McCalls Stitch N Save 5735 (Girls Nightie)

McCalls Stitch N Save 5735 (Girls Nightie)

This pattern was one of the easiest ever. Simple directions. I shy away from minky and stretchy fleece, because it stretches and pulls and is generally a pain. This pattern had really useful tips for people like me, who are scaredy cats.

This project, from start to finish, took me around 40 minutes. I’m wondering if it would work on regular old flannel..but you best bet it to go with a knit unless you feel like drafting a button placket. Also the neckline doesn’t have a true facing. It’s kind of a stitch and flip number; which works great with snugly soft fleece but may not lay nicely with another fabric.

I’m going to try some baby pajamas now with this fabric. I’m nervous to sew a zipper because the fabric is fluffy. It “sheds” a lot when you cut it. But I’ll never get any better if I don’t try.

Kids clothes and commercial patterns are still a bit out of my comfort zone, but with each successful project I feel a little more capable.

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Hello. I'm Amy and I'm addicted to sewing. I borderline-hoard fabric, buttons, & patterns. Sometimes I wish I could pile my fabric up on the floor and just roll in it!


  1. Rachel @ Once Upon a Sewing Machine

    It’s cute! I agree with you unless you’re going to open up the neck flannel probably would be a no go- I’ve gambled and lost at that game!

    I’ve been pretty spoiled with 2 under 3 I haven’t been doing a whole lot of zippers lately-but back at them now that I’ve started sewing for myself again and the kids are getting bigger.

    • Amy

      I bought some more of this fabric (with sockmonkeys on it)to make a poncho blanket for my daughter- perfect for snuggly days. I’m not as nervous now that I’ve got a couple projects under my belt. ( I did make the baby jammas & they are cute..they just haven’t made it to the blog yet!)
      Kids clothes are way harder than I thought. Everything has to be durable, easy to put on & take off, plus still look cute.
      Thanks for visiting! I’m going to find you on Pinterest.

  2. Handmadefor1year

    That looks soo cozy. I’ve been thinking of making footie pajamas for myself!


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