Classic Panties Pattern By PAB

Classic Panties Pattern By PAB

The Classic Panties pattern by PAB: pretty much the fastest girls underwear pattern ever! The pattern is one piece, cut on fold.

Classic Panties Pattern by PAB | Funki Fabrics lycra

I’ll point out that these panties are a size 5/6; and I’m showing them on a skinny, butt-less size 4 dress form. (Meet Rosie.) There’s some weird bunching in these pics…but I assure you the fit on actual children is amazing.

Classic Panties Pattern By PAB

This is a project that I wasn’t going to show; because Rosie doesn’t do these undies justice. These are more pictures I took pre-move. I’ve been in the new place for 7 days. My sewing room still isn’t operational, and I was looking for an excuse to come say hi:)

Classic Panties pattern from PAB | lycra from Funki Fabrics

I’m not sewing yet, but plan to steal my plastic fold up table from outside. I use it for birthday parties and such. It will do for now. Ugly sewing table is better than no table! Plus I’ve pinned lots of future projects on my Home Decor Sewing Pinterest board. I want to sew everything.

Classic Panties pattern by PAB

Bella started her new school yesterday. I had an anxiety attack all day until she came home with a big smile on her face. My little girl is so brave to go to a brand new school in the middle of the year.

We are surrounded by beauty, and I’m not regretting the decision to uproot and move one single bit. Money will be tight for a while, there’s not enough time in the day, there is some unfortunate shag carpet and questionable wallpaper…but we love our new home and her smile said it all!

Pattern: Classic Panties & Camisole from PAB *affiliate link
Details: Funki Fabrics: Triathalon Aqua lycra with picot elastic lace

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