Cuffed Sleeve Tutorial | Altering An Elastisized Sleeve

Cuffed Sleeve Tutorial | Altering An Elastisized Sleeve

Last week I showed you my Mara blouse and promised a cuffed sleeve tutorial! Here’s how I changed an elasticized sleeve pattern to a cuffed sleeve.

Cuffed Sleeve Tutorial

1. Sew your shirt as instructed. You can add your sleeve cuff before or after setting the sleeve in, depending on your preference. I’ve already set mine in, because I didn’t realize I was going to change it until the last minute:)

2. Line up your sleeves…

3. Cut off the desired cuff length from the bottom.

Since this is an elasticized sleeve, it will be wide. You will most likely want to trim some width of the cuff. Make sure the cuff width is large enough for your closed fist to fit through. Or in my case; wide enough for Sofie’s closed baby fist:) I also graded the sleeve width since this pattern had an elasticized wrist.

4. Use your cut off cuff pieces as a template. Cut 2 more in contrasting or like fabric. Pay attention to the direction of your print!

5. Line up your cuff pieces and pin, right sides together. Sew along the bottom and sides, leaving the top open.

6. Trim seam allowances. Turn your cuffs right side out and press.

7. You may grade your sleeve width a bit like I did in step 3. (Just taper it slightly from the bottom and blend your cut line to the elbow.) Your sleeve is wider than your cuff, so trimming will reduce the amount of gathers. I recommend it for very full sleeves found in peasant style tops, but it’s not required. Gather the sleeves with a basting stitch. (You can use pleats if you prefer.) Pin and sew your cuff to the sleeve. Press.

8. Pin and sew your cuff, sleeve, and side seam. (Or set your finished sleeve into the garment; depending on the construction :)

Now you have a cuffed blouse. This isn’t a sophisticated sleeve cuff- a pro cuff has a button placket and all that jazz. Kids clothes have made me lazy- Sofie seems to outgrow her clothes as quickly as she gets them. So I think this method is perfectly acceptable for children’s clothing!

This tutorial is featured here:

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You may also enjoy my tutorial on making a Faux Button Placket. Another one of my sewing “cheats”!

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  1. Amy of while wearing heels

    Drat…bloglovin must be sleeping because I haven’t gotten any notifications that you’ve been posting. Not happy!

    So, my grandma used to say, make sure that the inside of whatever you are making looks just as good as the outside or front. She said that even though no one would see it, it was still just as important (which, is kind of true of people too). Anyways, your insides look PERFECT. You always make your sewing projects look so easy…but I know they aren’t. You think of and execute such beautiful details.

  2. Gina

    I love the special detail that the contrasting cuff gives this blouse!! Thanks for a great tute!!

  3. Olga Becker

    So cute, Amy! Love the top! Thank you for the tutorial!

  4. Mel

    Kids clothes should be simple buttons on cuffs is silly for kids great tutorial :)

  5. Rachel

    Great pattern hack. I like your entire top and the cuff really compliments it nicely!
    Rachel recently posted…Princess Play DressMy Profile


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