How To Make Bottle Caps With Epoxy Stickers

How To Make Bottle Caps With Epoxy Stickers

I’ve been experimenting with bottle cap crafts again. I found the simplest way to customize bottle caps for jewelry, key chains, and of course; hair bows.

How To Make Bottle Caps With Epoxy Stickers

Gather your supplies; I’m going to show you how to make bottle caps with epoxy stickers. Here’s what you need.

How To Make Bottle Caps With Epoxy Stickers

Supplies: Epoxy Stickers, a bottle cap, free football bottle cap printable from Diana Rambles, hot glue, hair bow, 1″ hole punch

1. Grab your free football bottle cap printables from Diana Rambles. Print them on 5×7 page setting, high resolution. Do not fit to page. I used card stock and it works great. A heavier paper is best. Cut them out with your 1″ hole punch.

How To Make Bottle Caps With Epoxy Stickers

2. Attach your epoxy sticker to the printable. (I bought my epoxy stickers on Amazon*.) Make sure your hands are clean. Do not touch the sticky side of the epoxy; your fingerprints will not come off. Be careful not to bend the sticker.

How To Make Bottle Caps With Epoxy Stickers

3. Use hot glue or clear E6000 to glue your epoxy image into the bottle cap. You can purchase bottle caps from the craft store, online, or use the ones off soda bottles. Flattened bottle caps are popular for bows right now. There are many varieties of colors and prints. You can even glitter the edges of a plain one for extra bling!

Free Football Bottle Cap Printable From Diana Rambles

4. Glue your finished bottlecap onto your project. Done!

Team Spirit Bow & Free Football Bottle Cap Printables

Here’s one of the football bows I made using Diana’s free bottle cap printable. These are a fan favorite during football season. Rep your favorite team or show off your school spirit with this easy craft!

Free Bottle Cap Printables & Epoxy Sticker Tutorial

Do you have any bottle cap tips to share?

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  1. TaraElisabeth

    Love this! :) I have some of these that I would love to make a watch band with….any ideas how to do that?

    • Amy Mayen

      I actually wouldn’t have the faintest idea. It sure does sound cute though! I think the easiest way would be to find a watch with a 1″ face and remove all the guts…I’ll keep an eye out for ideas!


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