Cruise Chino Shorts + Blaverry Discount Code

Cruise Chino Shorts + Blaverry Discount  Code

We love the Cruise Chino Shorts from the 2014 Nautical Collection at Blaverry. After my tween summer shorts patterns post, several of you asked about Blaverry patterns- so here’s my answer!

(Scroll the the bottom for a discount code on Cruise Chino Shorts!)

Cruise Chino Shorts | Blaverry sewing patterns

I’m really proud of these shorts. I made a list of sewing skills I wanted to learn last year in my Tween Sewing Survival Guide. A zip fly was the only thing I hadn’t conquered.

Blaverry | Cruise Chino Shorts pattern

I know, I’m being a peacock; but this, my friends, is a zip fly that I made. Me! See, zip flys have defeated on all counts. I’ve tried commercial patterns, I’ve tried blog tutorials…it’s just something that hasn’t “clicked” in my brain yet.

Girls Chino Shorts from Blaverry | SewsNBows

(I’m not the only peacock. Someone is dying to show off her new accessory.)


I’d say this pattern is advanced beginner or maybe intermediate. I confessed to Blaverry designer, Christie;  that this pattern is more complex than the clothing I normally sew. She gave me lots of guidance, which made me feel more confident.

Here’s what she told me.

“I do recommend high quality fabrics and patience with creating these shorts. The shorts are more involved than your basic pattern. It is very much a commercial style pattern, even down to the zipper fly’s construction. Even though it may take more time to make than a basic quick sew pattern, the end results are well worth all of the effort that goes into them. And all the wear your little one will get will justify the little bit extra you might spend on a higher end fabric.”

2014 Nautical Collection | Blaverry sewing patterns

I’d say that was a dead accurate description. I went into this project with the mindset that I was going to take my time and do it right. I’ll need to use this pattern a couple more times before I’m really comfortable with zipper flys. I’m still at the point where I have to read the instructions a couple times.

I want to tell you that tutorial was well written and step by step. I find that some of the higher skill level patterns assume you know how to do everything or have missing instructions- not the case here. Even though I still struggled with parts of it, it’s my lack of experience that gave me pause.

Cruise Chino Shorts pattern by Blaverry | SewsNBows

I wasn’t worried about the welt pocket at all. Puhlease. I’ve made welt pockets in doll clothes. This is what Christie told me about the pocket construction.

“The welt pocket will be the most challenging part of the pattern. If a welt pocket is new to you I recommend you search some videos on line and watch. Then just take your time when making them. Best tip is to be sure not to make the darts too long. The top of the welt should go right to the end of the dart.”

Another pearl of wisdom. It turns out doll welt pockets are different than people pockets. This is because people are real, and dolls are not. People tend to put things in their pockets; which is why there is a pocket lining. So I was cocky and thought I really knew what I was doing, but inserting the lining threw me off . There’s a fold thing in there that caught me off guard. I didn’t get them quite right, but those fully functional welts back there.

Girls Chino Shorts from Blaverry

Blaverry Cruise Chino Shorts

Professionally Drafted: These shorts fit perfectly everywhere. The back hem has a slight downward curve, which keeps them the same length in front and back. No riding up! There are also belt loops, not shown in my version.

Print Options: You can print full scale for print shops, or tile the pieces & tape them together. Not scary random tiling, it’s just like putting together any PDF. The print shop option is really nice for European clients.

Customer Service: Impeccable. Seriously. I was a BUGABOO.

Value: At $14.95, Blaverry PDFs are higher than I normally spend. I think it’s a justifiable purchase, especially for a staple pattern like the Cruise Chino Shorts. It’s kind of steak…and Blaverry is a filet mignon.

Wearability: My kid wears these ALL. THE. TIME. I always feel like I should get an award when I make something she likes, because she’s so picky. Bella wants functional, high fashion and she isn’t into the frilly boutique style outfits that I love sewing. The design aesthetic is very tween friendly, and definitely creates clothing that you’d see in Delia’s, Justice, and Crew Cuts lines.

Cruise Chino Shorts pattern from Blaverry

Soon I’ll be showing you the Star Knit Top, which is a cute boatneck top with 3/4 sleeves. I’m also keen to sew the Knotlin Nautical Dress. Which is your favorite Blaverry pattern? I’d love to see your creations; so grab one this month!

Through July 31st, use code CHINO12 to save $2.95 off the regular purchase price on Cruise Chino Shorts.


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  1. Amy of while wearing heels

    Those are adorable. You mastered the zip fly! Now what, world domination :)

    And, you make those pockets look so easy. I’m super impressed, as usual.
    Amy of while wearing heels recently posted…Be Back SoonMy Profile

  2. Cindy

    The shorts look great, Amy! And the print you used is a fun one.:)
    Cindy recently posted…Breeze Top TourMy Profile

  3. Jenya

    What? Dolls aren’t real? You just broke my heart! Sorry could not resist ;) On a serious note – great shorts! Congrats Amy! The fly looks awesome!

  4. Mel

    Well done peacock shake your your tail feathers they look gorgeous.
    Mel recently posted…WYPWMy Profile

  5. gina

    cute shorts!! Does the pattern have the option of a slim fit or adjustable waist? I was going to look back at your tween pick patterns as i am in search of a boatneck #/4″ sleeved tee so i can’t wait for your upcoming review!! yay for conquering the zip fly and crossing it off of your learn to do list!


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