April Sewing: Income & Expense Report

April Sewing: Income & Expense Report

It’s confession time! Once a month a share my monthly income and expenses for sewing and blogging. The goal is to to be accountable for my spending, and learn to treat my hobby as a business.

April Sewing: Income & Expense Report

April Sewing/Blogging Income

$15.50 etsy sales

$8.00 custom bow

$1.35 affiliate sales

Total =$24.85

Sewing stash (birthday gift) additions!

Awesome novelty fabric

3 half yards- so cute! I’m dying over the cowboy boots. Y’all know how I feel about boots, right?

Hubby bought me my wish list on Pixie Faire (doll patterns) and checked out my Etsy cart, which had 2 patterns from Bonjour Teaspoon.

I also received a fabric gift card, and you’ll see my purchases in the next expense report. It took me a week of hardcore mulling to decide what to buy!

(I’m feeling very loved by my family & friends:)

April Sewing/Blogging Expenses

$37.72 Joann’s – fabric, 6 threads, covered button kit & refill

Plaid & leopard fabric

$1.08 fabric at some hole in the wall place


$123 Quiltworks- fabric for my Hollywood Sewalong Dress, and 1 yard each of the Art Gallery fabrics you see above

$1.00 etsy seller fee

$20 blog expense

$25.76 combined shipping expenses

Total: $208.56


None. I acknowledge that I made poor decisions.

The $37 purchase at JoAnns? I can’t remember what fabric I bought. I’ve looked and looked for it, but still haven’t a clue. If I can’t remember, and I can’t find it, I must not have needed it.

The plaid-cheetah hybrid was in the bargain section of a store. I bought it as a reward to myself for not buying several designer prints. Bella didn’t even like the fabric; so in the stash it will sit. I don’t even think I wanted it; I just wanted something.

I won’t apologize for buying the Art Gallery fabric though. I needed it!

April Makes

Hollywood Sewalong dress (muslin)

Leopard doll jeans

Shortie Nightgown

Snuggly Pet Bed

Go To Signature Dress

Scirocco Dress

(and lots of hemming and mending and random projects that didn’t make the blog:)

Fabric stash

Can I please get some extra credit for cleaning up my fabric cabinets?! My goal this year is to get all my fabric to fit into 2 or 3 cabinets like the one above. Then I can just buy as I need. Right now I have fabric stuffed all my cabinets, above my cabinets, in baskets & bins, and on top of the washer & dryer, and in drawers. It ain’t cute.


I’m $183.71 in the red for April.

Aside from the dress in my precious post, I sewed completely from stash last month. I hope that counts for something, because this report is pretty dismal.

Here are my previous income & expense reports:


Until next time,



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Hello. I'm Amy and I'm addicted to sewing. I borderline-hoard fabric, buttons, & patterns. Sometimes I wish I could pile my fabric up on the floor and just roll in it!


  1. Rachel

    ooooh love that blue art gallery fabric.

  2. Amy of while wearing heels

    Love these posts. But, what I love even more, those beautiful art gallery fabrics…wowza. I can’t wait to see what you make with those. And, I give you credit for organizing your stash!

  3. Mel

    I love the cowboy boots that’s not an expense it’s an investment ;). I would cry if I wrote out all my wasted spending which is why I never would :) the plaid would make a great scarf.

  4. Diana Rambles

    Like I’ve said before, there is NO way I would do an expense report. Of course if I did…I’d call it the RED report!!

  5. thisblogisnotforyou

    I’m loving this series! I should start this, too, just for myself. I’m actually liking the plaid fabric very much, could make a really great mini skirt or jacket. I’m instantly thinking of combining it with some black leather. If Bella doesn’t like it – sew something for yourself ;) x

  6. Pam @Threading My Way

    Love the Art Gallery fabrics, Amy. I’ll give you LOTS of credit for tidying up… $183.71 worth. You just never know when that fabric you can’t find, will come in handy and be the perfect choice for a new project.

  7. Gina

    You are so silly!!! I guess you need to start writing what fabric you bought on your receipt to jog your memory!! I agree and think AGF are a good investment. You picked up some great prints!! Have you considered selling some of the fabric you have that you don’t want? You might think it is too much work but then you would have some money to buy fabric as needed :)


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