Excuses and Such

Excuses and Such

This week, I’ve been working on a little girls custom dress order, and a Christmas dress for Bella. I also want to decorate my Christmas tree for Thanksgiving, and make an advent calendar for the kids.

Here are my excuses for not getting much done:

1. My brother in law put new wood floors in my house, (its gorgeous!) and it put my sewing room out of commission.

2. I had to spring clean to before I set up my tree. It’s a law that you have to clean house top to bottom before you drag all the tree pretties out.

3. I needed zippers for both projects and was too lazy to go buy them until Thursday.

So, since I don’t have much to show you this week, I decided I’d just share some random photos and things. You know, so yal don’t think I dropped off the face of the earth.

These are clothespin magnets the kids made me. These two are the only ones that landed on my fridge, since the boys took most of theirs home. The one on the left was made by Bella, and little Evan made the one on the right.

I bought 3 pairs of kids craft scissors the other day so they wouldn’t fight over them making ornaments this year. I just have to tell you-Evan was so excited to have his own pair. I’ve always been a bit nervous to let him use scissors- but he’s 3 years old now. He almost had tears of gratitude in his eyes. He held them like they were the Holy Grail.

Here’s Bella playing with her LeapPad. You can tell I interrupted her and she wants me to go away. (She’s making an important documentary. About slugs.)

Yup, we really do wear cowboy boots all year round in Oklahoma. Oh, and that’s Champ’s butt. He likes his butt or tail in all my pictures.

Here’s the big ole Oklahoma City Thunder bow I promised to show you in my last post. Check out some other Thunder bows here.

Sweetest thing ever! On a wall in the arts district:

While Bella was in dance, I stopped in Urban Wineworks on N.W. 16th. Often, on Saturdays, I loiter outside and relax under their umbrellas.

Well today I stopped inside for brunch. Now, I’m not a food photographer and didn’t do this plate justice…but this is deep fried French toast……yum! I’m pretty sure I’m going to hell for eating it.

This should be illegal. Oh, it was so good. They have nice, relaxing music and a cool ambiance. In fact, I wrote most of this post while I sat in there munching my French toast & bacon.

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