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3 Things To Know When Pouring Slab: Home Building

Eeek!! This fall we’ll be moving into our new house! I’m going to share all the things I’m learning as we go. Today I’m sharing 3 things to know when pouring slab. Be sure to read my tips for deciding Where To Build A New Home On An Acreage! So we’ve poured our concrete and have our framing, windows, doors, and roof up. I’m a little behind on sharing the building process! Check out my Instagram for current progress. Here are some things I learned and what I wish I knew when we were pouring slab. Pouring Slab For Your New...

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Where To Build A New Home On An Acreage

I’m back with exciting news… We’re going to build a new home! We live on 16 acres of land, some of it forested. It took me forever to decide where I wanted to put the house. (What a lucky problem to have!) If you’re shopping for land to build a house, or have an acreage and want to build; I can help you. Here are some things to consider when choosing a location to build a new home. Visablity Do you want your near the entrance, or further back? That’s a personal choice, and purely aesthetic. Depending on the size and landscape of...

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DIY Fizzy Bath Soak Recipe

Here’s a fun gift or a quick pick-me-up: DIY fizzy bath soak! Relax and enjoy this easy recipe. The best part is, your fizzy bath soak looks great and can provide inexpensive bathroom decor. Ingredients:  1 cup baking soda 1/2 cup citric acid 1/2 cup epsom salt 1 tsp water 2 tsp essential oil 3 tsp olive oil food coloring   Hint: Coordinate your scents and colors for a pleasing effect. We used a calming sea blue color with fresh linen scented essential oil for a spa-like effect. Combine your dry ingredients into a large bowl. Mix your wet ingredients...

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Custom Hair Bows: Are They Worth The Price?

Are custom hair bows worth the price tag? For some of you, the answer will be a resounding yes! Personally, I learned how to make bows because the prices made me cringe. I try to stock less expensive options in my shop, as well as taking custom hair bow orders. Occasionally I write tutorials here on the blog, for my friends who prefer to just make bows themselves. Today I’m showing off some recent custom hair bows, and talking about price differences in custom versus RTS (ready to ship) hair bows. Custom hair bows are made by me, upon your request. They are...

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New Hair Bows in the shop!

Whoa, it’s been a while! Hello friends! Here are a few new hair bows in the shop. This one is my favorite! The looper ribbon says, “I wake up fabulous”. It’s a 5″ bow with your choice of clip or barrette. Personally, I wake up like a dump truck; but if you got it, flaunt it! This 6″ hair bow is perfect fall hunting season and holidays. Gold and glitter for the win! Check out the felt deer nestled on top. The black ribbon has deer embossed in gold. It fastens with a French barrette. This 5″ panda bow...

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