Fabric Shopping in the Warehouse District of Dallas, Tx

Fabric Shopping in the Warehouse District of Dallas, Tx

A few weeks ago I showed you my fabric haul from the garment district in Dallas. So today, I thought I’d show you pictures of one of the warehouses while I blab about stuff.

Meet Steve Braunstein, friendly & knowledgable owner of Super Textiles, Inc. He let me take some photos for you!

There are 4 fashion capitals of the world. Milan, Paris, New York, & London. This is where the textile industries thrive. All the major fashion houses are there, so it’s natural that textile producers send their goods there first.

There are 5 fashion “capitals” in the U.S. These are the entry points for textiles into the United States, and also serve as huge distribution hubs. They are New York, LA, Chicago, Miami, and Dallas.

Justine from Sew Country Chick wrote a post about the L.A. Garment district. I haven’t been there in a decade, but her photos and description are exactly as I remember it. I want to go back one day, but in the meantime, Dallas is only a 3 hour drive!

Dallas was lovely, and different than I expected. In the L.A. garment district, you have blocks of little shops, street vendors, even stuff out on the sidewalk.The fabric shops have garage doors with chains over them that they raise up during business hours. They are mostly smaller shops, and the building tend to be connected or crammed pretty close to each other. You couldn’t see it all in a day. I would pay to park somewhere, then hoof it. The sidewalks are buzzing with people, and the shop owners would call out to you to come look!

In Texas, I’m not sure the locals call it a garment district. I think they call it the Warehouse District. It’s basically one U shaped street with a little over a dozen shops. I didn’t count them, but definitely less than 20. Most of them aren’t little shops though…they’re HUGE warehouses! There are big warehouses in L.A. as well, but many are distribution points only, and not open to the public.

It didn’t seem crazy busy like LA. The buildings are spaced out a little more. You can park right in front of each warehouse, or park and walk around. This was around closing time on a Saturday.

Here, there is a primarily secondary market. Most of the warehouses carry stock from bankruptcies, close-outs, and liquidations.

The textile manufacturing industry is almost dead in the United States. Most of our fabric is now coming from China. Many of the independent fabric shops in Dallas have closed.

I promised myself I wouldn’t get all political. But I have to squeeze this bit in- There are economic, social, and environmental reasons why we should know where our fabric comes from. It’s almost impossible to find American made fabric. Even if its American grown cotton, it’s often manufactured overseas. Likewise, the rare fabric produced here is typically made of imported fibers.

The best I can do is know where my fabric is coming from. I try to support countries that have higher labor standards. I do shop at Joann’s & Hobby Lobby…but as little as possible. The majority of my purchases come from a local vendor who picks up textiles from estate sales, etc.

If you have time, read about which countries use child labor. China is new to the textile market, and have been huge competition to India, who previously dominated the market. In turn, India is trying to reform their labor laws. I know I’d pay a little more for fabric made by adults. I bet a lot of companies internationally feel the same way. Lets keep an eye out for what happens in India.

See the photo below? These warehouses have rows & rows just like it. I really had to hurry, because I didn’t want to miss anything.

I should’ve took a few photos of the district as a whole. I couldn’t concentrate on blogging though. Did I tell you Steve has 2 separate button rooms? That’s right. Rooms. Full of buttons. It was amazing! I can’t wait to go back.

Update: I haven’t been shopping here in about 18 months! I want to share this useful comment from Cynthia:

“Actually, it’s all on Perth Street. From I-35 East, exit Walnut Hill. Go east about a mile until you intersect Harry Hines. Turn right (south) on Harry Hines. About a few hundred yards down is Perth Street.

There have been some changes – Wearhouse fabrics has expanded into the old Best Fabric building on the corner of HH and Perth, and Best Fabric has moved across the street. You could walk it.”

So if you get a chance, shop!!

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Amy Mayen

Hello. I'm Amy and I'm addicted to sewing. I borderline-hoard fabric, buttons, & patterns. Sometimes I wish I could pile my fabric up on the floor and just roll in it!


  1. MARGRETE olsen

    Hello I hope you are still there! I am planning a trip to Fort Worth in November . If it is not too much trouble can you tell me if the Dallas warehouse district still has fabrics , clothing not quilt. Thank you

    • Amy Mayen

      I’ve heard mixed reviews for apparel fabric lately. Your best bet is the Gilden D’or, but I’m not the biggest fan of their customer service. It’s honestly a hit or miss on fabric, almost like thrift shopping. Sometimes you score big and you ma leave empty handed. I think it’s worth digging around as long as you have time to dig around.

  2. Terra Nickerson

    Thank you vwry much for rhe info. Ill update once I find out if there are any places that have any of these. Again thank you for the info!

  3. Bella Vita

    Biggest selection of tulle ~ Golden D’or Fabrics.

  4. Terra Nickerson

    Im looking for lace, ribbon, tulle, embelishments & crochet headbands/tops, etc. I would like to support our local stores instead of purchasing online. Is there a place on harry hines blvd that offers what im looking for??

    • Amy Mayen

      When I went, Steve did have a room with lace, trims, and buttons. I think he’s your best bet in that cluster of stores that I wrote about. I haven’t been out that way in a long time, but I do remember seeing a string of bead and jewelry supply shops, mostly wholesale. If memory serves they are a little further down from the warehouses, but I never got to stop in. I bet you’d find lots of embellishments there, and a lot of those places will try to stock things if they know you’re looking for it. I’m sorry I’m not much help on location!

      • Bella Vita

        Here is my 2 cents. Super Steve’s address is in the post. I shop him for: buttons (NO ONE I know has more), lace (unique selection), zippers, shoulder pads (umm hmm, they’re back), condensed selection of very current fabrics of good quality. He’s my #1 go to. Next, Golden D’or Fabrics, 10795 Harry Hines @ Andjon Dr. They have some of almost everything in raw materials. Large supply of mostly moderate to moderate/good quality trim in trim room & huge selection of quality embellishments. My #2. Best Fabrics, 10850 HH Blvd. Lovely fabrics & trims of very good quality, but variety is primarily of materials of interiors. My #3.
        Wherehouse Fabric Outlet, 2675 Perth (HH cross street, next door to Super Steve!

  5. Bella Vita

    I’m a very spoilt seamstress. Super Steve’s shop is 12mins from my house. He’s a delightful character with a gift for accurately stocking bolts & rolls of currently trending patterns, weights & textures. I make it to his place at least every 2 weeks. Best Fabrics is across the intersection with predominantly drapery & upholstery but the other 1/3 of stock in this wonderland is well worth poking your head in! There’s also Golden D’or fabrics one block south with Mr. Sewing Machine as the entrance to a crazy sewing fiend’s paradise. Jerry is the machine shop’s owner & Antonio has taught me more than I could ever imagine about my Singer 600. I won’t let anyone else touch my machines. The fabric shop is just up the ramp straight through the machine shop! You’re immediately entranced by walls covered with appliques of sequins, lace, beads, rhinestones & pearls. The volume past that point defies descriptive justice. You’ll need an entire day on your first visit. If you haven’t started licking the page yet, within a half mile north is an array of establishments housing beads & findings, handbags, luggage, leggings, vapor supplies, even some unmentionables. From Manana to just north of I-635, Harry Hines Blvd is artistic souls’ rollercoaster ride to profitable, creative bliss or financially devastating hoarding! In other words, heaven!

  6. Monica

    I live in Dallas, but when I went over on Harry Hines all I could find was Upholstery and Drapery Fabrics and trims. Im looking for a Fashion Fabric store. Am I going to the wrong place? Im sure there are some Fashion Fabric stores in that area, but I couldn’t find them.

    • Steve

      Monica, I am Super Steve,owner of Super Textiles and would love to have you visit my place full of dress/ fashion fabrics. 2667PerthSt,hope we see you there!,

  7. Denise

    I am definitely going. Tomorrow! I am looking at reasonably priced (safe) lodging nearby. Anyone able to offer any suggestions?????

  8. Leigh Ann

    Wow, I had no idea. I live in West Texas, about 8 hours from DFW. I like small towns and wide open spaces, so I never go to Dallas if I can help it, but gosh. I think I need to. The downside to small towns and wide open spaces is that it’s a 120 mile round trip to Joanne’s, the only local place to buy apparel fabric (there’s a great quilting fabric store in that city as well, but I’m not a quilter). I buy as little as possible at Joanne’s because it’s almost all made in China and I don’t like that. So I make estate sales when I can, but I buy most of my fabric online. I agree that we need to be aware of where our fabric (and ready made clothes) come from, and conscious of the issues involved and the choices we make. It can get a little muddy at times because sometimes it can be hard to tell. But I do try.

  9. Erin Adrian

    Hello, could you PLEASE message me where this is located. I live in the metro but I have never heard of the fabric district/warehouse area. I am in dire need at the moment. I am about to make boo coo training pants and need much fabric at a discount. Do you know if they had any hemps, bamboo, interlock or minky? Thanks so much!

    • Linz

      Harry Hines blvd. Dallas, tx

      • cynthia

        Actually, it’s all on Perth Street. From I-35 East, exit Walnut Hill. Go east about a mile until you intersect Harry Hines. Turn right (south) on Harry Hines. About a few hundred yards down is Perth Street.

        There have been some changes – Wearhouse fabrics has expanded into the old Best Fabric building on the corner of HH and Perth, and Best Fabric has moved across the street. You could walk it.

        I may go this weekend, as there is a new spandex shop.

  10. Jackie

    I am a member of Let’s Homeschool High School and found your blog while surfing homeschool blogs. My daughter is in high school now and we incorporate her sewing into her high school homeschooling. OMG! My daughter and I are uber excited by your post!

    I am from TX and will be there in June (Ft Worth), so this will definitely be one of my stops. My daughter loves anime and sews all her own cosplay outfits. We have dreamed of visiting a place like this, now we will, thanks to you!!!

    I agree with Shannon, we need something like this is Georgia.

    Thrilled in Georgia,
    Jackie recently posted…Homeschool ResourcesMy Profile

  11. rea

    i just wish that we also have a fabric warehouse in my area…
    i love hobby lobby and joanns though!

    thanks for stopping by at my blog amy! huggies♥
    rea recently posted…Pre-Work for our Backyard FenceMy Profile

  12. gina

    I always love reading your perspective and stories Amy. I would love if we could have all of our fabric made right here in the U.S.!!! Have a great week!!

  13. Amy of while wearing heels

    I found every bit of this post interesting and eye opening. Thanks for sharing so much of your experience, your pictures and your projects. And, in the process, you taught me a few things and opened my eyes to some of the problems with the textile industries in the US.

    And, now I want to do some research and see what Chicago has to offer me :)
    Amy of while wearing heels recently posted…Art Birthday Party – RepostMy Profile

  14. Shannon

    I’m kicking myself (a little) right now. I lived in the Dallas area for 10 years and hated sewing. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the exact place that you are standing in that picture, but I was passing it going somewhere else. Ha! Ha! Now, I love sewing and live in Georgia. We really need a fabric district here.
    Shannon recently posted…Motivation Mondays: The Inadequacy MonsterMy Profile

  15. Rachel

    I can’t imagine more than one fabric warehouse in a tight area like that. The one I have access to is overwhelming enough!
    Rachel recently posted…Summer Style Surfer SlacksMy Profile

  16. forgetmenotsblue

    Wow looks like an amazing place. I wouldn’t know where to start! Thanks for popping in and commenting. Hello again to you too. Hope you have a lovely week x
    forgetmenotsblue recently posted…Parents and Pin Cushions…My Profile

  17. Hannah Elizabeth Smith

    I think I just cried a little inside! I wish there were fabric warehouse like this where I live. I think I would have to turn it into a whole weekend break though, my hubby wouldn’t be able to drag me away from there xxx

  18. Pam

    Oh, how I’d love to walk through those aisles!!! So, looks like the fabric that I buy from the U.S. has travelled from elsewhere. Why, oh why, do I then pay 2.5 – 3 times the price over here for the same fabric, when we are closer to China than the U.S.??? … end of my little rant, sorry! Unfortunately there is very little fabric printed in Australia, too.
    Pam recently posted…Fabric Letters…My Profile


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