How To Decorate Your Christmas Tree For Under $30!

How To Decorate Your Christmas Tree For Under $30!

Today, we put our tree up. We usually wait until the weekend after Thanksgiving but this year I couldn’t wait any longer. If I needed a new one, I didn’t want to buy it after Black Friday. Sweet old ladies turn into monsters, there’s no parking, and everything’s picked over.

You see, I have an old artificial Christmas tree we’ve been using forever. I wasn’t sure if this dinosaur could survive another season. It is very thin in places. Each year I have to get more creative to “fill it in”.

When Edson and I got married, we were both just starting our careers and we didn’t have a lot of money. Someone was giving this tree away, and a friend grabbed it for us. We were so happy to get it!

I have sentimental attachment to this tree. The friend who thought of us, the husband who got mad when I made him re-string the lights 3 times, the baby who kept pulling ornaments off until finally we put them all on the top half…

It seems silly, because I could go buy any tree and ornaments I want. But this little Charlie Brown tree reminds me of our first Christmases together. Back then we had to scrap and save and sacrifice to get each other little gifts. There’s something special about making Christmas with what you have.

But on to the decorating!

First, I needed to fill the bald spots in. Hubby and I went outside and trimmed a tree. We hung our branches up with clothespins-and spray painted them. Glitter would work as well. We did the same thing with acorns and pinecones that Bella and I collected from the park.

Then, we spray painted a whole bunch of balls and ornaments. Just for good measure, we also spray painted a wreath, several strands of beads, some artificial flowers, and a bunch of cheap ornaments I bought on clearance (at Walmart) after the holidays last year. Oh, and we painted ourselves. We looked like two tin men when we were done!

I wish I was better at taking pictures. Lights are tricky! The blogger police are going to put a warrant out for my arrest. All my pics ended up looking like this:

But you can totally see that there aren’t any bald spots! I’m still going to make a few ornaments with Bella. I’m betting this week there will be enough glitter on my floor to supply an army of fairies. But that’s okay. It’s a tradition we love.

Here is the tree skirt I made. I used a basic circle skirt pattern and used a gathering stitch to create the faux ruffles.

I put a bunch of stuff on top to create height and dimension. I have some mini fountain lights I’ll add once I find the end of the cord. It’s tucked in the tree somewhere.

We had lights from last year. The only thing we bought was 3 cans of spray paint! I don’t remember how much it actually cost. $30 seemed about right. You could also spray paint little toys the kids don’t play with anymore, or tiny picture frames. I’ve even seen teacups on a tree at North Pole City. Spray paint is my new BFF.

Do you have any creative tree decor ideas? You can click here to see how I repurposed my branches and ornaments after the holidays.

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