Cutest Baby Outfit Ever, & Stuff My Kid Made

Cutest Baby Outfit Ever, & Stuff My Kid Made

Finally, I get to show you Sofie’s outfit!

The little details on the shoulder straps are so cute…and they can be let out so she can wear it longer. The elastic back makes it slip on and off easily. No buttons, yay!

Here she is dancing and watching her pants move around.

The way she holds her arm and kind of teeters around and weeble wobbles when she walks reminds me of Roger from American Dad! Her mom is gonna kill me for posting this…but it’s too funny! Oh, I’m the worst aunt ever….

Bella got her American Girl Catalogue, and noticed the photo backdrops. She had the idea to make her own out of a cardboard box.

We paper scrapped and modpodged and hot glued to her little hearts content. It’s now a sturdy little prop that can be folded different ways…

The best part is that it folds flat for easy storage. The little window is pretty cute, don’t you think?

But now Bella wants to save every piece of trash. After shoe shopping today, she proceeded to hoard all the cardboard boxes because we need the cardboard.

Then she cut up the shopping bags and stapled them back together-to make doll shopping bags.

I’ve created a little craft monster! If you want, you can click here to see some another kids craft project we worked on last month.

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