Happy Fin De Año!

Happy Fin De Año!

I’ve enjoyed my little hiatus during Christmas break. Edson’s baby sisters came over with Lucy on Christmas Eve. Lucy made tamales and we had a fabulous night. It took forever to get Baby Amy and Bella to sleep.

Bella cuddling Baby Amy to sleep.

I feel guilty because I didn’t take many pictures. I used to be really diligent about photographing holidays and special events. But then I got tired of taking pictures while everyone else was having fun. So I decided I’d rather have a great memory than a great photo.

I was especially glad to have Lucy and the girls because Krystal & Johan took my niece and nephews to the East coast for Christmas. I don’t know what I would’ve done without a few kids tearing down my house.

I took Julian, Evan, and Bella to Dave & Busters before they left.

(I sure did drink a mojito to survive that madness. )

I worked on a few bows for the store.

I made a book-bag for Nicole. It was a total wadder. I just can’t pattern draft to save my life. I’ve forgotten everything from school! I’m not sure if I actually learned it in the first place…or just copied off my friend Carilyn. I’m okay with that for now. Sooner or later though I’ll have to make new leaps and bounds. I haven’t been challenging myself.

My New Years Resolution this year is to make more everyday wear. I typically make fancy boutique style kids clothing. You know, special occasion types of garments. I’d like to make a few staples that can be worn often. For myself and the kids. And I’d like to make things a little more tailored.

What’s your sewing (or otherwise!) resolution?

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