueprints

We’re building our house with reversed blueprints. We are constructing the mirror opposite of our house plans in order to have the garage on the opposite side.

My builder told me we don’t need to purchase the reverse image plans.  He reads house plans all day every day; but I wish I bought them for us. Since we’re doing a lot of the work ourselves; it would’ve been a small price to pay for the convenience and ease.

Home Building Series: 3 Things To Know When Pouring Slab

Double Check Your Plumbing

Your plumber will be working closely with your slab and concrete guys. The concrete will be poured around pipes for toilets, showers, tubs, sinks, dishwasher, and refrigerator.

It’s very common to have to move plumbing after concrete is poured, but it will slow you down. The cement will have to be drilled and plumbing moved; and coordinating plumbing and concrete crews will cost you time. The majority of time spent building a house is on the phone, scheduling all the people who have to work together. No lie!

Home Building Series: 3 Things To Know When Pouring Slab

Its Bigger Than It Looks

When my slab was poured and dried, it looked so much smaller than I thought it would. I remember looking at it thinking…I won’t be able to fit any furniture in here. How will we live?!!

Everyone said it would look bigger once the framing was in; but I couldn’t imagine how. Adding walls seems like it would make it smaller! Now that my framing is in, I can see the size of the rooms and I’m completely satisfied that we have a functional home, and it’s exactly the size I wanted.

So if you’re pouring slab, trust me. It’s bigger than it looks.

Home Building Series: 3 Things To Know When Pouring Slab

I hope this post is useful for someone out there! I feel so, please share. And look out for more home building posts soon!

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  1. Hannah

    Hi Amy, Glad to see this post especially from sewist like you. Wonderful post. Cant wait to share it.

  2. Lisa Nelson

    It’s been a long while since I have been here. WOW, building your own home – literally?

    That is so awesome, Amy!

    I have bookmarked your blog so that I get your updates. Will visit regularly!

    I hope to see you soon.


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