Antiques at The Big Round Barn : Part II

The around Barn Rendezvous

Tour of The Big Round Barn on Historic Route 66photo credit to Arcadia Historical Society

Right off historical Route 66 sits the Big Round Barn in Arcadia Oklahoma. It almost fell to ruins, but Luke Robison & the Over The Hill Gang restored it it it’s former glory in 1992.

The Round Barn Rendezvous on Historical Route 66

In my last post about The Big Round Barn, I showed you some old farm equipment, an outhouse, and the beautiful barn loft which was built to host dances. I fully intend on going to one soon!

Today let’s take a look downstairs. There’s a gift shop and lots of  antiques to look at.

Antique Book Press

The Big Round Barn is full of treasures that give us a peek into another time. Fun fact: it was built round in an attempt to make it more tornado proof. I haven’t heard of any research to back up this theory…but it’s still standing.

Antiques on display at The Big Round Barn on Route 66

I’m not exactly sure what this piece of equipment is above. A loom? A giant pencil sharpener? (Just kidding) Any idea, guys?

Antique Copper Canning Kettle

A canning kettle, or boiler as they are sometimes called; is oblong shaped to fit a wood cookstove. They accomodate about ten 2 quart jars. They were made of copper and had wooden handles.

Early 1900's Frigidaire wooden ice chest

This early 1900’s wooden ice chest is the one of the oldest I’ve seen made by Frigidaire. It was a less expensive alternative to the full sized “ice box”, and could travel more easily. I’m sure they had some version of a tailgate party even then…

Antique wooden ice box

And here’s a refrigerator before electricity. It’s called an icebox because chunks of ice were placed into the bottom. Ice was harvested from lakes and ponds in winter and placed in an ice house. The “ice man” would deliver it to homes in a wagon. Later, clean ice was produced year round in industrial plants, and delivered the same way. It looks like this ice box may have had the hardware replaced. I’d sure love to display one of these in my house someday!

Antique Grinding Stone

I’d like to have one of these grinding stones too. The wheel is called a millstone, and they were used to sharpen tools and knives. Its made out of natural stone and if you find the complete rig, it usually works as good as the day it was built. Lots of collectors use these old millstones in their gardens. I think I’d put mine in my sewing room and have sharp pins and scissors for the rest of my life.

Tres Suenos Winery, Luther Oklahoma

As soon as I get a chance, I’ll tell you about our trip to the Tres Suenos Winery & Vineyard. There are so many things to do in Oklahoma off Route 66.


We plan to put an offer down on the farm this week. Fingers crossed we can make a deal!!


Until next time.

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The Big Round Barn on Historical Route 66

Tour of The Big Round Barn on Historic Route 66

I did some sightseeing this weekend and wanted to give you a tour of the Big Round Barn on Historical Route 66. You can see more photos and read about the Big Round Barn’s history at The old photos and restoration process are beautiful.

Tour of The Big Round Barn on Historic Route 66photo credit to Arcadia Historical Society

We’ve listed our house in the city and the place we want is minutes from here. We got an offer this weekend and we went for a Sunday drive to mull it over. I’ll tell you about while I show you iPhone pics of some interesting things at The Big Round Barn.

Katy Railroad baggage wagon, found in the Katy Depot on Route 66 in Arcadia, Oklahoma
Katy Railroad baggage wagon, found in the Katy Depot on Route 66 in Arcadia, Oklahoma

It’s really scary to sell our house without being sure that we’ll get the farm we want. There will be a period of time in between selling our house and buying our new house where I’m not sure where we’ll live.

Antique Corn Sheller : The a Big Round Barn on Historic Route 66

Sometimes I wonder if we’re crazy to uproot our lives. Construction is heading this direction, so it makes sense financially.  We’ve been feeling like we want a slower, simpler life. Tired of the hustle and bustle.

John Deere horse breaking plow at The Big Round Barn on historic Route 66

I can’t wait for my little girl to be in a classroom with 15 kids or less.

Horse Drawn Potato Planter at the Big Round Barn on Historical Route 66

And you know, the airs smells different outside the city. It’s so fresh and clean! I’m also trying to be funny; because I’m about to show you photos of a restored outhouse.

Outhouse, originally on Main Street in Arcadia Oklahoma
Outhouse, originally on a Main Street in Arcadia

Outhouse at The Big Round Barn on Route 66

Now we climb upstairs and go inside The Big Round Barn. This is the ceiling:

Ceiling of The Big Round Barn in Arcadia, Ok

Hubby had to sit down and admire that for a minute.

Admiring The Big Round Barn on Route 66

As a craftsman, you’d have to appreciate how it was constructed. Green wood was soaked and placed into special jigs at the sawmill that was built just for putting up this barn.

Loft area of the Big Round Barn

It reminds me of the old adage, “Anything worth having is worth waiting for.”

View of Route 66 from The Big Round Barn in Arcadia
View of Route 66 from The Big Round Barn in Arcadia

Anything worth having is also worth working for.

one of the original saw blades that built the Big Round Barn

Here is a framed photo of the Big Round Barn on Historic Route 66 before the restoration:

Framed photo of The Big Round Barn before restoration

I’m so glad someone thought it was important and beautiful. I still have the downstairs museum and gift shop to show you, but I’ll save it for another day. It’s been harder to sew lately, and I might need an excuse to come say hello if I have to pack up my sewing machine.

Until next time!

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Letter To A Pageant Girl

Letter To A Pageant Girl | SewsNBows

Letter To A Pageant Girl | SewsNBows

My darling Sofia,

I’m proud of you today. Your first BIG title! Ultimate Grand Supreme. You’ve always been supreme to me:)

Ruffle Romper & Legwarmers | SewsNBows

I had such a positive experience with pageants. When I was 7, I begged and begged and begged to do a pageant. It took me 2 years to wear my mom down. She never really understood “beauty” pageants; but she always believed in me.

Cute Toddler Romper for outfit of choice pageant wear

Soon, I found out how to borrow dresses from shops in exchange for advertising. I learned how to get company sponsorship for entry fees. Since my mom wasn’t fashion-y, (or rich) I even learned to sew a little bit.

Cute pageant outfit & photography

And after a few wins, scholarship money started coming in. (I think there were some pity votes…You should’ve seen some of my 80’s prom dress refashions!!)

Over The Top Hair Bow SewsNBows

You’re going to think I’m crazy…but pageants prepared me for life.

Outfit of choice pageant wear

Pageants taught me how to lose gracefully, and win humbly. I learned that failures are just the path to success.

Romper & Leg Warmers

I learned to walk with my back straight and sit like a lady. How to speak into a microphone. And how to interview.

Letter To A Pageant Girl

You’d be surprised how valuable it is to be comfortable at an interview. Knowing how to answer questions confidently, get your point across quickly, and speak effectively. And of course, how to recover if you mess up!

What Pageants Taught Me: Letter To A Pageant Girl

You know Sof, in my adult life; those skills have helped me get chosen for jobs, be promoted, get elected, fundraise, plan, build, and earn.

Huge Fascinator & Matching Romper | SewsNBows

What I really learned in pageants though, dear niece; is that the “prettiest” person doesn’t always win. Looks can only get you so far in life. The crown goes to the one who is the most determined to have it. The person who is willing to work the hardest. Anything worth having…it’s worth working for.

Letter To A Pageant Girl | SewsNBows

Baby pageants; they really are silly. Right now you’re too little to get much out of it, except attention. And that’s okay with me. As long as you’re having fun, we don’t care. But if you’re still begging your mom to do pageants when you’re bigger, look out world! A pageant girl is a force to be reckoned with!

Outfit Of Choice Pageant Wear

Your biggest supporter,

Aunt Mamey


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Shirley The Elf Behaves Badly

Naughty Elf on a Wrecking Ball (wearing Dr. Martins!)

Elf on a Wrecking Ball | SewsNBows

Shirley isn’t allowed to watch music videos anymore. She’s still a very young and impressionable elf. We came home to her hanging from the ceiling fan on her very own makeshift “wrecking ball”. She’s even wearing elf-sized pair of Dr. Martins. Thankfully, she still all her clothes on. And she’s not licking stuff. And slapping herself.

In case you haven’t seen it, here’s the Miley Cyrus video that inspired all this elfish misbehavior. (Don’t watch with kids around. They don’t wanna see what happened to Hannah Montana.)


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My New Camera

A self-indulgent blather by Amy Mayen


This was one of the first photos taken with my new camera. I came home one day and Mr. SewsNBows got me the camera & all the equipment I’ve been coveting for so long. Ain’t he sweet? Gaw, I just want to squish him up and hang him from my rear view mirror cuz I love him so much!

(Paula Abdul said that once…anybody remember that?)


I’ve been messing with it a while now…getting more comfortable. There sure are a lot of buttons though. And nobody ever accused me of being the brightest light bulb in the box!

I thought having the fancy camera would make my pictures automatically awesome.

Don’t get me wrong- it does help! But, it turns out there’s actual skill required. So thanks for hangin’ in there with me.


So far this week I’ve made a boy doll outfit and a top for Sofie using the Scirocco pattern from Figgys. I need to get photos for you…

Plus I need to do a hardcore photo-shoot for the Sew Many Books series over at Nap Time Creations! Emily set up a Pinterest board and everything. That means its officially a thing. An important thing.

I’m really excited about my project…but super nervous because I want my photos to capture the spirit of the book I chose. It’s a special book. I just need my post to turn out as good as it is in my head.

Did ya’ll see my guest post over at Crafty Meggy’s the other day? If you hoard patterns, you better go make sure you have all my top picks for free patterns on the web.

Oh, one last thing before I go…then I promise this post will be over! I made jam all day yesterday, and canned tomatoes & okra in the pressure cooker. I feel a little accomplished for that. Generally, I just avoid the kitchen and food related tasks. So, yeah…a little proud!

What’ve you been up to this week?


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