End of Summer Dress: Another New Look 6884

End of Summer Dress: Another New Look 6884

New Look 6884

I made this dress again, New Look 6884. When I’m in a sewing rut I tend to stick with easy, familiar projects.

New Look 6884

I’m not exactly in a sewing “rut”, but having trouble choosing what to sew next. There are so many cute patterns to buy, and I have a wish list full of fabrics at Fabric.com. I can’t make purchases when I have cabinets full of fabric and drawers full of patterns though. Not to mention an extremely healthy selection of PDFs to choose from.

Sleeveless floral button down girls dress with lace trim

I guess a more accurate description of my current sewing mentality is “paralyzed by indecision”. This was an easy dress I make while I decide what big project to take on next.

New Look 6884

I used New Look 6884 for Bella’s Tea Time Dress & her Tomboy Dress. It was the only dress I could get her to wear back then, but my daughter has outgrown both dresses and the pattern long since. So now it’s Sofie’s pattern:)

New Look 6884

I’ve been blogging about dresses for my little niece all month. In August I get angsty because I know summer is almost over. I love summer clothes. It’s easy to grab a dress & flip flops to wear every day. Messy hair us forgivable because we swim. Guilt free naps. Now school is in and I’m clinging to the final days before fall.

New Look 6884

This dress is a perfect end of summer dress. I love the color, the pleats, and the vintage buttons.

New Look 6884

What’s your favorite part of fall? For me the answer is oh so snuggly cardigans, and of course…COWBOY BOOTS!

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