How To Sew Sequin Trim Like A Boss

How To Sew Sequin Trim Like A Boss

I learned a neat sewing trick: using trims on the outside of a garment to stabilize stretchy knits. Shoulder seams often need to be reinforced in order to keep them from stretching out. This is usually done with twill tape or clear elastic on the inside of a garment.

A Step By Step Tutorial: How To Sew Seqin Trim

I used decorative sequin trim on Sofia’s floral sweatshirt dress a while back; even though it was a stable knit without much stretch. It just looks cool! So today, I thought I’d show you how to sew sequin trim.

Sewing With Decorative Trim: Sequin Trimmed Shoulder Seams | SewsNBows

Start by pinning your trim to the shoulder seam. Center your trim with the seam carefully, so you don’t end up with a wavy shoulder.

How To Sew With Sequin Trim | SewsNBows

My seam allowance has been steamed open on the underside. Some fabrics may even like a little starch. Note that I’ve pinned down the center of the seam, ensuring that my trim stays perfectly lined up. Also, I’ve left a half inch of overhang on each side of the shoulder.

How To Sew Sequin Trim | SewsNBows

Now I’ll sew a zig zag stitch, setting the width to hit just inside and outside of trim edging. I used a regular sewing foot, but a piping foot is great to use for this step. You can see a close- up of the stitches below.

How To Sew Sequin Trim

Repeat this step for the other side. Remove pins after both sides are sewn.

How To Sew Sequin Trim

The sequins are attached to a sheer mesh using invisible filament thread. You want to remove the sequins from your seam allowance. Use your seam ripper to break the threads on top of the sequin, then gently work them out on rows. Try not to damage the sheer fabric underneath.

How To Sew Sequin Trim

You can use a little Fray Check here to prevent your trim from unraveling. Below you see my sequin trimmed shoulder seam all ready to go. They won’t get caught in the sewing machine :)

Sewing With Sequined Trim

Let me know if you try it!

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  1. Amy of While Wearing Heels

    Everything is better with a bit of bling and sparkle. This is stunning. Thanks for the tips…not sure I’ll ever be brave enough to give it a go, though :)
    Amy of While Wearing Heels recently posted…Christmas CardsMy Profile

  2. Karly Nelson

    What a great idea! Love the flair it gives while reinforcing the fabric. Thanks for the tutorial!
    Karly Nelson recently posted…Anything Goes FridayMy Profile

  3. Pam @Threading My Way

    Ha, ha… I hope I NEVER have to sew sequins again. On the off chance that I do, I’ll know where to come for advice. Thanks for the tips, Amy.
    Pam @Threading My Way recently posted…Robot Appliquéd Quilt BlocksMy Profile


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