Glorified Pillowcase Dress/ Simplicity 1825

By Amy Mayen

Check out the Glorified Pillowcase Dress! I used an It’s So Easy Pattern by Simplicity-1825.


After the Faraway Downs Dress, I wanted an instant gratification project. I’m making various sizes of garments for an upcoming craft show in April.


This is a size 5. I don’t have a model in that size. :(

I’m getting kind of snobby- I don’t feel like a project deserves to be on my blog without an awesome little model and awesome photos.

I’m having a garage sale and the kids are doing a lemonade stand this weekend. With everything going on this is all I got right now.

Now on to the review.

This dress is meh. It’s fine for a quick sew. I like dresses a little more structured. I adore pillowcase dresses, but don’t like adjusting the gathers and trying to tie the bow cute. Mine always go sideways.


The little purse is unlined, so I added lining & made it reversible. The straps are positioned in a way so that the front of the bag faces to the side when it’s carried. They so photoshopped the cover photo.

I know it’s not a Coach bag…but I like my bag to show when I carry it. ( I may look like crap half the time, but you better believe I’m rockin’ a handbag & earrings no matter what.)



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