Harley Davidson Loungewear For Boys

Harley Davidson Loungewear For Boys

My nephew Julian is here to show us how to rock L’Ouseau fabric: Harley Davidson Style!

Hangout Hoodie: Harley Davidson Style

Last month I made my niece and each nephew a pair of pajamas. My goal was to sew them each something that matches their unique personalities. I let each kid choose fabric from L’Ouseau. Julian selected the softest, stretchiest bamboo rayon/cotton; and I don’t have to worry about fading or pilling.

Hangout Hoodie + Active Classics Everyday Knit Pants : Harley Davidson Loungewear For Boys!

Julian doesn’t ask me to make him things, and you know the squeakiest wheel (Sofie!) always gets the oil.

He likes the black and gray stripe. He’s too cool for characters or anything cutesy. I wanted his “pajamas” to be really special, so I tried to make separates that could be worn as for playing or sleeping.

Harley Davidson Loungewear For Boys

Active Classics Everyday Knit Pants from GingerBaby Patterns

His pants are Active Classics Everyday Knit Pants From GingerBaby Patterns. I omitted the ankle cuff and tapered the length back to the hem for a straight leg version.

I made him another pair this summer, so I know the fit is great. I endorse the heck out of this pattern. I like to stick with tried and true sewing for this kid.

Honestly, Julian is as picky as most teenagers, with a really fierce sense of fashion. He’s more particular about matching  and being on trend than the rest of my crew.

Boys Hangout Hoodie from Peekaboo Patterns | SewsNBows

Also tried and true: the Hangout Hoodie by Peekaboo Patterns. Last time I made a “secret zip-pocket” version for him.

This time I added some Harley Davidson hardware to the neckline. This is a bootlace plate. Harley boots usually come with an extra set; so I have another one too:) I’m feeling very clever because the placket is exactly the width of the plate.

Harley Davidson Bootlace Plate as a Clothing Embellishment!

The Hangout Hoodie pattern* goes up to size 10. It’s a roomy design, so I knew it would still fit well. I ended up needing to add a little length to the bottom (big surprise, he’s my linebacker) so I added a 2″ banded hem. I ran out of striped fabric and had to cut on the cross grain.

This striped fabric is a bamboo Rayon/cotton jersey. It has plenty of stretch in both directions, so it was nice to be able to eek out some extra length. It feels so nice too.

Hangout Hoodie + L'Ouseau Fabric | Harley Davidson Loungewear

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Harley Davidson loungewear in Louseau Knits

P.S. Interesting facts about Julian- because I don’t get to brag about him much here:

I call him Bean, because he has a perfect little Lima bean shaped head with just the right amount of tiny freckles across his nose.

He is double jointed and loves to creep me out by twisting his wrists, elbows, and shoulders around into weird, unnatural positions. Below, it looks like I photoshopped his head on backwards! Super freaky/awesome!

Hangout Hoodie | SewxNBows


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  1. Cindy

    Isn’t he handsome! He did a great job choosing fabrics. Looks like a comfy set wear…perfect for sleeping or hanging out. Great idea to use the Harley boot plate!
    Cindy recently posted…Sandbox LoveMy Profile

  2. Amy of while wearing heels

    WOW. I used to wear clothes my mom made and none of them ever looked nearly as fashionable and cool as the things that you make. I love the thoughtful and super cool Harley Davidson addition to the hoodie.
    Amy of while wearing heels recently posted…Something oldMy Profile

  3. Donna

    I LOVE this fabric. Looks great. I may need to pick some of this up. It would work great for O.

  4. Jenya

    He sure rocks the outfit! Amy, your sewing is great! Was it just about a year ago that you decided to sew with knits more? I mean, look at this – perfection :) Love the Harley tag thingo ;)
    Jenya recently posted…Cool hooded vestMy Profile

  5. Gina

    Great boy outfit!! I think the shirt is something that could be worn to school not just to bed!’!! Awesome find to have the nameplate fit perfectly on the placket; must have been meant to be!!! Julian has great taste in fabric; i love what he chose!!
    Gina recently posted…Finish It Up Friday: The Trick or Treat Halloween SwapMy Profile


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