My Craftroom isn’t Crafty!

My Craftroom isn’t Crafty!

Ive been working on these business card holders…but I can’t concentrate!

I’m overwhelmed. I have no space in my craft room, and it’s becoming unfit working conditions. I’m kind of a neat freak so it’s driving me insane.

I’m going to have to recruit some help from the hubs. Edson is the king of DIY & home repair. I know he can figure out a way to make everything work for me. Heres what I need to function for now, just until we build our new house.

Custom sewing table. I need space for my sewing machine & serger, plus enough room to layout and cut fabric.

Something to put thread on. I have a neat thread organizer, but I need something on the wall within reach of the table. All of my things are in various organizers, but they’re starting to stack up.

An armoire for fabric stash. I’m currently using the cabinets above the washer & dryer. I have one of those super efficient, giant Stanley toolboxes full of notions and interfacing. Freestanding toolboxes are not a home decor must have. I have a refashioned nightstand full of scraps, trim, and applique materials. I have a smaller Stanley tool organizer that sits on top of the night stand, full of my buttons, feathers, glitter, and gems. Above the cabinet sits one of those flat plastic bins, and its full of paper crafting stuff and miscellaneous craft treasure I refuse to part with. I know ill need it all for somthing..someday. The sexiest thing is my enormous blue plastic tub filled with ribbon. Parked right in the MIDDLE OF THE FLOOR. I’m out of space. Period.

Some custom shelving with built in sit on the wall within reach of my machines. I have seam rippers, fabric markers, scissors, etc in jars and boxes all over the place. It’s tacky & I can’t stand it.

A file cabinet or custom shelving to house my patterns. I’d love to browse through without pulling them all out.

A “staging area”… A drop down background I can use for photos. Also I need some mannequins. I can make the dress forms if he can fashion the stands they go on. My photos will look more professional. (Better photos, and a better layout for my pattern review page will make this blog what I want it to be.)

I know this sounds like a lot of work, but y’all don’t know my honey. He can do anything. Once I tell him, I bet he can’t wait to get started. He can work magic. You’ll see.

Once I get the after photos, I’ll post the before pics. Right now I can’t bear anyone seeing this disaster.

PS: We have outgrown our small home. But I do love it. Edson has literally remodeled every piece of it, and done a beautiful job. I’ve just amassed a large amount of equipment & materials in a short period of time. I don’t want to be ungrateful for our blessings.

I feel like a turd complaining about one room when there are people without a home. :(

This was one of my very first blog posts! Check out the first phase of my remodel here.

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Hello. I'm Amy and I'm addicted to sewing. I borderline-hoard fabric, buttons, & patterns. Sometimes I wish I could pile my fabric up on the floor and just roll in it!

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