Best School Uniform Sewing Patterns

The Best PDF Patterns for Sewing School Uniforms

Looking for school uniform sewing patterns? Ain’t nobody got time for that! I’ve got it all the patterns you need for back to school; here in one handy list. This my updated list (originally published at Serger Pepper.)

School Uniform Sewing Patterns| Best Patterns For Back To School


My top 3 picks for shirts should keep your littles well dressed all school year.


Stellars Vest from Elegance & Elephants

Stellar's Vest & Dress pattern from E&E |School Uniform Sewing Patterns

Sleeveless v-neck vest with banded arm holes. Perfect to throw over a polo or button up top. Goes up to size 10.


Prepster Pullover by Blank Slate Patterns

Prepster Pullover by Blank Slate Patterns | School Uniform Sewing Patterns

Mandarin collar with button placket, back yoke, and short or long sleeves. Includes sleeve tab and pocket options. Up to size 8.


Classic Polo by PeekABoo Patterns

Classic Polo from Peekaboo Patterns | School Uniform Sewing Patterns

Long or short sleeved polo with collar & button placket. Unisex and easily customizable.


These patterns will give you the most variation for your money, while staying within the dress code.



Classic Chinos by Peekaboo Patterns


Classic Chinos | School Uniform Sewing Patterns

The perfect khaki pants pattern for school uniforms. Also includes shorts length chinos. Up to size 12.


Beach Bum Bermudas by Peekaboo Patterns

Bermuda Shorts by Peekaboo Patterns | School Uniform Sewing Patterns

A more casual alternative to chino shorts. Up to size 8.


Lottie Skirt by Brownie Goose

Lottie Skirt by Brownie Goose| School Uniform Sewing Patterns

A fitted waistband with button or hook and eye closure, gathered skirt or box pleats, and professional 3″ hem. Up to size 14.


Layering Patterns

These patterns will help transition your school uniform wardrobe in between seasons.


Basic Leggings by Serger Pepper

Basic Leggings pattern from Serger Pepper | School Uniform Sewing Patterns for Back To School

Leggings to keep legs warm under skirts or shorts.


V-neck cardigan by PeekABoo Patterns, 3 mos-12 years

V-neck Cardigan pattern from Peekaboo Patterns| School Uniform Sewing Patterns

Button up cardigan with banded sleeves and waistband.



Patterns you need for gym class to the lunch room.


Buccaneer BBall Shorts from Patterns for Pirates

Buccaneer BBall Shorts from Patterns For Pirates | Best PDF Patterns for Back To School

Basketball style shorts with curved or straight legs, panel piping or stripes, and faux or working drawstring waistband. These will look great in gym class!


Backpack for Toddlers by Filles a Maman

Backpack For Toddlers pattern, Filles a Maman

For smaller kids, this backpack is perfect for back to school! Pattern includes 2 versions.


Love Your Lunchbox from Gingercake

Love Your Lunchbox pattern from Gingercake | Best Back To School Sewing Patterns

Handy lunchbox pattern with bonus snack pouch.

These are my picks for school uniform sewing patterns. If you want to get a head start on fall and winter wardrobe planning, check out this free printable checklist from Gracious Threads.

To purchase  school uniforms, The Childrens Place is your best bet. They have a good size range and lots of colors available. Click the button below to shop my affiliate:)

Hope this helps you get geared up to sew. You might like some of my sewing boards on Pinterest. That’s where I pin all the things I want to sew…but never get around to making. Sigh…

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Thoughts: Going Back To Work & My Big Revelation

Thoughts On Going Back To Work: From a WAHM

I’ve had some heavy thoughts on my mind lately. Thoughts on going back to work, blogging, and purpose. I had a big revelation; but let me start at the beginning.

Thoughts On Going Back To Work: From a WAHM

In 2009, I left my career in insurance to run our construction business. I spent the next 2 years learning the ins and outs of an S-Corp. Tax forms, payroll, learning Quickbooks. I took classes and studied. The basic idea in any business is to get the paperwork and money where it needs to go before something bad happens.

Fast forward to 2011. My daughter is in school all day. What used to be a full time job is now second nature; and I have free time on my hands for the first time since I had a baby. I didn’t know what to do. 

So I joined the neighborhood association and the PTA. I helped coach soccer teams. I learned to write grants, the ugliness of politics, and to see the beauty in people. It was another stepping stone, all meant to prepare me for something. 

Twin OTT Hair Bows | SewsNBows

I started a bow business and had a few boutiques carrying my hair accessories. (Okay, one of them was a gas station…)

I wanted to start a blog and sell online. I have a fashion design degree, but hadn’t touched a sewing machine since college. I had a new baby niece and I wondered if I could remember how to make clothes.

Creative Motivation

The blog turned into a love story. I never did get around to selling much, but it’s a chronicle of my daughter, niece, and nephews growing up. A journal of my sewing successes and failures, what I’ve learned, what I want to learn. A place to meet people who were interested in the same things as me. I’ve made so many great friends here!

After over 2 years of writing here at SewsNBows, I’m starting to see some revenue. Not a lot, but enough to feel good about. My goal last year was to make  my blog pay for my sewing habit, and I did. The real validation is that people read it. I love that I have something to share!

Art Gallery voile- dress in progress

In January we moved away from the city to a farm. Our prayers were answered. I can’t even tell you what a big prayer it was, and how much God’s hand was in this thing. 


I have a routine in place here. I have farm chores, things I need to do for the construction business, and things I need to do for the blog. The blog has really taken a backseat this year with moving and getting settled in. Rural internet is so slow, just maddeningly slow. I have to be in a patient mood to mess with it. So while SewsNBows is here to stay, I haven’t been promoting it like a good blogger, or putting in the time needed to make a hobby blog pay for itself.

My revenue has dropped, which is fine. Money is tighter since moving, but all our bills are paid. We have groceries and a little extra. We aren’t lacking anything. I certainly don’t need anything to occupy my time. But…

It sort of hurts my pride. I like having my own little pennies. I draw a paycheck from the construction business, because the government says I have to. My husband does all the heavy lifting, I barely lift a paper clip. In all fairness, my paycheck is really his paycheck; cut in half. He will tell you different, because he loves me and he’s proud of me. He has set up a very comfortable life for our family. He gets me, and how I need to be needed. He tries to make me feel valuable and appreciated. 


When I asked him if I should get a part time job, his answer was, “If that’s what you want.” I tried to decide if he meant “I want you to stay home, but if you prefer working go ahead.” Or maybe he meant “If you want to contribute more, please feel free to take some of the pressure off me.” Edson is an Aries, a true ram. I realized he meant exactly what he said. Whatever I want. And the truth is, I didn’t know.

Still. I spent the week looking at jobs offers. My daughter sat next to me yesterday and asked what I was doing. I told her that if we can’t get decent wifi, I wanted to find a new way to earn a little spending money. I explained that I feel good when I have my own, independent income, and maybe it’s ingrained in me because I was raised by a single mother. She listened, and told me I should get a job at a fabric store. Ha! We all know that would end badly, right? Or maybe it makes sense. I work for fabric anyways…

Thoughts: Going Back To Work

I’m getting to the point of this post, I promise.  Bella and I chatted some, and she went off to hole up in her room; like girls her age sometimes do. Then she came back crying! She told me she didn’t want get up early and ride the bus to school. She said she doesn’t want to wait for both her parents to get off work in the afternoon. She needs my help with homework. She even told me, “If you go work I must deserve it; for thinking you’re so annoying! I’m sorry for thinking that.”

What? Me going to work is a punishment? I let that soak in a little. I’ve always felt it’s a privelege to be at home. A privelege for me, that is. I get to make my own schedule, and I have a few (glorious) hours each day to spend as I choose. A luxury. Have I been trying to earn it or justify it in some way? My mom never had that option, so maybe I beat myself up a little. Finding ways to earn a little extra money is is/was source of pride for me. Doing volunteer work, writing a blog; it’s all because I was searching for validation.

Thoughts On Going Back To Work | SewsNBows

All those things are good, but why did I not feel validated by driving my baby to school? Packing her lunch? Sitting on the couch and chatting about school? My husband sees the worth in that. My daughter does. How did I miss it?! That’s my great revelation. It took working at an insurance office, running my own business, volunteering for various board positions and organizations, starting side businesses and investments, writing a blog, and a buying a farm for me to realize that I was looking in the wrong place for personal fulfillment.

Retaining Wall

Everybody always says that God has a plan. I’ve seen the way each of my experiences prepares me for the next. I thought the plan leads you to where you are supposed to be. Now I’m thinking the plan is designed to make you who you are supposed to be. 

I want a pony!

I’m not saying I won’t go back to work when the time is right, or dream of buying a shop in town. Im still planning to invest in some cattle. I’m enjoying getting involved with our church and meeting people. Going to work or staying at home; by choice or neccesity… It doesn’t make you a good or bad person. You can make your “resume” look amazing, but what you do physically, or what you earn: it isn’t who you are. 

This isn’t a post about staying home or going to work. It’s about knowing your own worth. It’s a wonderful thing to be needed and valuable. I was just looking in the wrong places! It turns out, the little things are what make me important. The back rub before bed. Cutting the crust off the sandwich. I never thought I was fabulous for driving my child to school. Those things are just part of being a mom. But they are worth a lot, and us women tend to forget that.

Have any of you ever undervalued yourselves? Just in case, I wanted to write about it. It feels good to know that I am important to my family, even if I’m sooo annoying:)

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Stenciled T-shirt Refashion for Tweens

Easy Stenciled T-shirt Tutorial | SewsNBows

I’m sharing a stenciled t-shirt refashion today! (Its another mama-daughter collaboration!)

Easy Stenciled T-shirt Refashion  Tutorial | SewsNBows

The spray painting is easy enough for older kids to handle, but we did pick up some tips for you. By that, I mean that we ruined a shirt prior to this one.

Stenciled T-shirt with Fabric Spray Paint | SewsNBows

Bella & I used Simply Spray Soft Fabric Paint and Martha Stewart craft stencilsto create this look. (Those are Amazon affiliate links:)

Zig Zag Stitch Detail for T-shirt Tefashion

We started with a plain white t-shirt. I purchased a few  a while back at Michaels when they were on sale. The fit is pretty boxy, so I chopped the sides down and capped the sleeves. We embellished the seams with a quick zig-zag stitch.

Stenciled T-Shirt Refashion for Kids | SewsNBows

We removed the ribbing around the neck. The neckline and sleeves are unfinished, super easy.

Easy Stenciled T-shirt Refashion | SewsNBows

Once the shirt was “reconstructed”, it was time to go to town with our fabric spray paint and stencils.

Easy Stenciled T-shirt Refashion | SewsNBows

Our first stenciled t-shirt refashion was awful. You or your tween may be tempted to get right up on the t-shirt and spray: Don’t! Stand a couple feet away and spray a “practice” stream of paint into the air first. (It helps to read the instructions.)

Fabric Spray Painted T-shirt | SewsNBows

You’ll want to go light, and try to let one layer of paint dry before you add another. If not, it will result in muddy color. We have a couple muddy spots on ours, but hey; our last shirt could stand up on it’s own!

Stenciled T-shirt Refashion | SewsNBows

My daughter really loves her stenciled t-shirt refashion, and it was a fun way to beat summer boredom. We’ve also been at work in the kitchen, making ice cream, jams, and last night we tried homemade butter. Thankfully, were also doing lots of swimming to burn off some of those calories. What’s everybody else up to?

Easy Stenciled T-shirt For Kids | SewsNBows


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DIY Fringe T-shirt Refashion for Tweens

Summer Craft Ideas: DIY Fringe T-shirt Refashion for Tweens

DIY Fringe T-shirt Refashion |Easy Tween Craft

Here’s a DIY fringe t-shirt refashion that your tween girls will love. It’s an easy way to recycle t-shirts that are too big, too short, or stained. Plus…it will entertain them for a little bit, so you can finally have about 30 minutes of peace this summer. Just beware: aspiring young fashionistas may try to cut up all sorts of clothing after. Ask me how I know.

Too Big T-shirt? DIY Fringe t-shirt refashion for tweens

We started with a big, boxy t-shirt.

DIY Fringe T-shirt Refashion

Cut off some of the width from the side seams if necessary. You may also want to re-shape the sleeves if it’s a lot too big; like ours was.

DIY Fringe T-shirt Tutorial

Have your tween pin and stitch the side seams; or help out here if you like. This is a good project to introduce kids to sewing. We’re pretty much destroying a shirt; so it’s no big deal if stitches aren’t perfect.

DIY Fringe T-Shirt Refashion | SewsNBows

Then the fun part: chop chop chop! They can add beads if you like. Girls may also like this idea: Fringe Net Tutorial. It shows how to tie fringe into a cute netted look.

DIY fringe T-shirt Refashion

Sleeves are fair game. She can cut them to shreds if she likes.

Tween Fashion Trend: Deconstructed Neckline

And really, why stop there? My girl nipped into the neck ribbing too. But after that…you can probably stop. Ha!

DIY Fringe T-shirt Refashion for Tweens

In fact, we may have gotten a little too scissor happy in the front…but no biggie. If your tween marks her lines with chalk and a ruler, and she’ll get a cleaner result.

Summer Craft Ideas: DIY Fringe T-shirt Refashion for Tweens

Have you been getting creative with kids to beat summer boredom? I have a new Tween Crafts board on Pinterest. I’m thinking about changing it to a group board so we can swap ideas. Let me know what you think!


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