Halloween Goodies!

Halloween Goodies!

This week we have mended pants, up-cycled would-be trash, and repurposed a dress to a skirt. I feel like we’ve accomplished a lot.

But I can’t look at my pretty, pretty Halloween fabric anymore and not make something.

I paid full retail for this fabric! It doesn’t fit in with this weeks “theme”!

Or does it?

I have an extra inch on the sides of these jammas, and I made them long so the hem can be let out several times. I overlapped a couple extra inches of elastic in the waist as well. My nephews will be able to wear these til they’re 25! I’m making clothes that grow, just like I read in my BHG sewing book from Mondays’ post.

I made both of my nephews pajamas and a tie. (I made the elastic too long. Easy fix though!)

Bella got a skirt & tie. The skirt grows too. I feel so thrifty.

Little miss Sofie got clown pants and a pillowcase dress. (Yup, they grow too!) It’s really hard to get her to sit still for a photo. I did my best!

I even made ugly (delicious) cupcakes. (From a box.)

Pretty cool for an after school surprise! I was able to get 3/4 of the cousins together for a group photo:

Today was a really good day.

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