The Best Synthetic Dye For Lingerie Elastics

The Best Synthetic Dye For Lingerie Elastics

Have you tried dying your own elastics for lingerie sewing? Are you wondering what’s the best synthetic dye to use? I tried 2 popular brands to compare results. This post is not sponsored by either brand, all opinions are my own. Read on!

Synthetic Fabric Dye Comparison

Let’s take a look at each brand, and see which is the best synthetic dye.

What's the best synthetic fabric dye?

iDye Poly

From the Jacquard Products site:

“iDye Poly is for synthetic fibers such as polyester and nylon. It even works on some plastics—buttons, frisbee discs, 3D printed objects, dolls and more! The dye comes in a dissolvable packet, so there are never any messy powders to handle: simply drop the packet in a pot of water, add your fabric and bring to a boil! iDye Poly may also be used for sublimation printing techniques and to dye the polyester threads that are used to sew commercially manufactured garments.”

  • Price range is from $3-$7 dollars, depending where you shop.


  • There are 16 synthetic dye colors to choose from.


  • iDye Poly comes in a lightweight cardboard container, and includes a liquid and a powder. You heat water on the stove and add the ingredients. There aren’t comprehensive instructions, other than how long to “cook” and what temperature. I wasn’t sure when the color intensifier was supposed to be added. There is a forum but I didn’t look at it until I began writing this post. I also didn’t know the packet was dissolvable. Oops.


  • One packet will dye 2-3 pounds of fabric.



Comparing Synthetic Dyes

Rit’s DyeMore

From the Rit Studios site:

“We’ve developed a new dye, Rit DyeMore, that dyes synthetics. This means polyester, polyester blends, acetate and acrylic are now all dyeable with Rit. And while nylon has always been a material Rit could dye, it dyes to even richer shades with DyeMore.”

  • Price range is from $5-$8 dollars.


  • There are currently 12 synthetic dye colors to choose from.


  • Rit’s DyeMore formula comes in a plastic container. It’s a thick liquid. You add it to water and “cook” your project. There are thorough instructions, although it’s pretty easy. (Pour the dye into to the water, use more or less for different results.)


  • One bottle of Rit will dye up to 2 lbs of fabric.


What’s The Best Synthetic Dye For Lingerie Elastics?

What's the best synthetic dye for lingerie elastics?

The price range is comparable for each brand of synthetic dye. I used the colors shown in the product images- turquoise iDye Poly and super pink Rit. I used the entire packet of turquoise in a smaller pan, and a few teaspoons of Rit dye in a larger pot. The results aren’t scientific, obviously, but the iDye Poly was used in a much more concentrated dose.

In each pot of dye, I colored a set of bra straps, hook and eye, underwire casing, and decorative elastic. (Enough for one bra each color.) In both brands, the hook and eye and casing took longer to absorb the dye.

What's the best synthetic dye for lingerie sewing?

I found the Rit easier to use and had better instructions. The iDye Poly had almost no instructions, and an extra step adding the liquid packet. (I’m referring to instructions on/in the package, not website content.)

Synthetic Dye Comparison: Rit DyeMore vs. iDye Poly

The Rit Dye also had a brighter, even color with no splotches. I wish I took better pictures, but the turquoise had lighter and darker spots. This could be due to using a smaller pot or improper use. If I’ll barely crack a cookbook to make dinner, it’s doubtful I’ll be doing much online research to cook bras. So even if I did it wrong, I still like Rit better.

The Rit dye came out a deep fucshia; very close to the color on the bottle. The iDye Poly “turquoise” is nowhere near torquoise…but more of a light blue. The package shows a brighter blue that isn’t turquoise either.

The iDye Poly is only good for one use because it has a dissolvable packet. Rit’s plastic bottle good is for many uses and stores easily. I only used a very small amount of Rit. I’ll probably never dye several pounds of fabric, so that makes Rit a better price for me.

Rit DyeMore is the best synthetic dye across the board. Share this post to spread the word:)

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    Great post!! I was always wondering how to dye elastic. Now I feel confident!! Thanks for submitting this post to DIY Crush! I just published it.

  2. rachel

    Good to know! I’ve wondered if RIT was really the best option.

  3. Angela

    Awesome info. Dye is such mystery to me so this is very helpful. The RIT sounds like a winner to me too.
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