Cheer Bows For Team Spirit

Cheer Bows For Team Spirit

I haven’t had much time to sew lately; I’ve been making bows for the cheerleaders in town. The middle school girls needed  basic cheer bows.

Red & Black basic cheer bow with silver trim | SewsNBows

Basic Cheer Bows

These were fun to embellish. I made a dozen for the squad, as busy and loud as I could while adhering to strict size requirements. Size requirements are against my religeon. The bigger the bow, the closer to God!  I love how these cheer bows turned out, but it’s no secret I like BIG monster bows.

Spikey Triple Loop Cheer Bow

Nope, not monster enough.

OTT wild Boutique Style Cheer Bow

That’s better.

Soon after I  finished the middle school; Bella’s cheer coach asked me if I could make some bows for the 5th and 6th grade teams. I was really excited because she told me she prefers big bows. I started playing around with ribbon…

Double Wide Cheer Bow with Ric Rac Embellishment

I experimented with using 3″ wide ribbon (instead of 1″) but using the same length and technique as the basic cheer bows.

I used quantam physics to make these bows as enormous as possible while ensuring that they don’t wobble or flop around. I call it a double wide cheer bow. (Yeah…it needs a better name.)

They sit on top of the highest ponytail one can muster, and it sort of reminds me of Alice In Wonderland. I’ll try for a photo on a real person soon, so you can see how they sit on the head.

Double Wide Cheer Bow With Hot Fix Swarvoski Crystals

After the size was determined, I messed around with Swarovski crystals. I used my hot fix tool to apply them. I upgraded to this one. (Amazon links, for you blingylicious babes.)

Blinged Out Double Wide Cheer Bow

This is the final design. The letter B is a peel and stick applique. I’m testing to see how well it holds up with weekly wear before I add them to our team bows. I hope it behaves because it really adds a nice sparkle that I couldn’t capture on camera.

I’ll make a tutorial really soon. It’s a very easy bow to make and doesn’t require any folding techniques. It isn’t cheap, because it used the wider ribbon in 2 colors, accent ribbon, and a trim detail. But not too difficult; I think you’ll love making them!

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  1. Annie

    Cute bows! I have no idea how many of those you must make, but must be a lot of work! Extra sparkle is very nice!


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