How To Make A Tote From a Feed Bag

How To Make A Tote From a Feed Bag

Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habit. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.”

― Lao Tzu

This is so true! I’m not the greenest or the thriftiest person I know. I use paper plates, I take long showers…anyways, I’m not here to snitch on myself. The point is, eco- friendliness is not at the top of my consciousness.

This week I’ve been researching free and money saving sewing projects. The great thing about up-cycling is that these types of projects are also good for the environment. Since I’ve been thinking, reading, and talking about repurposing, reusing, & up-cycling things, the idea is leaking into other parts of my life. I’m finding myself turning off lights, unplugging things I’m not using, and turning off the water in between spits while brushing my teeth.

For today, I thought I’d show you a project my Aunt Teresa made as a birthday gift to her brother. (My uncle Mike.)

This is a heavy duty bag! Uncle Mike has a big garden and he fills this bag full of produce and brings it to me every Tuesday. He uses it every single day to pick tomatoes, okra…whatever needs pickin’. He told me yesterday that he’ll take it to the grocery store this winter and use it as a shopping bag. He likes that he can machine wash it, and that it’s water proof.

I can almost tell how to make it just by looking at it, but I called my Aunt to get the recipe. She told me to get the feedbag, figure out your desired size. Cut off the top and bottom. These will become your straps. Fold the bottom like you are wrapping a present,stitch the bottom corners, and reinforce by sewing it one more time. Hem the top, attach straps. That’s it! Nice & easy!

(I forgot to ask, but if I were making it, I’d use a heavy duty needle, with strong thread. I’d use a slightly larger stitch size as well.)

I don’t have cows, but some types of dog food bags may work for this project. Perhaps burlap sacks would make a handy tote. Try to use something you already buy or can get from someone. Lots of businesses will happily save you items to repurpose since it keeps these items out of our landfills.

Here’s my thought for the day. If reading an old sewing book inspired me to write a blog series that inspired me to give new life to old things, which helped me develop good habits…then Lao Tzu is right, your thoughts and words definitely become your actions.

So, we should always be positive, and surround ourselves with positive people. Lets try not to give ugly thoughts or doubts a voice. If you want to do something, say it out loud! Your words become your destiny. Lao Tzu was a smart dude.

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