Sew Fashionable 05/30/16

Welcome to Sew Fashionable: A weekly showcase of my favorite sewing and fashion posts across the blogosphere.

We spent some time at the lake this weekend, and I’m a day late publishing this post! Summer is my favorite season. Relaxed schedules and lazy weekends just do it for me. It’s hard to keep up with blogging this time of year!

Sew Fashionable: Weekly Series at SewsNBows

Let’s see what everyone was up to last week.


Lori’s maxi dress looks so comfortable.

Meg’s Amber Trousers make me want to dress nice. #Goals

Ajaire out-glamps us all in this jumpsuit.

An off-shoulder top and denim skirt at Very Purple Person

A classic top with bell sleeves at These Days.

I need this Sallie Jumpsuit at Crafting A Rainbow!


Make a narrow knit binding video tutorial from Thread Faction

How to sew a handkerchief hem by Megan Nielson

Sew a proper panty gusset at BraMakers Supply

Tips for working with scallopped lace at Merckwaerdigh


Free sewing pattern from Red Heels: Budapest Panties in multiple sizes.

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Sewing Panty Elastic

I’ve been practicing sewing panty elastic, and I can see lots of improvement!

Improving My Technique: Sewing Panty Elastic

A while back, I slapped together some undies, mostly just to use up fabric scraps. As I was sewing that last batch, I came across this post at Emerald Erin: 3 Ways To Sew Panty Elastic. I decided to slow down and try each technique for my next round. So here’s the more carefully sewn, but not yet perfect set of Scrundlewear panties.

Sewing Panty Elastic (Scrundlewear Pattern)

I made this pair first. I’ve brightened the photos so you can see stitches better. I changed my machine settings to a wider stitch, which looks a little nicer I think. I didn’t get close enough to my picot lace edge though.

Sewing Panty Elastic

For the next pair, I changed my speed settings to reeeaally slow.

Sewing Panty Elastic

I added this cute side seam detail:

Panty Elastic: Side Seam Picot Lace Detail

And I got a lot closer to the edge of the lace, where it just peeks out. Should the zig zag stitches be closer to the edge of the fabric? Because that would be a really WIDE stitch…

Sewing Panty Elastic (leg opening)

Sewing Panty Elastic: joining seams

I’m not satisfied with my elastic joint at the waistband here.

Sewing Panty Elastic

My fold-over elastic joints look awesome though. You can’t even see them, I’m so happy!

Sewing Panty Elastic: Fold Over Elastic

In store bought panties, the stitches aren’t so short. These have tons of stretch, so I’m not sure if it’s wrong. What do you guys think? I still have lots to learn about sewing panty elastic.

Sewing Panty Elastic

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

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Sew Fashionable 05/23/16

Welcome to Sew Fashionable: A weekly showcase of my favorite sewing and fashion posts across the blogosphere.

Child portrait

School’s out! This weekend was the end of school dance hosted by the FFA. My kid danced like nobody was watching, and I loved it. Could my child be any more beautiful? Be still my heart.

Not a lot on the sewing front; I have several WIPs that need binding or hemming. I dislike having multiple projects in progress; time to clear up the sewing queue!

Sew Fashionable: Weekly Series at SewsNBows

Let’s see what everyone was up to last week.


I love this dress from Diary of a Sewing Fanatic, especially paired with a cardigan.

Blogless Anna hacked the Briar Tee and used a cool tool!

You’ll want this cute Wiksten Tank at A Happy Stitch.

Here’s a Nani Iro tank using the new Grainline pattern, by Fancy Tiger Crafts

Anna Zoe made 2 awesome pairs of Hampshire Trousers.

Helena from Gray All Day absolutely wows in her dress.


A couture sewing method from Itch To Stitch: help your garment hang beautifully without rising up.

Head slapper! How to ensure that your thread spool and bobbin thread run out at the same time.

Read about a Supreme Court case that could potentially change copyright laws for fashion design in the U.S.


The new open back pullover pattern from GreenStyle.

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Neopolitan Tank with Floral Trim | New Look 6285

I sewed a tank with ice cream colored stripes and vintage floral trim!

New Look 6285 in neutral stripes with vintage floral trim

This neopolitan tank is a redo. I read that size chart for New Look 6285 was waaaayy off when I made the first tank, so I sized down each time. For my second attempt I needed to do a full bust adjustment and I would’ve had the perfect tank.

But I didn’t end up with a perfect tank, due to laziness and cheap fabric. Mostly laziness, because I didn’t do a real FBA. More about that in a minute…

Sewing a yoked tank with vintage floral trim

I decided to use the yoked version of New Look 6285, and use some of my grandmas vintage lace stash to decorate the front. The plan was a line of crochet flowers across the seam. All was good in the world, until this:

Vintage Floral Crochet Trim

Do you see the little hole underneath the two flowers? I think it was from a pin. I used Wonder Clips* after that!  Anyhow, I only had four flowers left so I had to improvise placement.

Vintage floral crochet trim

So I ended up with this asymetrical boob thing. Which is okaaayyyy, but I liked it better before the hole. I didn’t stitch all the way around the flowers, I’m hoping they’ll stick out in a few places after I wash it.  Or is that weird?

Neopolitan Tank with Vintage Floral Trim | New Look 6285

^Sucking in as hard as I can^

While your eyes are burning from the bang-up stripe matching job, let me get back to my botched full bust adjustment. I simply sized up a bit on top and raised the armcye. I didn’t even retrace the pattern, I just laid it down and cut it where I imagined it needed to be cut. In my defense, that method works fairly often!

New Look 6285 with vintage floral trim

You can see drag lines in almost every photo.  The bust really isn’t big enough, and the armcye was a disaster. It was side-boob city. I salvaged that by using elastic lace for the arm openings, and pulling it pretty tightly across the bottom. That was a suggestion I got from a friend via email, and it helped a ton.

New Look 6285

It’ll do, but it’s not my best work. As we improve our sewing skills we get more persnickety about the fit and details of garments. I sort of miss not knowing better, sometimes.

New Look 6285

Are you hyper-critical of your work? Has sewing affected your shopping? I’ve barely made any RTW purchases in the last year because I can see all the mechanical flaws. And fit- I see fit issues that I don’t even know how to correct yet. Feel free to weigh in!

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Sew Fashionable 05/16/16

Welcome to Sew Fashionable: A weekly showcase of my favorite sewing and fashion posts across the blogosphere.

Last week I played with vintage lace and made a new tank I’m not quite in love with. I’ll show you soon. (There will be complaining.)

I’ve got a Hey June* pattern inte queue, I’m just waiting for my order from My Fabric Designs.

This is our last week of school too! I’ll be teaching a weekly sewing class during the summer, so I’m working on a student supply list. Lots of things going on around here!

Sew Fashionable: Weekly Series at SewsNBows

Let’s see what everyone was up to last week.


This shirtdress at SewManju

A Sally Jumpsuit at Blackberry Jamble

Lori’s lace kimono

Jenny’s plaid Granville

Shirley’s jean shorts

This dress at The Last Stitch


Sew panty elastic 3 ways by Emerald Erin

Reduce bulk when sewing lingerie by Madalynne

How To Install A Button Fly by Heather


The Santa Fe Top* from Hey June Patterns

Corset patterns at Scarlette’s Corsetry*

Have a great week!

*This post contains affiliate links.

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