Bra Making Supplies From Porcelynne

Bra Making Supplies From Porcelynne

I’ve been meaning to show you my big shopping haul: bra making supplies from Porcelynne.

Porcelynne: Where To Shop For Bra Making Supplies

Its frustrating trying to source everything for bra making. As a newbie who’s killing bras every week, I’m also budget conscience. I found this shop a few weeks ago and I’m really impressed with prices and quality. The owner, Jennifer; is a designer and teacher with an awesome resume. Her customer service is sooo good, too. I know because I emailed about a dozen times before I ordered. Not only did I get the help I needed, but the response was fast.

Bra Making Supplies From Porcelynne

  • The shop stocks bra fabric, tools, dye, notions and bra findings, corset supplies, rivets, studs, lace, elastic, books, classes, patterns, and more.
  • Porcelynne has a free pattern for a basic bra, size 30A – 40F.
  • There are several PDF pattern downloads available for purchase, including bras with larger cup sizes up to J. See all patterns here.
  • The patterns correspond with Jennifer’s books, and do not include instructions. (I want the books!)
  • There’s no minimum order amount, so you can order findings for one bra or buy in bulk.
  • Your order is signed off on 3 times; when it’s pulled, checked, and shipped.


Buying Bra Making Supplies at Porcelynne

I got all of this for less than $200. Boom.

This is what I ordered. There was more, but I’ve got into it quite a bit already. I bought lots of strapping, lace, and bra hooks in white. I can dye them to match whatever I’m working on.

My total price for everything was $230.49. Shipping was estimated at $32, but it ended up quite a bit less. I was promptly refunded the difference.

Here are some of the supplies I bought.

Strap elastic purchased at Porcelynne

Strap elastic and decorative stretch lace.

Plush lingerie elastic from Porcelynne

The wider strapping costs between $4.50- $5.50 for 5 yards. The 5/8″ strapping was $2.50 for 5 yards. They were all the really nice plush kind, and dye wonderfully. The decorative elastics were $1.50 for 5 yards.

Decorative lingerie elastic

I got some elastic in bulk…

Buy White Lingerie Elastic In Bulk, & Dye It For Your Projects

The large roll on the left is imperfect. There’s a small tear about every yard or so. It cost $12. The roll on the right has some slight discoloration. It’s perfect for dying, and it costed $9. The product listings had descriptions of the flaws, and I was happy to buy a lifetime supply at pennies on the dollar.

Underwires for bra making

Underwires, $15 for 10 pairs. (I like the label on the baggie:) These are strong, metal underwires with coated tips.

Bra making supplies, rings and sliders

These gold rings and sliders were $8.50 for 10 pairs. The black metal rings and and sliders were $2.50 (5/8″) and $2.25 (1/2″) for sets of 10.

Sheer center lingerie elastic

Some cool lingerie elastic with a sheer center- 5 yards for $1.75

Lingerie supplies: stretch piping

I didn’t know stretch piping existed; but here it is for $1.50 per 5 yards.

Bra Making Supplies: Hook and Eyes

I bought hook and eyes with 3 rows for $5 per set of 5, or a dollar each. They take dye well, but it takes longer to absorb color than the straps and picot elastic.

Bra Making Supplies: Underwire channeling

5 yards of plush underwire channeling for $9. I don’t know much about casing, but the inside fabric is super strong, and the outside is super soft.

Sewing Supplies: hip curve and pattern hooks

And some tools that aren’t really bra related; but I needed some pattern hooks and a hip curve!

Not shown but included in total cost: a yard each of black and white power mesh, $9.75 per yard. Some synthetic dye, some waistband type elastics for casings, and 2 PDF bra patterns.

Bra making supplies from Porcelynne ship fast from southern California. Check it out!

P.S. I’d love to see if any of you more experienced bra makers have used any of Jennifer’s patterns. There are a couple patterns that I see over and over online… I don’t like one and can’t fit the other. So the pattern I linked above may be my next bra-make. I’ll have to wait until the mood strikes:)

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  1. Sue @ A Colourful Canvas

    WOO HOO! This is quite a haul, and a lot of product that I haven’t seen elsewhere. Off I go to check out her website!


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