Christmas Ornament Refashions & DIY Tree Ideas

Christmas Ornament Refashions & DIY Tree Ideas

Each year I end up with some new Christmas ornament refashions. I inevitably want a different color or theme than the prior year, and I’m just too cheap and pressed for space to buy new things to suit every whimsy. Spray paint and glitter are my secret weapon, but since I sew a lot; I’ve also got an arsenal of fabric, lace, buttons, and ribbon.

This year I did a lime green and turquoise peacock inspired tree. I kept my silver (used to be gold!) Christmas ornament refashions from last year, and added some blue and green glittered florals and lots of feathers.

I usually put larger ornaments toward the bottom, and add branches and things in a topiary style around my tree topper. I like my lights and ornaments to add dimension to my tree, so I push some of them further into the tree, and hang other ornaments right on the edges of the branches.

This (above) is just a tulle wrapped silver ornament. It’s simple, and a bit crafty looking…but below you can see that it packs some punch when incorporated into the tree.

This Christmas ornament refashion is a thrifted twine ball that has been re-wrapped, painted, and glittered a few times. I got it in a set of 3, but it’s brothers didn’t survive surgery last year. I’m still mourning their untimely deaths!

I made some of these funky thangs below by adding a bow and a little piece of furry garland. If peacocks have nests, I’m pretty sure they look exactly like this. (Probably not though.)

Next is the easiest of all Christmas ornament refashions: glue stuff to it. Sparkly=good. My tree philosophy is to just cover it until you can’t see branches anymore. I like to put a few “fancy” wrapped presents and DIY gift bags under the tree and continue the theme under. (The rest of the presents are wrapped like crap and I put them in the barn until Christmas morning.)

My daughter likes a more colorful tree. A couple summers ago, she found her own second hand tree at a yard sale. It was a pink Barbie tree that she promptly mutilated by removing all the Barbie memorabilia. This year she chose purple lights.

Bella & I spent a day thoroughly annihilating the house; and she invented those purple & blue knot tied tulle balls. I didn’t get a picture after her ornaments went up. Shirley the naughty Elf hangs out there, and she isn’t good about tidying up. But I love what my kid did with her tree.

We tried making Christmas ornament refashions with fabric and mod-podge. Mine were less than stellar, I’ll attempt to save them next year. I like Bella’s though:

I had a proud moment the other day shopping with my daughter. She picked up an expensive little ornament; scoffed at the price tag, and said, “I can make this.” It made me laugh. She has no idea yet that it’s my voice she’ll be hearing in her head years after I’m gone. No matter how different we are, that’s a piece of me living in her.



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  1. Patti

    Your refreshed peacock tree is just fabulous! I love this style and the creating and design of your refreshed ornaments is amazing, I adore the sparkly dot one! But more than anything I enjoyed the honesty of your post. A pleasure to read that somewhere there is someone with the same struggles in their walk as me, but that He still loves us all. Thanks so much for sharing, your post made my day!
    Hugs and happy holidays,
    Patti recently posted…The Christmas PickleMy Profile

  2. Amy of while wearing heels

    You tricked me. I was busy admiring your trees, laughing along with your frugal ways and then you threw that last bit in there…the bit that left me feeling a bit emotional. I loved this line: She has no idea yet that it’s my voice she’ll be hearing in her head years after I’m gone. No matter how different we are, that’s a piece of me living in her. What a beautiful perspective and thought to have…you’ve implanted that perspective in me and I’ll now watch Grace and be thinking the same thing. Thank you.
    Amy of while wearing heels recently posted…Christmas Cards of the PastMy Profile

  3. Gina

    Pretty refashions!!!! The silver, glitterized twine ornament is gorgeous!!! And I love the tulle wrapped ornaments too! You and Bella are so creative. Having the sewing stash to help refashion is fun too! It is great to have the flexibility to change the color scheme each year without breaking the bank!!!!

  4. Rachel

    I love your trees :) We tend to have the more “traditional” tree. Honestly the last few years I haven’t brought out most of the ornaments, my two helpers spend so much time undecorating it can be a bit maddening. That said I put enough lights on my tree to cause a fire hazard ;)
    Rachel recently posted…Quick No Sew Memory OrnamentsMy Profile


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