DIY Ironing Board Cover : A Super Exciting Sew!

DIY Ironing Board Cover :  A Super Exciting Sew!

From drab to fab: easy DIY Ironing Board Cover

Here’s my DIY Ironing board cover. This is not an exciting project; the title of this post is dripping with sarcasm. But it only takes an hour! If your ironing board is a hot mess, you might as well quit procrastinating and just do it.

Don't let your ironing board look like this! DIY ironing board cover tutorial from SewsNBows

Shameful! As you can see, mine looks like a crime scene. There are stab wounds and stains that I can’t even begin to describe. I’m so lazy that I tried to buy one; but never could find a tabletop sized ironing board cover. So cheap trumps lazy, because I’m not buying a whole new ironing board.

I finally quit crying about my embarrassing, nasty ironing board and made you this tutorial.


Start by marking and cutting 2″ past the edges of your ironing board.

DIY Ironing Board Cover | SewsNBows

Make a 3″ wide strip long enough to go around the entire circumference of your cover. This will form your casing. Sew the casing to the cover. * I added a strip of fabric rather than just adding more width to the cover because it allows for a tighter pull.*

Making buttonholes for your DIY ironing board cover

At the pointy end of your cover, add button holes to your casing.

DIY Ironing Board Cover | SewsNBows

Iron your casing down. You can use a tailors ham to iron the curvy parts. Stitch.

DIY Ironing Board Cover | SewsNBows

Insert your cording or ribbon through the buttonholes. Pull tight & tie it off.

DIY Ironing Board Cover | SewsNBows

Now your DIY ironing board cover is done! I chose a blah brown fabric because stains will be less noticeable. Be careful with light colors, and test your fabric for color bleeding before you sew. Make sure to choose a suitable fabric that can withstand lots of heat. Most quilting cottons will do.

Those of you who know me probably realize how painfully boring it was to sew an ironing board cover. Home dec is not my forte, although I did manage a pillow cover tutorial once. I prefer sewing for fun rather than function. I heard someone say recently,” Asking a seamstress to mend is like asking Picassso to paint a fence.” Ha’

Tell me: what’s the thing you’ve needed to sew forever but don’t want to? Do you procrastinate on projects you don’t enjoy? What are the “sewing chores” that you dread the most?

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Amy Mayen

Hello. I'm Amy and I'm addicted to sewing. I borderline-hoard fabric, buttons, & patterns. Sometimes I wish I could pile my fabric up on the floor and just roll in it!


  1. Linda

    This I needed (what am I Yoda here)?! Thanks for the tute. Linda

  2. Audrey

    We just finished writing an ebook, and the only thing we don’t like about it is our ironing board cover! Just spent the morning mending, so your quote cheered me up! Time for a new project – ironing board cover, here we come!
    Audrey recently posted…Spring Break Beach OutfitsMy Profile

  3. Kim Hood

    You rocked this tutorial! it’s very easy and understandable. I’ll bet you’re going to really enjoy your new cover. No more embarrassing moments. :-)
    Kim Hood recently posted…Flower Pot Prep TipsMy Profile

  4. Cindy

    I have to confess that my ironing board cover is currently in a similar condition to your before picture. Great tip to use a darker color fabric!
    Cindy recently posted…Terrific Trifecta Top!My Profile

  5. MammaNene

    well, Amy, judging from the days your blog post is being opened on one of my tabs, I have to admit that I’m the Queen of procrastinators on commenting…
    You’ve been really smart on your fabric choice: I’ve been to my monthly trip to the town, yesterday, looking for an Ironing board cover (yes, I was going to buy it instead of sewing it.. because I’m in terrible delay with all my sewing projects) and I’ve found only cream, white and pink rose background colors… no, thanks!
    MammaNene recently posted…Basic Leggings: NEW PATTERN RELEASE TODAY!My Profile

  6. Susan Barker

    This is a great tutorial! I recently bought a table top ironing board and was going to post about how cheap and crappy the cover is and how to make a better one, but if okay with you, I would like to use your tutorial as a link on my post about the poor quality and how to make it better…
    Susan Barker recently posted…After a LONG Break — Work in Progress…My Profile

  7. Ajaire

    Why are the simple things always the ones we put off forever? If you look at any of my tutorials you’ll see my disgusting ironing board cover. The worst part is mine could easily be removed and washed! But of course I want to recover it with a cute cover at some point so I put it off. It’s so dumb. And then I think well I’ll just do it and then blog about it to give me the nudge I need to actually do it. And then I remember people probably don’t care about ironing boards. And then I see your post and I think oh actually it is pretty interesting. And then I see your title. Haha.
    Ajaire recently posted…My First Izzy TopMy Profile

  8. Mel

    I need to make slip covers and cushions but then think how long it will take and tell myself I’m going to Pinterest to find and easy way…6 hours later I forgot what I was looking for. That turned out great I need a new cover too
    Mel recently posted…Freebie Friday – Cook BooksMy Profile

  9. tonia.conner

    Thanks for this super easy and quick tutorial. I will be making this as I just bought a old ironing board for the shop. I’ll be looking for you on the ruffles blog hop. Come visit me on the 13th.
    tonia.conner recently posted…Ruffles blog hop coming upMy Profile

  10. Amy of while wearing heels

    Ha! Asking Picasso to paint a fence. You are too funny.

    Your ironing board no longer looks like a crime scene. It turned out great!
    Amy of while wearing heels recently posted…Barn Wood BunniesMy Profile

  11. Louise Marie

    “Asking a seamstress to mend is like asking Picasso to paint a fence.” OMG! i love that quote. i must make a sign of it to place in my sewing room………or should i place it in my living room for all to see?

  12. Diana Rambles

    My DIY ironing board has been complete for nearly a month. You put me to shame posting yours first!!
    Diana Rambles recently posted…Pin Me Linky Party 75My Profile

  13. Nothy

    Do you have anything between the cover and the metal ironing board? I am assuming you just re-covered and so whatever batting was there is still there? Thanks for the tutorial. I never though of tying the board in the way you cinched the fabric tightly to the board.

  14. Rachel

    Yes I covered my board before I started blogging it’s burnt orange with a chevron (it is way less offensive than that sounds)- not so great for taking pictures on! I don’t like to hem. I will have stuff sit that just needs a hem- and knits well if they get hemmed at all it’s a miracle.
    Rachel recently posted…St. Patty’s Day DressMy Profile

  15. Pam @Threading My Way

    Great job on the ironing board cover, Amy!!! I’ve been meaning to make a new one for ages. Hemming jeans and pants is the thing I procrastinate the most over. I have 4 pairs that have been waiting over a year, so they’ve never been worn.
    Pam @Threading My Way recently posted…1960s Sampler Book…My Profile

  16. Gina

    I totally procrastinate on projects I am not excited to make!!! I think you are a genius to choose brown fabric for the cover, it will look like new forever!!!! I use the plastic cover that came with my sewing machine so I need to make one of those and you know I need a new ironing board cover too. I don’t know why I dread those projects; they are not very exciting somehow. I do not have a mini ironing board so it will take a lot of fabric! Your cover looks awesome and thanks so much for the tute!!!!
    Gina recently posted…Flashback Friday: The Soccer DaysMy Profile

  17. Carol Kennedy

    I want to make princess dresses for my granddaughter but I’m afraid of trying to see the arm
    Holes and trying to read the patterns and sewing on tulle.


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