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Sewist Amy Mayen

Welcome to SewsNBows.com! My blog is my creative journal, where I share my latest ideas and projects. You’ll find sewing projects and tutorials, crafts, home decor, fashion, and maybe even a recipe if I don’t mess it up.

I began sewing on my grandma‚Äôs lap, and In 2003, I received my degree in fashion design and learned how to make clothing. However, 99.9% of what I’ve learned came from sewing at home and reading blogs. Anyone can learn to sew, as long as you’re willing to make plenty of mistakes first.

Some of you may be here to buy or order hair bows. I started making bows several years ago, after my niece was born. My bows got bigger and better, and pretty soon I got a reputation as the best bow-maker in the Midwest. I also might be the person who started that rumor; but that’s irrelevant.

Now I sell expensive, well-made bows. They are constructed with supplies sourced in the U.S., right here in my home.

Email me an outfit photo or let me know what you need; and I’ll make you a stunning custom order hair bow. If you’d prefer to make your own, I have a few tutorials in the blog archives and plan to write more!

My family moved to the country a couple years ago, so I’m basically a real cowgirl now. I had a decade of city living as an adult, and wanted to get back to a small town like I grew up in. We live on an acreage and I’m remembering things I forgot. Like the sound of nature, and tractor butt-chafe.

My family is currently building a house on our land. I can’t wait to make it beautiful inside and out. Hopefully I can keep it that way, with herds of kids afoot and my hoard of craft supplies. Time will tell!

I’d love for you to follow my journey.

– Amy Mayen



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