DIY Fringe T-shirt Refashion for Tweens

DIY Fringe T-shirt Refashion |Easy Tween Craft

Here’s a DIY fringe t-shirt refashion that your tween girls will love. It’s an easy way to recycle t-shirts that are too big, too short, or stained. Plus…it will entertain them for a little bit, so you can finally have about 30 minutes of peace this summer. Just beware: aspiring young fashionistas may try to cut up all sorts of clothing after. Ask me how I know.

Too Big T-shirt? DIY Fringe t-shirt refashion for tweens

We started with a big, boxy t-shirt.

DIY Fringe T-shirt Refashion

Cut off some of the width from the side seams if necessary. You may also want to re-shape the sleeves if it’s a lot too big; like ours was.

DIY Fringe T-shirt Tutorial

Have your tween pin and stitch the side seams; or help out here if you like. This is a good project to introduce kids to sewing. We’re pretty much destroying a shirt; so it’s no big deal if stitches aren’t perfect.

DIY Fringe T-Shirt Refashion | SewsNBows

Then the fun part: chop chop chop! They can add beads if you like. Girls may also like this idea: Fringe Net Tutorial. It shows how to tie fringe into a cute netted look.

DIY fringe T-shirt Refashion

Sleeves are fair game. She can cut them to shreds if she likes.

Tween Fashion Trend: Deconstructed Neckline

And really, why stop there? My girl nipped into the neck ribbing too. But after that…you can probably stop. Ha!

DIY Fringe T-shirt Refashion for Tweens

In fact, we may have gotten a little too scissor happy in the front…but no biggie. If your tween marks her lines with chalk and a ruler, and she’ll get a cleaner result.

Summer Craft Ideas: DIY Fringe T-shirt Refashion for Tweens

Have you been getting creative with kids to beat summer boredom? I have a new Tween Crafts board on Pinterest. I’m thinking about changing it to a group board so we can swap ideas. Let me know what you think!


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  1. Oh my do we have plenty of shirts that the hubs cuts and uses as rags to clean the truck with!

    It’s always the same in my house, spend lots of money on clothes for 4 growing children, said children eat while playing electronic games and spill everything down the front of the shirt, then shirts gets cut into shreds and placed in the “rag box” for Papi’s truck. We’re basically cleaning the tuck with $20’s!

    At least now I know I can cut some of that down. My soon to be 10 year old daughter is going to love this. :)

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