5-Way Wrap Sewing Pattern from Indygo Junction

5-Way Wrap Sewing Pattern from Indygo Junction

I found the perfect sewing project to close the year with: the 5-Way Wrap from Indygo Junction.

5-Way Wrap | Sewing Pattern from Indygo Junction

This is probably my favorite garment I’ve made all year. I’m freakin’ devastated that it was promised to my sister in law. If that heifer doesn’t wear it, I will repo this cardi-jacket. I’m in love with it and plan to make several more.

5-Way Wrap Sewing Pattern from Indygo Junction

The 5-Way Wrap pattern is from Indygo Junction. This was my first time using one of Amy Barickman’s patterns and I’m very pleased. It came in a pattern sized ziplock baggie with the tissue paper pattern tucked neatly between the cover photo front and fabric requirements and stats for the back. Instructions were included in a one page folded booklet, printed on nice sturdy paper. The instructions and illustrations are more than satisfactory, although this is a pretty simple sew.

Fringe Jacket Detail with Decorative Ladder Stitch

I simplified this project further by using a decorative ladder stitch and fringing the edges, rather than using bias binding. I love fringe all the time…but it’s really appropriate for this southwestern print.

5-Way Wrap Sewing Pattern from Indygo Junction

I did use self made bias binding for the armholes. It’s a little thick with the fabric I used…either cotton or poly blended something or another. The fabric is loosely woven like a serape blanket, but much softer and drapier for apparel. One side is a bit softer than the other, like wool. Maybe its wool…I should’ve read the bolt!

5-Way Wrap Sewing Pattern from Indygo Junction

I’m enamoured with the fabric, whatever it is. The pattern calls for 2 sided fleece, flannel, wool, or linen. I’m pretty sure I need to make a red plaid flannel version, and an earth tone fleece next. I’m also curious about trying a stable sweater knit. Double sided is key since the insides will show.

5-Way Wrap Sewing Pattern from Indygo Junction

My favorite thing about the 5-Way Wrap pattern is that it’s going to be in season most of the year. Obviously it’s great for fall and winter, but in Oklahoma this little number is going to be great all the time. I really can’t have too many ponchos and wraps around here!

5-Way Wrap Sewing Pattern from Indygo Junction

This pattern comes in S/M and L/XL. I made the larger size. Most of the women’s patterns at Indygo Junction are suitable for plus sizes, and the newer patterns size up to 3XL. Another plus: they are available in PDF or paper format.

5-Way Wrap Sewing Pattern from Indygo Junction

And now I’m just being vain with all these pictures. I guess you can tell that I really love the 5-Way Wrap! (I have more pictures on Facebook and Instagram.) I highly reccomend this pattern for a quick sew that will get a ton of use. I wouldn’t plan to make it as a gift…because it’s really painful to give one away ;)

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas!

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  1. Justine

    OMG AMY, So freaking cute! You HAVE to make yourself another one, and me too, while you are at it! Seriously we could be like those teen girls who dress alike if we lived closer and hung out, since I JUST made a jacket that matches yours! Merry Christmas!


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