Boho T-Shirt Refashion | Tutorial

Boho T-Shirt Refashion | Tutorial

This sewing tutorial is for an easy boho top refashion. It takes less than an hour, including seam ripping! We will be opening the side seams and adding a triangle of fabric there. This will give you a looser fitting, flowy top. It’s a trendy way to update your wardrobe.

Easy Boho T-shirt Refashion (sewing tutorial)

Boho T-Shirt Refashion

Boho T-shirt Refashion | Sewing Tutorial

First we start by seam ripping. Sigh. Nobody likes seam ripping, but we gotta do it. I kept my shirt in my bag and worked on it while waiting to pick up my daughter from school. Seam rip your bottom hem and remove all the thread, as shown above.

Easy Boho T-shirt Refashion Sewing Tutorial

Now seam rip the side seams, all the way up to the armpit where the sleeve starts. Don’t rip into your sleeve seam.

Refashioned top- shoulder detail

Choose coordinating fabric for your triangle inserts. You can use a knit (stretchy) or woven (not stretchy) but it needs to be soft and drapey. The wrong fabric will make your top bulky and gross. I used peach skin fabric from Girl Charlee, which is light and flowy but easy to work with. Doesn’t it match the shoulder details perfectly?!

Easy Boho T-shirt Refashion (sewing tutorial)

Cut your fabric triangles to match the top. Measure your shirts side seam and add 5″ to get the triangle length. The width can be as wide or narrow as you like. For reference, my fabric was cut about 8″ across the bottom. I free-handed mine and ended up with a rounded triangle…don’t do that:) Measure it out and make a template for a really clean cut.

Boho T-shirt Refashion Tutorial

Pin your insert fabric and the side seam of your top, right sides together. Begin with a back-stitch in the armpit seam, then sew a straight line down to the hem. (You’ll have extra fabric on bottom.)

Boho T-shirt Refashion Tutorial

Carefully match your starting point to sew the next seam. Position your needle right where you back stitched before.

Boho T-shirt Refashion Tutorial

Cut your excess fabric into a v-shape to create a handkerchief style hem. Press and stitch. VoilĂ !

Boho T-shirt Refashion Tutorial

I’ve been getting creative with my wardrobe since I started my winter fluffing. It’s an epic battle to pull my jeans on every morning. At least I have some tops that don’t choke me:) Now you can make your own boho t-shirt refashion too!

Boho T-shirt Refashion Tutorial

I hope you’re all having a great Christmas season. We have done some painting inside, hung lights, and the tree is gorgeous. I’m so excited for our first Christmas in this house! I’m hoping to get all my siblings under one roof this year. That’s my wish, what’s yours?

Boho T-shirt Refashion Tutorial

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  1. Monique wagner

    Thank you so much for sharing!!! I love, love this! I’ve been looking at my clothes with a big question mark. Where do I start … So here it goes! Thanks, Monique

  2. Rachel mandoka

    I hustle found this, going to try. Love the idea.

  3. Shirley

    Brilliant idea. I also love the splash of color this gives to the t-shirt!

  4. Angela

    I’m wishing I could be as cool as you. ;-) I really do love this top. I made myself a tee from a lightweight rayon knit and it doesn’t have enough stretch to fit right. I’m going to go through the stash and find something to do this with. It’ll be awesome then. And next time I make a tee from scratch, I’m going to try some kind of shoulder detail like yours has. That’s pretty cool too. Wishing you the merriest Christmas in your new home!
    Angela recently posted…Sew the Show: 6 Degrees of SeparationMy Profile


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