Betty Skirt Pattern from Shaffer Sisters

Betty Skirt Pattern from Shaffer Sisters

Betty Skirt | SewsNBows

I’ve recently had the pleasure of testing the very first pattern release from Shaffer Sisters: The Betty skirt!

Betty Skirt Pattern Variations

This skirt has a 16 pleat option, an 8 pleat option, and a gathered skirt with with or without a button placket. The size range is 3 to 10. It’s a high waisted skirt pattern with modest length.

Betty Skirt | SewsNBows

The gathered skirt with button placket really sang to me. The Betty Skirt pattern calls for a woven cotton, but y’all know how I am. I always have to push the limits a little; and I chose a medium weight denim.

Betty Skirt | Tween Sized Sewing Pattern

I like that the heavier fabric has some structure to it. The longer skirt yoke is very kid friendly. It won’t blow up in the winter wind and show hiney!

Betty Skirt pattern for tweens

I didn’t have any trouble with denim at all, and now I’m dreaming of another skirt in corduroy!

Betty Skirt in denim with oversized mother of pearl buttons

I used the biggest buttons I had in stash. They are mother of pearl, and they really stand out. I almost went with a smaller button and piping along the placket, but decided to wait until spring when I use a lightweight fabric.

Betty Skirt pattern, sewn by SewsNBows

My Betty skirt is being modeled by Isabelle, my white monkey. When I have a hankering to sew girly stuff, she has been my go to girl. You can also see her modeling the Gatsby Dress.

Tween sized Betty Skirt | SewsNBows

Styling credit for this photo shoot belongs to lovely Isabelle.
She chose long, mismatching socks, paired with a bright T-shirt and colorful bracelets. Oh, and the infamous Mohawk hat!

Isabelle & my daughter styled an entire tween fashion photo-shoot a couple months ago.

Shaffer Sisters Betty Skirt pattern

What fabrics and buttons would you choose for this skirt? You can stop by Shaffer Sisters to see the other tester photos or purchase your copy of this pattern!

This skirt is featured at Nap-Time Creations, BeBetsy, Threading My Way, & Claire Justine xoxo!

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  1. Linda Steaples

    Congrats on your big Win !!!!! Happy Mother’s Day!!!!!!!

  2. Claire

    Great skirt Amy, perfect in denim :) great pictures too :) thanks for linking up to Creative Mondays…

    • Claire

      Hi Amy, thanks again for linking up, featuring your post this week at the hop :)

  3. RobyGiup

    The choice of denim was really a good idea! Lovely skirt… and lovely socks!!! :D

  4. thisblogisnotforyou

    This skirt is adorable! (Very neat sewing! :) ) And the styling is great, of course :)

  5. Jennifer Lachman

    I think you have a stylist in the making. I love the skirt (and socks and hat).

  6. Amy of while wearing heels

    Oh my goodness. Your models make me smile. Before long, you’ll be doing casting calls everyone is going to want to model for you. Love how she styled her look. Oh to be that confident and fearless. Love it. The skirt and buttons are perfect.

  7. Mel

    Those sisters are a talented bunch your skirt is so cute but your model is gorgeous!

  8. Rachel

    I’m kind of in love with how she styled it :) It gives the skirt a whole new feel. I think your button choice is right on, and it would be great in a cord!

  9. Pam @Threading My Way

    The denim and big pearl buttons are perfect for this style of skirt… LOVE it!!! I do like the long yoke, both on young girls and young ladies.

  10. Gina

    so cute!!! love the denim and big buttons! i think i would make it with denim too and a corduroy one would be perfect for fall or even spring :)

  11. Ajaire

    I love those big buttons! They are perfect with the denim. And yes I can’t follow instructions either. Mine used denim too :)


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