How To Make Halloween Fascinators

I’m glad you’re here to see my Halloween Fascinators! Some bloggy friends and I have teamed up to create a Holiday Blogstravaganza- we will each be sharing holiday crafts, DIY, and recipes for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. (Already?) Yes!

So after you read about my Halloween fascinators, be sure to check out some of the other awesome Halloween links at the bottom of the post:)

How To Make Halloween Fascinators by SewsNBows

Kate Middleton has made the fascinator hat über trendy this year. While I’m not bold enough to wear these on a daily basis, they are a great way to jazz up a Halloween costume!

This is less of a tutorial and more of a guide. If you’d rather just see finished fascinators, scroll to the bottom. I totally get it. This post is forever.

To keep this post shorter, I’m starting with store bought miniature hats purchased at the craft store. They are usually found in the doll making section. I normally use a stiffened piece of felt cut into whatever shape I need. There are no craft police that will judge you on what you choose for a base, so use whatever is easy or available.

How To Make Halloween Fascinators | SewsNBows

Gather your lace, trims, buttons, gems, ribbon, sequins, feathers, rhinestones, beads, fabric scraps, and tulle. The more junk; the merrier!

How To Make Halloween Fascinators | SewsNBows

Be creative! It’s fun (and cheap) to make your fascinators with things you already have at home.
Don’t forget about costume jewelry,plastic bugs or small toys, nature items such as twigs and berries, or fake flowers. Below, I used little plastic bat rings from last years Halloween bucket.

Witch Fascinator + Tutorial by SewsNBows

Decide if you want the hat structure to show or not. If it needs to be covered, you can paint it, cover it with fabric, mod podge, or anything your creative little heart desires. Then you just arrange and glue a bunch of crap on top. We can handle that, right? Below, I used a 99 cent witch hat to create a pumpkin top fascinator.

How To Make Halloween Fascinators | SewsNBows

I normally use a metal barrette. I make big, ridiculous fascinators; so sometimes I use a barrette and an alligator clip on the opposite side. A headband can also work if your piece isn’t very big or tall. (Bridal fascinators are often made with fastening combs. I’ve never used them myself, so I’m not sure how well they work.) These items can be found in the jewelry section of the craft store.

How To Make Halloween Fascinators | SewsNBows

Here’s how you attach the barrette.

How To Make Halloween Fascinators | SewsNBows

Galvanized or floral wire can add height to your fascinators. You can add styrofoam balls, beads, or glitter to dress up your piece. Can you see how I sort of poked a pipe cleaner up through a straw hat to create antennas? So…it doesn’t look like a bug/alien yet. You get the idea!

How To Make Halloween Fascinators | SewsNBows

A few tips:

-Be aware of the barrette placement as you build your fascinator. Some fascinators are worn at extreme angles, and the barrette will need to be placed accordingly. For example, if you plan to wear your fascinator at a rakish angle, you don’t want the barrette sitting on your ear or eyebrow!

-You may want to run a needle and thread through and tack the barrette before gluing. Hot glue on its own is fine, but when you add a lot of height or your fascinator gets heavy, you’ll want to sew it in for extra security. Sometimes it’s hard to get through the layers, but I still prefer to add the barrette last so that it’s exactly where I want it.

-Don’t get too heavy. Use lightweight items. Glue adds weight, so use sparingly and finger press it for a moment.

-To change the shape of your hat, glue the brim up to the hat on 2 sides, like my pirate version, below. You can make a tri-corn hat by gluing up 3 sides. (Stick a feather in this hat and call it macaroni.)

Pirate Fascinator + Tutorial by SewsNBows

Pirate Fascinator

Flapper Fascinator + Tutorial by SewsNBows

Flapper Fascinator

Crow Fascinator + Tutorial by SewsNBows

Crow Fascinator

Pumpkin Top Fascinator + Tutorial by SewsNBows

Pumpkin Top Fascinator

Feather Fascinator + Tutorial by SewsNBows

Feather Fascinator

Pink Lady Fascinator + Tutorial by SewsNBows

Pink Lady Fascinator

Witch Fascinator + Tutorial by SewsNBows

Witch Fascinator

Thanks for looking at my fascinators! Hopefully you will be visually inspired. If my instructions have left you scratching your head, ask me anything and I’ll do my best to help.

Be sure to check out the rest of the links in the Holiday Blogstravaganza!



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  1. Boooh…. Hi Amy, can you believe Halloween is just about here all ready. Very cool post. These are good to make all year round for different occasions. They were really big at a recent renaissance fair Stephanie and I went to not to long ago.
    Joe recently posted…Part of Vintage History….My Profile

  2. Oh Amy, these is fascinating!!!! Honestly, these fascinators are wicked fantastic little works of art. I’m not a big halloween fan…love the kids coming by, but don’t do much in the way of decorating, and seldom, like hardly ever, dress up….but I am feeling very tempted to make a fascinator.

    Well done!

  3. OMG – these are amazing! You have such cool ideas and make this look so easy – what a talent you have. We adore fascinators and actually wear them… to the Kentucky Derby! So we’ll be turning to you for ideas this spring :) Your Halloween fascinators are such a fun idea for a Halloween party for teens!! SO clever and unique.
    xo ~kim & chloe
    kim recently posted…Lilly Pulitzer PumpkinsMy Profile

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