DIY Antique Painted Lantern from the Dollar Store

DIY Antique Painted Lantern from the Dollar Store

So we just finished up remodeling the living room, and I just have a few more touches before the big reveal. I’ve been distraught because I haven’t been sewing much and didn’t have any blog posts to share. I just realized, I can just show you some of the other stuff I’ve been working on. Duh!

DIY antique painted lantern

Check out my DIY antique painted lantern- it’s from the dollar store! It was red and it’s made of some sort of thin metal with glass doors. This candle burner was in a box of stuff that doesn’t “fit in” here at the new place. It’s not the hardcore authentic railroad lantern I’ve been eyeing, but like I always say…

If you can’t afford it, fake it!

Valspar paint samples are about $2.50 and they're great for crafts and remodeling!

I used Valspar paint samples that cost $2.50 each. These are a life saver when you’re remodeling, btw.

DIY "Antique" Painted Lantern: from the dollar store!

I started with the Butternut Tree and used a small paintbrush with an angled tip to brush on the first layer. It was a real nasty brush stroke; uneven and jagged.

DIY: How To "Antique" Paint a Lantern

I slopped the Sea Air on top once it dried, and then patted it with a paper towel. After that I fingernail scraped some of the edges so the original red would show through, and cleaned up the glass with a Q-tip. I could’ve done a little bit better job with cleaning it…but I’ll get around to it:)

Faux antique painted dollar store lantern

This project took about 30 minutes including dry time. Wanna see a sneak peek of my next paint project?

"Antique" painted lantern from the dollar store

Yup. I have lots of stuff to paint; including this junky old chair. What color do y’all think?

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  1. Pam @Threading My Way

    I can tell you are having fun in your new home, Amy. You’ll get back to more sewing once you get things the way you want. Great job on the lantern.

  2. Annie

    Oh, wow, I would have never guessed it was a lantern from a dollar store! Great job, Amy! Have you picked the color for the chair? Something rustic or something more funky to mix it up? :D

  3. Gina

    Nice job!!! I love spray paint; once i bring out a can nothing is safe and I find all kinds of things that need a coat of paint. Happy chair painting!!!

  4. mel

    gorgeous look at you getting all Diy, oh this house is going to keep you going I wish I was there with you such a beauty :)

  5. Angela

    I didn’t mean that to sound so negative. Just mean that after a coat of primer and 1 or 2 coats of color and maybe a top coat of poly, oh man, that’s a lot of work. I’m sure it will look great in the end though.

  6. Angela

    Cute and thanks for including color names because that is the hardest part. Have fun painting that chair. All those spindles are going to be lots of fun. Or not. ;-)

  7. Rachel

    Cute! I haven’t done any home DIY in…forever. It’s fun to do something different once and awhile :)


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