Girl’s Seena Dolman Tee

Girl’s Seena Dolman Tee

Zoey is modeling a new top- I sewed the girl’s Seena Dolman Tee pattern from Gracious Threads. It’s a real quick make, about a half hour or so. I wrote about the pattern and showed my women’s version of this top last month. I’ve been craving easy to sew projects that get a lot of use…so I’m showing another one!

Girl's Seena Doleman Tee | SewsNBows

I made a banded neck, sleeves, and waist. I save bits and pieces of ribbing from old t-shirts, but I didn’t have anything in the stash that matched. I think I prefer this method to ribbing, actually.

Girl's Seena Dolman Tee | SewsNBows

I assembly line sewed a few of these tops the other day. This particular one is made with Riley Blake jersey knit

 in gray. I had a little bit leftover fabric from my strapless sundress last summer. I didn’t have enough to cut the front on fold; so I used this ruffled elastic trim to cover the center seam. I used every crumb of this fabric!

Men's Shirt Refashioned into Girl's Skirt

This skirt used to be hubby’s button up, but there was a tear near the pocket. Proof that my hoarding old clothes is for good reason.

Seena Dolman Tee | SewsNBows

We’re still having trouble getting indoor photos. This is in my sewing room- there’s a spec of natural light from a glass door. In mid-afternoon there is harsh light on the left that casts shadows on the right. I’ll have to aim for early morning or late afternoon photo shoots.

Seena Dolman Tee & Upcycled Skirt

I have a helper holding up a piece of fabric for a backdrop. We’re makin’ it work around here! Do any of you having trouble getting nice photos when it’s cold outside?

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  1. Amy of while wearing heels

    Love the detailing down the front of the top. The recycled shirt turned skirt is fabulous. I love that the back is longer than the front.

  2. Annie

    The lace trimming is so cute, I did not think it was to hide the seam line!
    I always take my indoor photos in the living room by the large windows. Still the natural light is not enough and I have to use flash light.

  3. Pam @Threading My Way

    Great matching outfit, Amy. Very clever idea to add the lace to hide the seam. No one would know there was a seam under there.

  4. Gina

    Super cute tee and I love the piece of trim you used!!! Great job recycling the shirt too!!! Did you add an elastic waistband or how did you finish the waist? I always struggle with winter photography too. I take pictures by a window and use a white poster board to bounce some light on the item being photographed when needed. We are lucky here though and have some sunny days sprinkled into the dark days :)

  5. Angela

    Indoor photography and uncooperative models are huge problems for me and explain my lack of posts lately. Not a blank wall in the house. But hey, cute T-shirt. I like the trim and had no idea that you were hiding anything until you said it. Great solution.


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