Halloween Hair Bows Go Ignorant

Halloween Hair Bows Go Ignorant

Big, ridiculous bows are all the rage in the 3rd grade. I’m not sure if you can tell, but this Halloween hair bow is bigger than my daughters head. In fact, I hung it on the door and it looked like a wreathe of sorts. Really, it’s just too big.

I used galvanized wire and pliers to hold this monstrous Halloween hair bow together. You’ve seen the styrofoam balls on wire on my Halloween Fascinator tutorial.  The orange and black ribbon is a wired ribbon that helps this monstrocity hold it’s shape. I had to sew in the most enormous barrette known to mankind- with upholstery thread. Whatever happened to cute little pink pigtail bows?!

Here’s how these monster bows were born. My daughter came home from school and told me she wanted a big, ignorant Halloween hair bow. When I asked if she knew what ignorant means, she replied,” Its slang for when something is so huge that it just knocks stuff over, and can’t even help itself.”

Oh. Like a Kardashian butt?

Bella wanted to be a witch for Halloween. But not any witch, this exact witch. I made it. I’ll show you ASAP. It’s….ignorant.  I have mixed feelings about it.

I’m anxious to show you my Sunki pattern flip too! I’ve already cut my second Sunki dress, and it’s very 80’s. My fave decade!

I’ve been sewing some cute doll clothes I made for the upcoming huge giveaway at Diana Rambles. The winner gets their choice of a Just like Me doll from American girl, and an entire wardrobe of clothes and accessories from some of the best blogs and etsy shops around. I am so jealous of whomever wins! Y’all know (according to my daughter) I play dolls all day.

Okay, I’m getting back to work. Are you guys crazy busy too? See ya soon!

This bow is featured at Bowdabra!

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Amy Mayen

Hello. I'm Amy and I'm addicted to sewing. I borderline-hoard fabric, buttons, & patterns. Sometimes I wish I could pile my fabric up on the floor and just roll in it!


  1. Sarah Forhan

    Stopping by from Bowdabra’s Feature Friday. Susie recommended that we stop and check out this post. Absolutely hilarious an “ignorant hair bow” – I love it! Your little 3rd grader will look adorable this Halloween but she may have a sore neck by the end of the day, from the weight of the bow. LOL

    Can’t wait to see the costume!
    Sarah Forhan recently posted…Add a Mini Bowdabra Bow to a Fall Gift BagMy Profile

  2. Pam @Threading My Way

    Now that’s slang I haven’t heard before. You are so creative… love the way you mix and match bright, bold colours and different fabrics.

  3. Lisa Nelson

    Wow, I’m not in the know about the 3rd grade lingo. Sheesh. I don’t know ignorant meant big.

    You learn something new everyday, don’t you?

    Well, that bow is certainly big – and also spooktacular.

    I love your bows Amy!

    When you are on – what’s that show. Ummmmm, that one with all the sewing divas, and they compete. Tell me, cause I will definitely watch!
    Lisa Nelson recently posted…Recipe – Bread Machine RollsMy Profile

  4. Annie

    Oh, WOW that is huge! I would love to see that on Bella’s head :)
    I have not heard “big ignorant” yet…here in Texas everything is “big fat” and I actually hate it when my daughter says that…she learned it at school ;(
    Annie recently posted…DIY Tiana CrownMy Profile

  5. Amy of while wearing heels

    That goodness I have you (and Bella) to help me with the latest slang being used. I’m a fan of big…especially when it comes to hair so I can appreciate the big hair bow. I can’t wait to see the dress you made. That’s quite a witch costume.
    Amy of while wearing heels recently posted…Whoooo Made a New Pillow?My Profile

  6. Buttons

    Oh I can’t wait till my daughter comes home with new slang from school. I love the 3rd grade meaning of ignorant, it’s perfect!
    Buttons recently posted…Stitches Vow Renewal (DUN DUN DUN)My Profile

  7. Rebeccafaith

    lol “ignorant” has a new more interesting meaning! I love it, I can never decode slang. I’m getting old, right? I love your sewing projects but it’s nice to read a bloggy from you, you’re very funny Amy. That’s one helluva witch she wants to be! I cant wait to see how it turns out
    Rebeccafaith recently posted…Wish I Was ThereMy Profile

  8. Janlynn

    Hi Amy,
    I love that ignorant bow! Your daughter certainly has your sense of humour. That’s a good thing. Thanks for the laughs. You have brightened my morning.

  9. Gina

    I am rolling on the floor and tears are coming out of my eyes I am laughing so hard and I am trying to be quiet because it is midnight here and everyone is asleep. I don’t even know who is more funny…you or Bella!! Hands down funniest post ever- you had me at Ignorant hair bow!!
    Gina recently posted…WIP: Little Sewing and Big BastingMy Profile


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