My Most Embarrassing Sewing Projects

My Most Embarrassing Sewing Projects

I never knew there were mean girls in the world of sewing and blogging. I’ve received nothing but kindness and love from fellow sewists and crafters. So to the women who were ridiculed for their sewing projects, patterns, and tutorials last week: You handled it with such grace. If some bunny hopped over here and stole pictures of my children, published them on her site, and trash talked me; Ida hadda git ig’nant.

I never thought people were trolling around, laughing at my projects; but the whole thing got me paranoid for a minute. What if someone calls me out? I’ve published some really bad stuff. Especially my older posts. Shudder.

My Most Embarrassing Sewing Projects

My Most Embarrasing Blog Posts | SewsNBows

Like this one: Refashioning a Dress Into a Skirt. It should be called, “Cut a Dress in Half & Add Elastic”.

My Most Embarrasing Sewing Projects : SewsNBows

This dress is whoa. I was so proud that I used a pattern and it turned into a dress; that I didn’t even notice it was hideous. See worse pics here: McCalls 6590.

My Most Embarrassing Sewing Projects Ever

I named this post The Cutest Baby Outfit Ever. Because I thought it was. The pants were so far up Sofie’s butt that they are about to be eaten by a diaper.

My Most Embarrassing Sewing Projects Ever

McCalls 6638, aka gnome costume. I didn’t even realize there was a sock on the ground. Why is there a sock in my yard? I didn’t care; this dress had buttons!

More Embarrassing Sewing Projects:

My Most Embarrassing Sewing Projects Ever

Sock Monkey Fleece Pullover

Ruffled Romper

Off grain. Funky neckline. Bad buttonholes.

There are so many more. Plenty of recent ones too. In some the old posts, photos are so bad you can’t even tell how crapped out the sewing is. I just loved wanted to share my progress. I know a lot of the people who read my blog noticed this stuff. They never called me out, judged or ridiculed. They guided me. And I learned.

The point is this. If it weren’t for all those bad projects, I would’ve never gotten to the good ones. (Halfway decent, at least.) I know the ugliness was aimed at bloggers who sell things- I guess they shouldn’t be able to earn money because they aren’t as experienced as others? Anybody can learn to sew. Not everyone can inspire.

Those blogs are popular because aside from their talent; they are fostering a love for sewing. Encouraging us to keep trying. They help us get better at the craft. That’s a beautiful thang!

I commend every single person who shares their sewing and crafting journey. There’s a whole generation or two who mostly dropped the ball on sewing. Without moms to teach us; a big portion of people leading this sewing resurgence are self taught. None of us have to sew in order to clothe our families, either. We do it just because. I feel blessed to have such a strong online community.

A big thank you to our stitching veterans who teach. To the designers who inspire. And a big, fat thank you to every single person who has helped another with a kind word or a sewing tip along the way.


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Amy Mayen

Hello. I'm Amy and I'm addicted to sewing. I borderline-hoard fabric, buttons, & patterns. Sometimes I wish I could pile my fabric up on the floor and just roll in it!


  1. Diana Rambles

    You are brave. I wouldn’t even post about my most embarrassing stuff, let alone do a recap of those posts!!!

  2. jeanine

    haha. love this post! We all start somewhere and the mistakes help us learn :) <3

  3. Pamela

    Oh my, it’s a good thing there wasn’t blogs when I was sewing for my girls. I’m sure I’d be giggling over them now. It’s beyond me why people get such joy out of trashing others. I always wonder if they are hurting inside. ~Pamela

  4. Amy of while wearing heels

    Loved your post. We should all remember what our moms taught us, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. I love that you can look back on your initial sewing projects and see how far you have come. I think it takes a lot to get in front of a sewing machine. There are so many people that are afraid to even try. You help inspire people to give it a try. Keep on creating…and inspiring.

  5. Dee

    I loved this post, Amy, and as a non-sewer, I think all of your projects look good! My kids love when I make things for them, even when the projects aren’t perfect. Thanks for sharing! :)

  6. Pam @Threading My Way

    Great post, Amy!!! You really are too hard on yourself, though. Styles are subjective and our own tastes change over time. Take that cute baby outfit back to the 70s and I’d be rocking those skin tight at the top, wide legged pants.

    Your dress refashion may not be complicated, but the end result is a skirt that you look great in!!! There would be many people reading that post who previously had no idea how to make that skirt. If you were claiming that it was haute couture, then, yes, it would come into another category. You weren’t, nor were you for any of the other posts. You are ALWAYS totally upfront; never pretending to be anything you aren’t. So that, my dear friend, makes your posts anything but embarrassing.

  7. Mel

    I don’t think they’re as bad as you say but as for that other trash talking blog what a b!+ch!!!

  8. Magda E.

    I have heard about that post but I didn’t see/read it. If I was one of them I would just ignore it, because clearly, someone who writes that stuff is full of envy of the hard work and success of others.
    I loved your post and this is indeed a great online community and has taught me more than ever. Besides, sewing is a never ending learning process.

  9. Val

    Hi Amy,

    Just reading your post while sipping my morning coffee, and really enjoying it, as I love all of your posts. You have a wonderful way of writing that always makes my day! AND…you are a great person. I love your creations! They are your sewing journey. I’ve been sewing for 46 years and still have fashion booboos! You keep at it, you are doing a great job!

    Val @

  10. Gina

    i loved this little walk down memory lane!. look how little Sof and Bella are…and you too!!!!! yep we have to sew a few funny things to get experience and learn how to sew that is for sure!!

  11. Michelle Carlson

    My sewing so far is limited to simple quilt making, but I have other crafts as well. I know how. Ad my stuff looks, and I’m the first one to admit it, I even made a blog post on some of my imperfections! I’ve taught myself 95% of what I know and even when I know something is downright horrible I show it off anyway. The point is to let others know that it’s ok not to be perfect, and those other people who make flawless projects their first go around are not the Normal circumstances. We all grow and learn in our crafts by support and tips from others.

    You’re work is beautiful Amy, and it’s nice to see some of your older and unrefined work. All of those mess-ups and failed attempts taught you what you needed to know to make the next project better.
    Bravo to you for not only having the courage to show off the work that you feel is not up to par, but for also adding a voice in the defense of those who were rudely targeted for doing something that they love.

  12. Margaret Johnson

    Not sure what you are talking about – glad I missed it. I dislike people bashing others – actually cowards and hippacrits in my opinion. On one of the embroidery blogs there is a FB page that is stealing other’s work (pictures) that they post on the FB group and Etsy (ones that are not water marked) and saying they are theirs…but several of the post they are having fake giveaways with other peoples items they embroidered and sewed. Several of them posted on her FB page under their own pictured items and said these photographs were stolen…and the girl blocked them and deleted their comments. They have been turned it to FB but last I looked they still have a FB account. Crazy the things people do.

  13. Diane @ Vintage Zest

    I have no idea what you are talking about so I am honestly glad that I missed what sounded like some people with mean-spirited comments. I shared early on all of my failed projects, and I had some funny comments to go along with it, sharing their own not-so-great projects. :)

  14. Sue @ A Colourful Canvas

    Hey Amy! What a great post! You are awesome, you know?!!!! I always love popping by for a visit, and you inspire me every time. I haven’t heard about the meanness that went on, but really??? How hurtful that sounds. Bloggers put a whole lot of themselves out there in the wide world web, and to have negative, mean spirited feedback is just so sad. Your post will definitely cheer anyone up!

  15. Rachel

    That whole thing was so gross. How anyone could have thought it was anything but bullying is beyond me. The class and grace that came from those under attack was really amazing. I would have cried- and I also had a moment of paranoia. Should I go back and delete stuff from two years ago that makes me cringe now!? I don’t think we should, great post!

  16. Blondie

    Just shows how wonderfully unique we all are. You can only improve by making mistakes or not so great diy’s. We can’t all be #1 out of the gate. I enjoyed this post and grant you kudos for great effort. Regards, Blondie


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