I Hate Pirates

I Hate Pirates

I made Edson’s pants yesterday for his costume. They were so carefully constructed and had a nice tailored look….but they didn’t fit! What’s worse is; I’m out of that fabric! So I’m going to work on my costume for a bit.

I really wanted to show you a pic of his finished costume today. But on the bright side, I finished his waist scarf and made one for Julian too.

My updated Halloween costume to-do list:

Edson’s pants & vest
Bella & Evans waist scarf
My whole costume

Is the list getting shorter or longer?!!!

In other news, as a part of drug free week, Bella’s school got to dress like cats today. I lopped off the ears from an old bunny costume and stitched them back down.

She sill looks like a bunny!

Also, I found out hubby can finger knit! I was sorting lots of yarns that a dear friend gave me, telling him my craft ideas (since I can’t knit or crochet)…when he grabbed some up and started braiding bracelets and such.

He hadn’t done it since he was little, but he practiced making these.

Once he remembers all the tricks, they will look like these we found on Pinterest.

I can’t wait to sew on buttons and flowers and beads! I’m hoping soon he will be a one man bracelet factory. I secretly wish he’d learn how to needle crochet, then ill put him to work on all kinds of stuff, like this…

And now I kind of want to learn how to make jewelry too.

We had so much fun last night playing with yarn!

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