6 Tips for Leaving Great Comments

6 Tips for Leaving Great Comments

This post was originally shared at Plucky’s Second Thought, at the first annual Blogging Tips & Tricks series. It has been updated due to ever changing Google policies…and now you get 7 tips!

Most of us know that commenting on blogs is one of the best ways to gain readership. If I already like the same things as you, what better way for me to let you know I exist than by leaving you a note?

It’s hard not to get in a hurry, blogging is a full time job. We have real lives and real families that need us. Whether you comment on a lot of blogs or a few; reply to all your comments, or only the ones you are able, I think it’s important to be thoughtful in your comments if you want to gain readership.

Respond to a question within the post.
It lets the writer know you read the post. An easy, thoughtful comment!

Mention a specific detail of the project that you liked.
Easy, again. Who doesn’t love it when someone notices the painstaking details in our project?

Tell about a a similar project you did.
This one is touchy, because you don’t look like a comment shark; a blogger who comes by your site only to lure you to theirs. They don’t care what you wrote, and most likely didn’t read your post. I totally made this word up, but they exist.

Don’t leave hyperlinks! Google will label your comment as spammy, which hurts you and the blog you comment on.

Tell me a little about yourself. It’s not vain! Your hanging out on my site, I want to know about you! Plus, it opens the door for conversation, & helps me remember who you are when I see you in the blogosphere.

Try not to leave canned responses.

We’ve all gotten a canned response before. Most of us have probably left a canned response. It’s a generic comment that could apply to any post on any blog. It leaves absolutely no impression on the reader. A blogger reads it and probably doesn’t remember your name afterwards.

Confession: I’m guilty of canned responses at link parties. “Thanks for hosting!” But I have to say thank you, even if its all I say. My mama taught me manners.

Don’t comment on posts you aren’t interested in.

What?! I’m dead serious. Your disinterest will show. Lets keep it real here. I’m a sewing blogger, I can barely make a sandwich! So I’m not interested in a quiche, soufflé, or anything else that sounds different than its spelled. However, I do appreciate the heck out of a great crock pot recipe with a prep time of 20 minutes. We aren’t all into the same things…but there is usually a common thread.

Here’s a solution. If someone left you a great comment, and you’re not so into, say…children’s clothing: scroll through their tag cloud and look for a similar interest. It’s much easier to leave a thoughtful comment when you are interested in the post.

We are all just little words on a screen, until we become a personality. When I get a notification about a new post, and I know your first name and what you look like before I open it, that’s when you are a successful blogger. For some reason; name, face, and blog mesh together in my head really well once I’ve corresponded with a blogger. Correspondence is what makes your readers view you as a person, rather than a website.

The point is, life happens. I’m not convinced there is a blogger in existence who ends the day with a smaller to-do list than they began with. But every chance you get, be a personality, not just text on a screen. Make connections!

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Please don’t feel like you have to think really hard & leave a super amazing comment. Posting about leaving great comments sorta makes the makes the comment box awkward, right? Relax. If I had an 8th tip, it would be:

“When in doubt, or in a rush;
Like & Tweet and Google Plus.”

Thanks for reading ya’ll.

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Amy Mayen

Hello. I'm Amy and I'm addicted to sewing. I borderline-hoard fabric, buttons, & patterns. Sometimes I wish I could pile my fabric up on the floor and just roll in it!


  1. Pat

    Oh yes~
    I pinned this one day when I was on a blog hopping pinning spree… I went back and read it, like I’d planned…after you left a courteous thank you on my pin. :)
    Just wanted to come back and say thanks. Great tips.
    Good post.
    I personally tend to be wordy… and I’m just growing my interest in sewing…so I’ll be back.
    Pat recently posted…:: Frugal Fodder 25– Fall Gardens and Water ::My Profile

  2. Kim

    Love these tips, Amy, especially the afterthought #8!! I always forget that! Thanks for the hints and your perspective…I am new to blogging so I am still trying to figure it all out!
    Kim recently posted…Cottage Style ~ Morning Glory In BloomMy Profile

  3. Amy of while wearing heels

    What a wonderful post. I love each comment you leave for me…so it was interesting to hear your advice to fellow comment leavers. And, I love your comment shark analysis.

    Oh, and I am super annoyed with bloglovin. I haven’t been getting updates so I have been missing all of your amazing posts. What is up with that?
    Amy of while wearing heels recently posted…Decorate With What Makes You Happy.My Profile

  4. Cheryl

    Thanks for this post, I agree that we should try to interact with the writer, but in my mind if I mention a similar project or post that I have done, I feel like I am detracting from the compliment that I intended.
    Cheryl recently posted…Marketing your Blog so Others Will Find You!My Profile

  5. justine

    This is a really goodposr Amy. A lot to think about here. I’m guilty of leaving boring comments like, That’s really cute! But hen I don’t go into detail. Doyou think we should e mail all of our commenters too? I’ve gone back and forth on this issue with a few other bloggers.
    justine recently posted…Machine Stitched Lined Little Kids Paper DressMy Profile

  6. Khristi

    Thank you for this post. I generally read a lot of blogs but have been pretty slack about leaving comments. I need to work on that. I new to blogging myself and I realize now what a good feeling a thoughtful blog comment gives me, I like to feel appreciated and I know others do too. Have a great week!
    Khristi recently posted…Preserving Your Summer HarvestMy Profile

  7. Amila

    These are great tips,specially I like the tip about ‘canned responses’,
    sometimes I receive one word comments about my post like ‘yummy! and a long description linked with a hyperlink to their site’, :) Though I published those comments earlier,now I just revert them to spam folder or I don’t publish them.
    Amila recently posted…Grilled Sausage Skewers with BBQ SauceMy Profile

  8. Lisa Nelson

    Sew many people don’t respond to comments (hahaha). Yeah, I don’t have any time. All the time I spend commenting is my free time. So, instead of vegging in front of the TV -or sleeping at at 1 AM, I’m on the web reading other people’s blogs. Anytime I spend reading posts in detail, and commenting – in the middle of the night I must add – I wanna response. Sorry, but I do.


    Isn’t there some unwritten blogging etiquette rule? Maybe I just made it up.

    Sorry, I’m cranky today.

    I’m also guilty of canned responses – but never ever on somebody’s blog. I know how it is – how much effort goes into creating and writing a post. For example – you. You have to get the fabric, cut it, sew it, write it. One blog post is a HUGE deal. It takes a lot of time – and the least I can do is write a visit every time your email appears in my inbox and write a thoughtful comment. My canned comments come in linky parties (The frenzy for example) where I am leaving a comment on a facebook page saying – I was here.

    You know?

    Blog hops – the blogs i visit, I write a thoughtful comment.

    I have been known to write a comment on a blog I wasn’t interested in. Guilty. I try to make it thoughtful and helpful – but maybe I shouldn’t do that anymore.

    Thanks so much for the tips!
    Lisa Nelson recently posted…Elizabeti’s School – A Tanzanian Tale of the First Day of SchoolMy Profile

  9. Gina

    Great post, Amy! You have obviously done a good job connecting to THIS blogger and have been an example to me! So, I just wanted to say thank you!
    P.S. Hope we are going to get to see those PJ’s you’ve been working on this week!!
    Have a great weekend!
    Gina recently posted…Custom Design a Pillow with String and PaintMy Profile

  10. Mel

    These are great tips Amy and the comments do spark conversation. Im so glad you added the nor reply thingy in this post, I get so many lovely emails when I have taken the time to find the, no fault of their own, “no reply blogger” xo

  11. Joe

    Love the post Amy! Your absolutely right. At times as Sewer Bloggers we have such a limited amount of time it seams like there not enough hours in the day. Your comment tips were right on and there good to keep in mind. Sometimes it’s easy to forget and just leave a rushed comment. I think it’s important to support the sewing community any chance we get, just like you do, because sometimes the people we sew for just don’t get how much work and thought we put into what we make for them. Just wanted to let you know I love reading your blog. The post on resin bottle caps was so Amy, I laughed all the way through it. Hope your having a sewtastic Saturday Night!

  12. Jessica

    You are really a great commenter! (is that a word?) Curious… what do you mean by Google’s changing policies? aka What did I miss now? Is it a duplicate content issue? All of this SEO and Google stuff confuses the heck out of me!

  13. Laura - Paroxa Designs Blog

    I feel a lot of pressure to make this comment great…

    But thanks for making this post! I actually opened up my laptop just now intent on finding some blogs to check regularly and engage with, so this post was right on time for me. Commenting on other people’s blogs is what makes me the most nervous when it comes to blogging. I don’t want to look like I’m just using them for the link!
    Laura – Paroxa Designs Blog recently posted…Choosing Colors for Your Home Decor ProjectMy Profile

  14. rea

    i like the 8th tip the most amy! lol!
    seriously – these tips are really awesome!

    but you know what, right now i don’t have that thing when you reply to a comment on your post it goes directly to their email or they get notified…i wonder how to do that… :(

    rea recently posted…In Progress: Home Command CenterMy Profile

  15. Camila

    Hi Amy! This a great post. Comments are so important in this world, they become the whole point of blogging. We crave for them and most of us enjoy reading them even if it only a thank you note!. I’m guilty of hyperlinks, I was told that with the rel=”nofollow” it was safe for both, me and the blog I’m commenting on. At this point I’m not even sure what is wright and what is not. I feel awful not accepting comments that have links. Anyway I love commenting even though I don’t have the time to leave as many as I would like, sometimes I feel like a let down many bloggers because I don’t comment often or don’t go back at all {sometimes I do but don’t leave the comment}. As we grow, so does our network and it get SO hard to keep up with everybody we follow and love. Sometimes I can’t even keep up with replying all the comment I get and that kills me!. Thank so much for this share Amy! This is a great reminder!

    Camila recently posted…Titi’s Spot for the Silly Hop {7}My Profile

  16. Mags

    Thank you for your canned confession on link parties. I start to fell bad with my “thank you’s” but I have to say it. I’m still new to the blog world and etiquette counts. Thank you for the lesson.

  17. thisblogisnotforyou

    These tips are great! Athough they really are self-evident, one often forgets one’s manners when rushing through bloglovin’ in the morning. When commenting on what someone said in real life you don’t just go “Love it!” “Great job!” “Super cute!” :D

    I personally love it when people comment on what I’ve actually WRITTEN not just the pictures. I often end my posts with questions and am always surprised when someone actually answers.. You definitely passed the test, my dear ;) I’m afraid someday you’ll also start noticing all the little flaws I’m trying to hide in my pictures..! :D
    thisblogisnotforyou recently posted…Make it! Beach Dress tutorial + patternMy Profile

  18. ingrid@nowathomemom

    I remember reading your post before and I really liked it Amy! very well written and I agree with the previous comment left by Hannah, you’re comments are always sincere, honest, thoughtful and like her your comments always make me smile (you are sweet and funny too Amy) :-)
    wish you a beautiful day! :-)
    ingrid@nowathomemom recently posted…Before and After Kitchen Renovation TourMy Profile

  19. Annie

    Those tips are will written! I did not know about the hyperlinks, good to know!
    I can see your comments are always sincere, and you enjoy correspondence. While I don’t think all bloggers need to respond to every comments, I do still like it when I get respond :)
    Annie recently posted…Girly Layered Skirt for Little MomoMy Profile

  20. Hannah Smith

    you are one of the most thoughtful commenters out there, you comments always make me smile :D

    A great post and some useful tip. I especially like the bit about not being able to make a sandwich! made me giggle. But I agree, I have a one track mind generally when it comes to reading blogs, though there are a few exceptions :D

    quick question, you mention google highlights hyperlinks as spam, are there other ways to add links to a comment as sometimes they are neccessary?!

    Thanks hun xxx

  21. Gin

    Those are great tips. I’m still trying to figure out how to reply to comments personally to the blogger who left the comment. Any help there?
    Gin recently posted…Ending JulyMy Profile


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