American Flag Pallet Display

American Flag Pallet Display

This DIY American flag pallet makes an easy gate marker or patriotic display for 4th of July. Plus, it’s easy, fast, and inexpensive. Win!

American Flag Pallet Display

I made this American flag pallet last year but never got around to showing it on the blog. I used it to mark my gate for our 4th of July party since rural driveways tend to look pretty monotonous. It’s much easier than “2 farms after the farm with all the cows” or “look for the crooked willow that bends to the north”.

(It just occurred to me how badly I need to make a permanent gate marker with my address. I’ll add that to the to-do list.)

Making an American flag pallet display

I’ve been so busy getting ready for this year’s party that I didn’t have time to sew much or write last week. Luckily I had these pictures from last year; hurray for finally writing a blog post!!

It was the easiest thing to make and I had all the supplies. I’ve seen a million of these on Pinterest and had to make my own American flag pallet. I used leftover paint and an old kitchen sponge for the stripes. The stars were free handed with a tiny kids paintbrush. Whatever works, right?

Trust me, you do not need to be crafty to make this. You could paint any flag really, show team spirit, or design a pallet for every holiday.

American flag pallet display

I’m really excited for our party. Last year we had a pretty good turnout, and I bet we have more people this year. I’m not going overboard on decorations, but I do think that bright colors and festive displays set the atmosphere. If I have time I’ll show you some of the other ideas we are copying off Pinterest. But then again, I said that last year! I have a 4th of July board on Pinterest if you’re interested. I also have a party ideas board that you might like.

Until next time!

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