Foxglove Tank With Full Bust Adjustment

Foxglove Tank With Full Bust Adjustment

Pattern: The Foxglove Tank by Selvedge Designs

Fabric: Dusty Mountain Trails in silk crepe de chine. You can buy this print in 26 different types of fabric at My Fabric Designs.

*I designed this print and recieve a commission from My Fabric Designs when this print is purchased. Exciting!

Foxglove Tank by Selvedge Designs- with full bust adjustment

I figure you’re all tired of raglans and t-shirts all the time. Honestly, I wanted a little more of a challenge myself.

Foxglove Tank in Silk with Full Bust Adjustment

I always wanted to wear those pretty, woven tank tops but I can’t even pull them over my shoulders in RTW. Lauren from Selvedge Designs highly recommends sewing a muslin, and I agree. (Especially for the woven version.)

The Foxglove Tank pattern is perfectly true to size and includes finished measurements. If you are more proportionate than me, you might be able to just body fit the pattern to check the size.

Foxglove Tank with FBA

I knew I’d need a full bust adjustment and to add a lot of length. I made 4 muslins. Four. I never work that hard to make a garment, but I’m trying to learn new things. I’m not practiced at full bust adjustments- I’m pretty new to sewing for myself. I’ve stuck with the easy stuff mostly. Reading The Curvy Sewing Collective has really boosted my sewing confidence and made me strive for a better fit.

Foxglove Tank with FBA

As much as I wanted a tank like this, it isn’t most flattering style for my chest. I think it makes me look boxy on top. I guess I wanted to look like Lauren on her pattern cover. I won’t complain about what God gave me, because he made us all different…

I will say that my very projected bust that makes a lot of garments sit differently on me. I love wearing this tank layered up though. It’s simple and dresses up or down; plus it coordinates with practically everything I own. It’s the prettiest thing I’ve made for myself in a long time.

Foxglove Tank with FBA

So I’m going to tell you about some fit issues I had with this pattern, but I want to say for the record that these are due to my inexperience with pattern adjusting, and the actual design not working with my body type. Not in any way the fault of the pattern, which I will highly reccomend to my friends. 

After my full bust adjustment with enormous dart; I cut the back in two mirrored pieces, adding a slight curve at the small of the back. My muslins were very wide and swingy after the marathon of full bust adjusting, so it helped the shaping quite a bit. I think I could’ve pulled an even larger dart and maybe went up one size? I’m not experienced enough to know yet…but I’m going to get really good at full bust and Hulk shoulder adjustments though.

Foxglove Tank with Full Bust Adjustment

I used French hems throughout and used me-made silk crepe bias tape to bind the edges. It was a bitch but I’m so proud of the construction on my Foxglove Tank. The pattern really walks you through each step and I enjoyed sewing it. It’s a very professional pattern with nice techniques, and includes lots of helpful tips and very thorough instructions.

French Seams in silk tank

This silk crepe de chine from My Fabric Designs is dreamy. I designed the print in some of my favorite colors with Native American inspiration. I was trying for subtle teepees!

There’s a slight crispness and sheen to the crepe de chine until you pre-wash. You end up with a soft, fluid drape. I accidentally pre-washed my fabric with a load of regular clothes. Hot water, soap, and full heat drying, y’all. To my great surprise, my fabric survived with only slight fading. (I expect a little fading in silk, even with hand washing.) It’s good to know I won’t ruin my Foxglove Tank with all my abusive ways.

Silk Crepe De Chine | Dusty Mountain Trails by Amy Mayen

Working with My Fabric Designs has been awesome. I choose the garment I want to sew, then decide what type of fabric to use. After that I can pick any print I like, or design my own. No more stress trying to match my projects to my fabric. We’ve all been there right? It’s like when you have peanut butter and no jelly.

Foxglove Tank With FBA

I normally try to get pictures in soft light. It was so chilly this day that I went out in full sun. Otherwise I would’ve happily buried myself in blankets all day. I’m squinting in the light and getting thrown around by the wind. Anybody else having weather related blog photo issues? See you soon with my first me-made bra!

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Hello. I'm Amy and I'm addicted to sewing. I borderline-hoard fabric, buttons, & patterns. Sometimes I wish I could pile my fabric up on the floor and just roll in it!


  1. Stephanie

    Good job, no gaping, wrinkles, etc. Very encouraging to me who hates bust adjustments
    But the results are obviously worth it. Love the fabric and pattern.

  2. Angela

    Those 4 muslins paid off! You achieved a very nice fit. Its hard to accomodate the girls but still get it to lay so nicely around the chest and armholes. No gaping at all. And its always a bonus when the inside looks so pretty too.
    Angela recently posted…Love Notions Laundry Day TeeMy Profile


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