How To Transfer Doll Clothing Patterns


My favorite way to bust my fabric stash is making doll clothes. Barbie clothes help get rid of even itty bitty pieces!

But tiny paper pattern pieces get torn up quickly, especially if you use them often like I do. So to keep my patterns intact, I transfer them to poster board.

First, I lay the pieces out on my copy machine…


No need to cut them out, just a trim will do :)

Doll patterns often have piece names and instructions outside the pattern piece.


So cut the patten piece out, then use a glue stick to glue it to the poster board. You can glue the information to the back of the pattern piece.


If the piece is too small, or if its easier for you than glueing, just write the instructions on the back. Easy peasy!


Here’s my favorite part. Use a hole punch, and link the pattern pieces together with a carabiner! Now, it hangs up nicely and out of the way.


Guess what? We have a naughty elf in my house.


I’ve made two sets of wintery themed pajamas for the brats…I’ll post them soon. It’s hard to get them all together and cooperating at the same time.

Also, I have a pattern review for an easy hand bag in the works.

And really- I really will get you a photo of Pattern Alteration Attempt II- my second go at this weeks earlier post, Pullover Vs. Poncho. I finally picked up a red shirt.

I know I’m getting lazy with my photos again. I didn’t crop one of the photos above and you can see the edge of scissors. And the white on white = not good. It’s been such a busy week…I just can’t force myself to care. Here’s a cute photo I took-maybe it can make up for the boring/sucky ones?


These boots belong to my daughter and nephews

Here’s a pic of me. I used the InStyle app to give me a blond, medium length hairstyle. It was easier than trying to make my hair look good in real life, so I went with it.


That’s all folks!

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9 Responses to How To Transfer Doll Clothing Patterns

  1. MARIETTE LOUW says:

    Hi there – just wanted to pop in and say thanks for the great idea…..
    I don’t have daughters of my own, but recently promised a friend to make clothes for her granddaughter and re-discovered the joys of making dolls clothes…

    Thanks again – one idea i will surely use!

  2. jennie smeath says:

    lovely site. I have been making dolls clothes for more than sixty years and just love it, I started when I was in the infants school when we had “free time” altho they were not too successful then! I graduated, after a few years to making my own dolls from china clay as I had a kiln back then, but now I make cloth dolls and all sorts of clothes for modern and antique dolls also quilts as sewing is a real passion for me.

  3. Liz v.d. Merwe says:

    Hi – I run “The Dolls Hospital” in a small town in South Africa. Admittedly I do a lot of repair work to all types of dolls – wax, composition, celluloid, plastic, porcelain. I get work from all over as I have being doing this work from the 1960′s.
    I received a order for Barbie Cloths – must admit that I have refused this in the past but just decided to get along with it this time – and I am enjoying the change. I do a lot of the tiny “dump doll” resporation and it was a bit hard to accept the absolute modern image of Barbie and not have pin tucks and antique lace etc. I was able to find some or the original Barbie Dolls and am using them as models. What a pleasure to find your site with all the ideas on it. Many thanks for shariung them.
    If I can share any of my many years of experience in doll restoration with anyone, don’t hesitate to contact me by email.
    Rgards – Liz

  4. deborah zarp says:

    Thanks fo rthe great idea. I do a lot of American girl doll ouitfits for my granddaughters and love to kit and sew. Keeping the pattern pieces together and stop all of the torn pieces togdther without scotch tape. Wow I like the idea Thanks alot.

  5. deborah zarp says:

    Well I planonrunning out and getting white poster board to glue my patterns on. This will be a livesaver when all of the same pieces are held together with a ring or ribbon. No more lost pieces.
    Thank sl much for the great idea.

  6. Helen Shubert says:

    Thanks for sharing your clever idea RE tag board patterns. Right now I’m looking for really simple dresses for 8 or 9″ floppy-headed baby doll. I’m collecting dollys for my great grandchildren who will soon be visiting.

  7. Gail says:

    Cardstock works great for this too and fits in the printer gluing :)

  8. Good trick! I shudder at the thought of making doll clothes. But if I ever hit that point I’m stealing this idea for sure!

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