How To Stack A Boutique Bow

How To Stack A Boutique Bow

There are tons of variations of how to stack a boutique bow, but this is my favorite lately! It’s just spikes and loopers with some filler (feathers or tulle) topped with a bottle cap.

How To Stack A Boutique Bow

I took the photos (below) when I wrote my tutorial, How To Make Bottle Caps With Epoxy Stickers. I’m assuming a basic knowledge of bow making here, but email me if you want a link to a tutorial for any of these. There are tons of how-to’s on the web and videos on YouTube. You might like to read  “Anatomy of a Boutique Bow” to learn the names of different types of bow components.

How To Stack A Boutique Bow

How To Stack A Boutique Bow

Start with spikes. These are often made with 1″ or 1.5″ ribbon, but I like the 7/8″ shown above. The smaller width means you need more spikes, so you can show off more prints and colors. The last 2 spikes are glued on after you tie the spikes. You want them to be just a little ways off of the center, so the tips of the spikes meet on top and bottom. These spikes are 6″ each. Usually the final spikes that you glue on need to be trimmed a teeny bit shorter after you glue them.

How To Stack A Boutique Bow

How To Stack A Boutique Bow

How To Stack A Boutique Bow

Then you add a series of loopers, however many you like. I like varying sizes for fullness. For reference, if your spikes are 6″,  your base loopers would measure 12″ for each side. As you work your way in with more loopers, you can use skinnier ribbons.

I’ve added 2 loopers in 7/8″ ribbon, and 2 more in 1/4″ ribbon. I tucked a small strip of fur in between the big and small set of loopers so the smaller set wouldn’t hide so much. Tulle or lace fans would work there too. Since I sew, I have lots of little scrappy odds and ends that get tucked into hairbows.

How To Stack A Boutique Bow

You can layer and add anything you like, including twisted boutique bows, side bows, and any kind of topper.

How To Stack A Boutique Bow

I like to finish with feathers and a bottlecap. I’ve been using the free football bottle cap printables at Diana Rambles a lot lately. Close up below.

Free Football Bottle Cap Printable from Diana Rambles

Here are a couple Halloween bows I’ve made using this technique, or a pretty close variation. You may have already seen them on my Instagram:)

Ghostie Halloween Stacked Boutique Hair Bow

Spooky Jack-o-Lantern Hair Bow

The Halloween bows are for sale in the MayenDesigns Etsy shop, but if you want to make your own it’s not too hard. Email me if you need help:)

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  1. Lauren

    Love your way! Would you be willing to email me the tutorial you use? I’ve tried others but I can’t figure those out.

  2. Kimberly Cochran

    I can make the spikes and the boutique bows but I can’t put them together good so that it looks good and doesn’t take so long because it takes me about 3 hours to do a bow because by the time I figure out what colors I want to use and how I want to stack it the time just flies by I have lots and lots of different ribbon and things of go in the center but I’m getting burned out because it takes so long …can you help?

    • Amy Mayen

      The very best advice is to just keep at it, but everyone gets burned out!

      What helps me is keeping my supplies organized. I have A LOT, and it gets overwhelming. I don’t have a ton of space so I keep my supplies in a dresser; and my ribbon is organized by color/theme in large ziplock baggies. It makes it easier to choose what ribbons to use without dragging everything out.

      Another tip is to choose your bottle cap or topper, then work down. Not sure why; but that makes it easier for me to choose my ribbons.

      When you get tired of it, take a break. Hope this helps!!


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