Homecoming Bows & Flowers + Small Town Dynamic

Homecoming Bows & Flowers + Small Town Dynamic

Oh you guys, it’s been a crazy month, already! Last week was my daughter’s first homecoming ever. It was so fun! We’re sort of sad that football season is almost over.

Homecoming Bows

I made each cheerleader customized homecoming bows, assembly line style. These aren’t ordinary girls, so I didn’t make ordinary bows. No two are the same, but all have lots of goodies on them. Guess what my new secret weapon¬†is? Nail charms…the little gems and things that nail techs use for manicures! I ordered mine on Amazon

. Click my affiliate link there to see pages of nail charms.

Customized Team Homecoming Bows

It was my first year as a cheer mom. I was a dance mom for a couple years and it was okay, but cheer mom is right up my alley. Now I know about Pinktober and homecoming stuff, so next year I’m going to be ready. Below you can see (sort of) the Pinktober cheer bows I made the girls for breast cancer awareness. They also wear long pink socks and pink pom poms. None of the pinks match, which offends my obsessive controlling nature…but it’s very cute nonetheless. I’m going to try to insert myself as an official wardrobe manager next season…if the moms and coaches will put up with me. I will match them from bow to toe and glitter or bedazzle anything that can hold glue.

Homecoming Bows & Flowers

Also please admire my first ever flower bouquets. I wasn’t real sure how to make them, but I found a corsage and boutonni√®re tutorial at Diana Rambles and she made it look easy. For $20 I made a dozen of these. I can get a lot more stuff with more time to compare prices and bargain shop. I have big plans for 2016 bouquets, with nail files and polishes and lip gloss wired in. They’re gonna be insane.

Homecoming Bows, DIY Flowers and Small Town Dynamics

While I’m writing, I have to brag about my town. When I moved here I knew it would be a great place to raise my daughter. The dynamic is even more than I could have hoped for though. It feels like the whole town revolves around the kids. We have parades and dances and make up any excuse we can to keep them busy and active. At football and cheer practice it’s not uncommon to see every parent in town. High school football games practically create traffic jams on Friday nights! There are always people who complain about one thing or another, but coming from a big city to a small town like this…I can appreciate what we have. One year ago today I was praying to get away from big city life, and He answered. Praise!!!

I’m working on lots of things but I’m all over the place. Selfish sewing, doll clothes, hair accessories, destashing-I’m not sure what to even write about first. But I’ll be back soon with something or another:)

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  1. Stephanie

    Thw joy is overflowing in your words! Love it, how fun that you can deck thrm all out :)

  2. Pam @Threading My Way

    So very pleased your new home is everything you wanted it to be, Amy!!! I had to Google ‘homecoming’.
    Pam @Threading My Way recently posted…Flower HexiesMy Profile


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