Bra Kit from Bra-Makers Supply

Bra Kit from Bra-Makers Supply

Wanna check out a bra kit from Bra-Makers Supply? Come see! 

What to expect in a bra kit from Bra-Makers Supply

So I wanna make my own jumbo sized bras instead of cramming myself into store-bought. I ordered my first bra making kit since I didn’t know exactly what I needed to buy. The online bra making community suggests this is the way to go for beginners, so you get the right fabric and notions with no guesswork. I thought you might like to see my bra kit from Bra-Makers Supply.

Patterns and bra kit from Bra-Makers Supply

I ordered 2 patterns,  a large findings kit,  and a foam cup fabric pack. Underwires need to be purchased separately, and the foam cup kit does not include moulded bra cups.

I did not see any moulded cups over a D cup, so I didn’t order them. I murdered a bra and stole underwires so I didn’t buy those either. After I ored red the kit, I got an email from the shop that they do have my size cups, but I was looking in the wrong place. So email first if you can’t find something, and they will help you!

Foam Cup Pack- bra kit from Bra Makers Supply

Foam Cup Pack: Again, doesn’t actually include any foam. It has everything to sew your bra cups. You’ll find Duoplex for the bra frame and the straps, Venice stretch fabric for the cup cover and power net for the back band. To be honest, I wasn’t sure what was which as a newbie.  In my haste to sew a bra I cut the wrong fabric. The lesson is…don’t do that.

Findings Kit: Bra Kits from Bra-Makers Supply

This is the findings kit. You will order a small or large kit depending on size. (Larger sizes require a bit more elastic and trims.) The findings kit includes the bottom, top and strap elastics, neckline trim, channeling, hooks & eyes and strap adjusters.

Findings Kit from Bra-Makers Supply

Here’s a closer look at the hook and eyes, rings and sliders for the straps. It even has a cute little bow. It’s important to note that the kit is designed for Pin-Up Girls bra patterns. Since I ruined my fabric, I decided to make the Watson Bra. The straps for this kit were not long enough for that pattern, so I murdered yet another bra. Luckily; between myself and my sister in law, we have a vast collection of retired bras.

Pin-Up Girls Bra Pattern

I ordered the Classic Bra and Alyssa & Amanda bra pattern. Above is the Amanda & Alyssa bra pattern which requires moulded cups. I ended up ordering bra cups from Licorice & Cream in Australia, (a lot cheaper, too.) I’ll be making this bra once I find more elastics. When you start making bras it’s frustrating and a little bit of an investment. Feels like I never have peanut butter and  jelly at the same time. After making them a while you develop a stash and it’s not so crazy. I plan to buy bulk elastics in white, and dye them.

A look at Pinup Girls bra patterns

The patterns both look very nice. They are printed on heavy, bright white paper. Each size has its own piece for easy tracing. And the instructions seem fairly simple, with nice illustrations.

The Amanda & Alyssa bra pattern has a really broad size range. It has my 34F (pretty far from 38D, huh?!) and a 34 G and 30H for my SIL. It has the frame, band, and straps but you use moulded cups, or draft and sew your own foam. I’d like to make my own foam cups, eventually.

Be sure to measure yourself before you order, and don’t be surprised if your cup size is a lot bigger than you thought. I thought I was a 38D, so I ordered the Classic Bra pattern in the wrong size range. I’m going to keep it for my daughter, but I can’t use it. Here’s a link for the proper way to measure yourself for a bra. Do not trust the bra size you currently wear, or any store who has measured you. Measure yourself.

Several of you showed interest in bra making so I thought I’d share my experience so far.  I still haven’t taken pictures of my Watson bra. It seems like this week has zipped by. My sewing room is currently wrecked, I’m still working on a women’s romper that might not turn out. So the mojo has vanished mid-sew. I’ll be back soon with a finished project though!


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  1. Justine

    Thank you for the tour! I’m curious about bra making and wasn’t sure what was included in a kit. I’m going to measure myself again. Have fun!

  2. Sue @ A Colourful Canvas

    I have taken Beverly Johnson’s first craftsy course and I feel I have enough knowledge to give making my own bra a go. However, I’ve read so many blog posts about bras not fitting that well, even when they have ordered the ‘right’ size….the cups sit too narrow, or too high etc., so I’ve just become paralyzed on getting started with my own. I haven’t even narrowed down the pattern I want to try first, although I have been leaning towards the Shelley Bra. Anyways, I’m looking forward to following your bra making adventures. Hopefully you will get me motivated to get started!
    Sue @ A Colourful Canvas recently posted…MY POLKA DOT CLARE COAT : : CLOSET CASE FILESMy Profile


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