Bitty Twin Boy Outfit

Bitty Twin Boy Outfit

By Amy Mayen

I know. You’ve already seen me do a Bitty Twin boy outfit– using the exact same pattern! But sometimes I write these “sew & show” posts just for an excuse to hear myself talk.

Another outgrown tshirt upcycle

I’ve had a productive week! I interviewed over at This Blog Is Not For You, and if you read it; you already got a sneak peek of this outfit and a run down of what I’ve been up to.

You might also know that I really struggle sewing with knits. See the photo below…proof of my incompetence with stretchy fabric. I truly believe that if fabric had personalities, knits would be pompous, arrogant, and foul mannered. And unruly. I like saying unruly.

But this week I defeated my foe. I cannot wait to show you my pattern test for Sew Much Ado’s Skipper Top. (I made 2!) You would think I won an Olympic gold medal; that’s how victorious I feel.
If t-shirts were people, they would’ve been begging me for mercy. I’ve never made knits behave so well.

I went through my patterns, (now that I kicked knit’s ass)…it’s like a whole new world is opened up for me. I have a whole pile of things I want to sew up.

And now, I’ve written a whole post about sewing knits while showing photos of a completely different project. Oops, my mental imbalance is showing; sorry bout’ that!

This project is featured at ClaireJustineOxOx!

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Amy Mayen

Hello. I'm Amy and I'm addicted to sewing. I borderline-hoard fabric, buttons, & patterns. Sometimes I wish I could pile my fabric up on the floor and just roll in it!


  1. Angel

    Hi Amy
    Adorable. I’ve never able to make doll cloths. I’ve tried but it always looks like I’m dressing an alien.
    Thanks for sharing with us today at our Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop.
    So glad to have you party with us.
    Angel @

  2. ingrid@nowathomemom

    you are so cute and funny! hey I would feel as if I would’ve won a gold olympic medal too! :-) glad you are doing better! :-) he’s super cute (the doll) :-)

  3. bettyl

    Those are wonderful creations! I love your little ‘model’!

  4. Diana Rambles

    Love the shorts! So cute! I broke down….we are going to the AG store this week! OY!

  5. Mel

    You make me laugh! The doll outfit is sweet but you’re hilarious

    • clairejustineoxox

      Featuring and pinning your post at Creative Mondays Amy :) Thanks for linking up..

  6. rea

    your posts always crack me up amy!! haha! that bitty twin boy looks well put together and is ready for some party!

  7. Amy of while wearing heels

    I love the personality you gave to knits. You crack me up. That last outfit, though, yeah, you really did kick knits a$$ because it looks awesome.

  8. Lisa Nelson

    Awesome on the knits! Congratulations! You have accomplished something many of people cannot. I cannot work with knits. It’s like working with PUL. I get so darn mad. It’s like – ugh. Somebody else should do this. I will stick with my wovens – thank you very much!

    Awesome mama! You are a star!

  9. thisblogisnotforyou

    :):) You always make me laugh, Amy! Love the doll outfits and can’t wait to see what you did with the knits!

  10. Gina

    Your Bitty twins are the best dressed in OK!! They are so good at posing, holding crayons, etc. can’t wait to see your pattern test…conquering knits is still on my list :)


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